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Teachers, tutors and educators eligible to enter.

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We’re here to support you through a COVID-19 HSC.

Feel stressed because COVID-19 is affecting your schoolwork? Find that you lack the resources to succeed in the HSC? 

If so, we’re here to support you through COVID-19 through our 100% FREE to access platform, HSC Together. Navigate your way through a COVID-19 HSC with videos and learning resources created by passionate and engaging teachers across NSW.

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Help us build an awesome resource for HSC students during the COVID-19 coronavirus crises.
If you’re a teacher, tutor or educator keen to make a difference to students across NSW, enter the HSC Together competition.

For every video you submit, you receive a prize from one of our sponsors

Be in the running for the Online Educator of the Year awards

Win prize packages valued at $10,000 from our huge prize pool!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to get access to HSC Together?

HSC Together is and will forever be a 100% FREE to access resource for students and teachers. Our philosophy is that all students should be able to access quality resources regardless of their background, school or socio-economic status and as a result we’ve ensured this resource is free for these reasons.

How do I access the videos on HSC Together?

Click here to access the videos on HSC Together and scroll down to find a menu of videos by topics in each subject.

Who can enter the Online Educator of the Year competition?

All teachers, tutors and educators across Australia are eligible to enter the Online Educator of the Year competition. This includes accredited university educators or simply tutors who’ve just graduated high school who teach Preliminary/HSC subjects and/or have knowledge on the subject.

How do I submit an entry for the Online Educator of the Year competition?

You may submit an entry for the Online Educator of the Year competition by accessing here for the submissions form. Complete the form to submit your entry. However, for any entry you submit your video must be uploaded onto YouTube as well for your entry to be verified.

Can I submit multiple entries?

We encourage you to submit multiple entries! The more entries the better because it means we can provide a greater resource to students across NSW and it also means you have a greater chance of being selected as the winner for the Online Educator of the Year awards.

What are the submission requirements for the Online Educator of the Year competition?

Video submissions should be a minimum of 5 minutes long and no longer than 15 minutes long. All submitted videos must be uploaded on YouTube as a supported YouTube file format (e.g. .MP4, .MOV, .AVI, .MPEG4, etc.) to be eligible for the HSC Together competition. The video must also be targeting a certain syllabus dot point under a HSC or Preliminary subject. 

Aside from these technical requirements, there are no limits to how creative your submission is!

What are the terms & conditions in entering the Online Educator of the Year competition?

Find the terms & conditions for entering the competition here

What should my entry be about?

Your entry should be about a particular topic that falls under a syllabus dot point in the subjects: English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, Maths Standard, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, PDHPE, Modern History, Ancient History and Studies of Religion II.

For inspiration or ideas, check out the platform here, to see how other videos have achieved this.

I haven’t had much experience in creating videos, can I still enter?

Yes, you can definitely enter! We encourage you to enter even without experience as it allows you to learn the process of creating an engaging video that you can utilise in your teaching. 

If you would like tips and tricks on creating a good video, access our page of resources here.

Why should I submit a video for the Online Educator of the Year competition?

By submitting an entry for the Online Educator of the Year competition you automatically win a prize from our generous sponsors. Should you become a finalist for the competition and a potential winner you will also be in the running for awards valued up to $5,000 for yourself, your school and students and a title as the Online Educator of the Year for your respective subject. 


Most importantly by submitting a video you are helping build this 100% FREE platform that acts to support our community of teachers and students who are struggling due to COVID-19 and create an outstanding legacy and resource for years to come for future Year 11 and 12 students.

Can teachers access the HSC Together resource?

Teachers are welcomed to access the HSC Together resource! This platform is purposed to serve teachers and students and support them with online learning and online teaching.

Are there any other ways I can get support for my HSC?

Art of Smart Education provides several services to support you for your HSC.

We provide 1 on 1 tutoring and mentoring sessions for K-12 students in the comfort of your own home, online sessions and classes at our state of the art campus in Hornsby! We offer a holistic approach to tutoring, focusing on your academic improvement and lasting study skills with a mentor who keeps you focused on your goals and wellbeing!

Our Pathfinder Program is a study and career mentoring program for students in Years 10-12 where we help students find direction, lift results and stand out, all while staying healthy! We help you fight distractions, build strong study plans and make choices regarding uni preferences and life after school to help you find success, whatever your ATAR. 

You can also access our online HSC Resources which include study tips, subject-specific study guides, practice questions and more, are accessed by over half a million students, parents and teachers each year! Our YouTube channel, ArtofSmartTV has over 1.5 million views, with mini series to help you ace English such as the HSC English Literary Program #HELP and the HSC Economic Review #HER for Economics!

Will I lose ownership of my video once I submit it?

No, you will not lose ownership of your video by submitting it. By uploading your video onto YouTube under your own personal name and account you are the outright owner of your video. By submitting an entry you simply allow us to be able to embed your YouTube video onto our site under the Creative Commons license in order to make it a more accessible one-stop resource for students and teachers.