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Language of Probability

What is the language of probability?

Probability language is used to specify the chances of an event occurring. This can include things like “the chance of rain next week is 50%’, ‘winning a race next week is very likely’, etc. Certain events have a probability of 1, even chance events have a probability of 0.5 and impossible events have a probability of 0. This post will help you understand the language of probability in Prelim Standard Math. 


How to use the language involved in probability

The video below explains the different terms you will hear in the probability unit and how to solve questions that use this language.


What is sample space?

Sample space is the set of all possible outcomes. For example, if the experiment is tossing a coin, then the sam ole space is a head and a tail. The videos below explain how to answer questions that ask you to identify the sample space.

Part 1:


Part 2:


How to find the sample space for two events

Sometimes the question will have two different events occurring simultaneously. This video will show you how to find the sample space for these events.