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Maths Standard

Distance, Speed and Time

What is the distance, speed and time triangle?

In Prelim Standard Math, speed is the rate that compares the distance travelled to the time taken (measured in km/h).

The formulas that are found within the table are mentioned below:

Distance = speed x time

Speed = distance / time

Time = distance / speed


How to use the distance, speed and time triangle

The video below explains how to use the triangle to work out distance, speed and time within a problem.


The following video explains the triangle in a simpler concept, however, uses an American metric system. The same concepts found in the triangle still apply.


What is stopping distance?

The stopping distance is the distance a vehicle travels from the time a driver sees an event occurring until the time it takes for a vehicle to be brought to a stop. The following video explains the stopping distance formula and how to apply it.