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1 on 1 Chatswood Tutoring with Local Tutors

Our Chatswood Tutoring helps build students' confidence

Founded in 2009, we have since built a reputable team of tutors at Art of Smart who deliver holistic and personalised tutoring services for our Chatswood students!

Almost every Chatswood tutoring customer says that our teaching methods and experienced tutors are amazing at helping their child develop their confidence and understanding!

With our local expertise, we understand Chatswood students

We understand our students’ needs with tutors from the Chatswood area. We provide Chatswood tutoring at Chatswood Library, in the comfort of your own home in person and online. You can also come into our Hills or Hornsby Campus for tutoring, so we can guarantee a location that works for you!

Our tutors are not only experienced, but they have access to the latest digital and print resources for an immense range of subjects from Kindergarten all the way up to Year 12. This is how we ensure that our Chatswood tutoring is holistic and supportive for our students.

Successfully helping K-12 Chatswood students excel at school since 2009.


Students we’ve


Average student
mark increase


Believe our tutors build fantastic rapport

3 in 4

Received university early entry or scholarship offers

Our Holistic 1 on 1 Tutoring Approach

Personalised Chatswood tutoring

Get an individual learning plan tailored to your personal goals

Inspirational mentoring

Maximise your options after school and clarify your career and degree options

Focus on wellbeing

Balance your studies with your mental health throughout school

Build strong study habits

Build study routines, get organised and learn study techniques

Comprehensive resources

Receive resources that cover the syllabus, dot point by dot point

Passionate teachers

Test your knowledge and receive feedback to prep for your exams

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school!

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Why Art of Smart for Chatswood Tutoring?

Increase exam confidence and stress less

💪 93% increase confidence

Our tutors’ teaching techniques are effective in increasing students’ confidence, and 93% of our Chatswood customers agree!

🍎 Develop healthy study habits

With Art of Smart, our Chatswood tutors will provide you with a holistic study plan that will help you find the learning habits that work for you. Learn to manage your time, boost your memory and more, with Chatswood tutoring!

Juggle mental health and study with tutoring support

🌱 Take care of your wellbeing while at school

With Chatswood tutoring, our tutors will help you minimise study-related stress and any anxiety that arises, especially around exam time.

💡 Holistic Chatswood tutoring founded upon research

Over 10 years of research on the top 2% of students in Australia supports our tutoring methods, so we can help students study smarter, not harder!

Our Holistic Approach


Maintain your wellbeing

Balance your studies with your mental health


Grow confident

Get on top of your study and boost your marks


Develop study habits

Get organised and develop healthy study routines

Achieve Your Personal Best.

Find the right support and discover your personal tutoring program

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Meet Our Chatswood Tutors

Equipping Chatswood students for life after school since 2009

We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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