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Since our beginning in 2009, Art of Smart has supported hundreds of students with 1 on 1 Tutoring Fairfield to help them ace their subjects at school, from English, Maths, Science and Humanities!

Our 1 on 1 tutors work hard to ensure that your child’s confidence grows – along with their grades! We regularly receive positive feedback from our customers, and on average our students improve their marks by 20.7%!

Primary Schools
High Schools

Fairfield Public School

Fairfield West Public School

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Villawood

Fairvale Public School

Granville South Public School

Fairfield Heights Public School

Guildford West Public School

Smithfield Public School

Edensor Park Public School

Canley Vale Public School

Bonnyrigg Heights Public School

William Stinson Public School

Fairfield High School

Fairvale High School

Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield

Westfields Sports High School

Canley Vale High School

Prairiewood High School

Warakirri College

Freeman Catholic College

St Johns Park High School

Canley Vale High School

Cabramatta High School

Learn from subject experts providing K-12 Tutoring Fairfield

Art of Smart’s K-12 tutors are well-equipped to support your child’s needs and to address the aspects of assignments and content that will help your child to excel in their studies. With our personalised Fairfield tutoring, you can expect to see your child’s confidence, within and beyond the classroom, grow. 

Our tutors support students in schools all over Fairfield. With our award-winning services, students feel heard and supported. It is our goal to help students achieve their goals – whether these goals be personal, academic, or anything in-between. 

Flexible Fairfield tutoring with NSW Curriculum Experts

Our tutors are local subject experts who understand the needs of their student’s. Whether your child requires support from the comfort of your own dining table, online, or at the Fairfield Library, we guarantee that our tutoring Fairfield is convenient and flexible!

Art of Smart’s team of experienced and down-to-earth tutors will make learning fun and effective with comprehensive print and digital resources for all subjects for the NSW Curriculum. With these resources and our tutors’ subject expertise, we can assure you that your child will receive holistic guidance with our K-12 tutoring Fairfield. 

Meet Our Fairfield Tutoring Team

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Tailored Educational Plans for Every Subject

Regardless of your year level, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: K-6

    Through our Fairfield tutoring for primary school students, we aid in laying a solid groundwork in crucial subjects such as English, Maths, Science and Technology, enhancing their self-assurance and preparedness for secondary education.

  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    With our Fairfield tutoring, our program for Year 7-10 students endeavours to provide them with the confidence and expertise required for success in high school. This approach helps bridge any potential knowledge gaps and fortifies their grasp of the NSW curriculum content in Maths, English, Science and Humanities, ensuring a solid foundation as they transition to Year 11-12.

  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    With Fairfield tutoring, our program tailored for Year 11-12 students is aimed at facilitating their comprehensive understanding of the NSW Curriculum content in Maths, English, Science and Humanities subjects, during their senior years. This preparation translates into outstanding outcomes in internal assessments and final HSC exams, allowing students to optimise their ATAR and expand their choices for higher education.

  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    Students from Year 7 to 12 can join our Pathfinder Program. This program imparts valuable study strategies that promote efficient learning, minimise distractions, foster motivation, cultivate effective study routines, and facilitate a more relaxed approach to exams.

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Tutoring Fairfield that supports your child to succeed at school!

With over a decade of experience and research under our belt, Art of Smart is here to help. We understand the importance of ensuring that students are paired with a tutor best suited to their needs. Our fantastic team of Fairfield tutors strive to develop a good sense of rapport with their students – after all, comfortability in lessons is crucial for success. 

When you contact us, you will have the opportunity to provide us with important information regarding how we can best support your child in their learning journey, in achieving their goals, and in boosting their confidence. This information will allow us to carefully hand-pick the tutors that we are sure will be of wonderful assistance. 

This tutor selection process will ensure that you get the most benefit out of our Fairfield tutoring services. Students who feel comfortable, heard, and supported in lessons have been shown to excel in their studies and grow in confidence. By ensuring your tutor has a good understanding of your child’s needs, they are able to take a more holistic approach. With the wonderful resources our tutor’s have on hand, we will ensure that your child is supported in every aspect of their schooling journey with our tutoring Fairfield.

Just how good is Art of Smart's Fairfield tutoring?

When you come on board with Art of Smart, you will receive only the best quality tutors. Our exceptional team are experts in their subjects – well equipped to tackle any challenge presented to them by their students. Whether it be a tricky maths problem or a big essay, we are here to help.

At Art of Smart, we prioritise the quality of our tutors and the quality of our student-tutor pairings. Each of the tutors providing their services in our Fairfield tutoring must first be put to the test in a stringent training and recruitment process. This ensures that our tutors are effective communicators, compassionate people, and experts of the subject content. With our tutoring Fairfield, your child will be supported in achieving all of their goals.

Recruiting experts for tutoring Fairfield

All tutors with Art of Smart must have obtained an ATAR above 90.00 and have a valid Working with Children Check. Within the interview process, we conduct a mock lesson in which the tutor candidate will teach a lesson, in a subject of interest, to the Art of Smart recruiter. This mock tutoring lesson allows for the candidate’s communication skills, patience, and subject knowledge to be assessed. We can assure you that only the best are employed at Art of Smart. Every year we see thousands of eager people apply for Fairfield tutoring positions with us – only 1 in 8 of these people will successfully obtain a position. 

With our Fairfield tutoring we strive to ensure that studying with us is as enjoyable, interactive, and beneficial as possible. The methods employed by our tutors, during our Fairfield tutoring, are undeniably effective. They are based on over a decade’s worth of research into the most efficient techniques for studying. We looked into what sets the top 2% of Australian student’s apart from the rest and used this information to inform our methods. On average, we see our students improve their marks by 20.7%! Further, 75% of Art of Smart students receive and early offer for university entry and scholarships after school.

Tutoring Fairfield tailored to suit you

Our team of tutors aim to ensure that all of their students receive a holistic learning experience – whether support is provided at your very own dining table or through a screen. Art of Smart strives to make lessons pleasant experiences for students, parents, and tutors alike. 

Art of Smart’s Face-to-Face Tutoring Fairfield

With our face-to-face Fairfield tutoring, it is our goal to ensure lessons occur at a time and a place that makes everyone happy. In your very first over-the-phone interaction with the tutor you have selected, a time and place for the first lesson will be organised. It is our priority that lessons are easily accessible and comfortable – so if a lesson in your very own home is what you desire, then you can farewell undesired travel. 

Art of Smart’s Online Tutoring Fairfield

If online lessons are your preference then we are more than happy to accommodate for that! Our team of qualified and engaging tutors are well prepared to conduct rewarding lessons – whether they are online or in-person. 

Online lessons may take place on platforms like Zoom or Skype – however, our tutors will do their best to accommodate if these options do not work. The functionality of these platforms will allow your child’s tutor to navigate through your child’s concerns with ease. Aspects such as screen and file sharing, as well as Art of Smart’s very own online subject-specific resources, will be used to ensure lessons are both productive and fun.

Outstanding Resources for the New South Wales Subject Curriculums

With our tutoring Fairfield, you child will be provided access to a comprehensive assortment of resources. The content within these resources is designed to specifically target the New South Wales curriculum for their subjects. Not only do the resources touch on all the key aspects of each subject but they are also produced by qualified teachers and Art of Smart’s very own expert tutors. 

Not only are these resources available online but they are also available in print form – so you can rest assured that your child, no matter how lessons are arranged, will have access to the best resources. The resources contain a large variety of new questions (with answers), as well as content blocks written in a manner that breaks down even the most complicated topics into manageable pieces. These questions can be utilised by tutors in lessons and provide another avenue for students to practice applying the knowledge they learn in class. 

Our Personalised Approach to Tutoring Fairfield

Art of Smart’s Fairfield tutoring adopts a holistic approach to your child’s education. This allows for your tutor to best understand and support your child’s needs. Our tutors will assess your child’s performance in the subject for their past assessment pieces and identify areas that can be improved upon. With us, your child will find support in understanding difficult topics, writing good quality assignments, developing healthy study plans, and efficiently preparing for exams. It is one of our goals at Art of Smart to reduce the stress experienced by students so they can enjoy the learning process and make the most out of their time at school.