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Our tutoring Bankstown sessions have a reputation for being amazing. With our holistic tutoring approach, our tutoring Bankstown sessions allow our students to not only understand curriculum content, but build their confidence! 

For over ten years, Art of Smart Education has been supporting students from all year levels, across all possible subjects from Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, receiving a 4.8/5 star rating from hundreds of customers

A whopping 93% of our customers report that our tutoring Bankstown sessions have improved students’ confidence and skill in their respective subjects — helping them excel! 

Primary Schools
High Schools

Bankstown Public School

St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School

Bankstown North Public School

St Felix Catholic Primary School

Bankstown West Public School

Wattawa Heights Public School

St Catherine’s School

Canterbury Public School

Greenacre Public School

Wiley Park Public School

Punchbowl Public School

Regents Park Public School

Chullora Public School

St. Charbel’s College

Bankstown Girls High School

Bankstown Senior College

Punchbowl Boys’ High School

Sir Joseph Banks High School

Condell Park High School

Al Amanah College

Canterbury Girls’ High School

Canterbury Boys’ High School

Chester Hill High School

Birrong Boys High School

Sefton High School

Wiley Park Girls High School

Strathfield South High School

Holroyd High School

Bass High School

Tutoring Bankstown with Experienced Tutors that are Fantastic Communicators

Here at Art of Smart, we firmly believe that every student is unique, and so, we offer top notch Bankstown tutoring services that provides holistic and personalised student support. 

Our knowledgeable Bankstown tutors ensure they understand the needs of each and every student, mentoring them through their individual academic and extracurricular journeys. 

The tutoring services we provide extend across the whole of Bankstown! We help all students in the area reach success and achieve their goals! 

Local tutors in Bankstown providing comprehensive educational resources

Want to access Bankstown tutoring and relevant resources locally without the hassle? Our team of tutors are ready to help and cater to your individual needs wherever you need it.

Whether you would like your Bankstown tutoring at one of our lovely campuses, Bankstown Library, or in the comfort of your own home (both F2F and online), we have a tutoring service suited to your needs and the resources to help you smash your academic goals.

If you start tutoring with us today, you will not only be paired with an incredible, high achieving tutor, but you will also be equipped with the most up to date NSW syllabus resources developed by our qualified teachers!

Selected by countless households, achieving a 4.9 ⭐️ rating!

Our Tutoring Bankstown Locations

Your own home

1 on 1 Sessions

On Campus

Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions


Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Individualised Programs for All Subjects

Regardless of your year level, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: K-6

    With our Bankstown tutoring for primary school students, we strive to establish a strong foundation in essential subjects like English, Maths, Science and Technology, boosting their self-confidence and readiness for secondary education.

  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    In our Bankstown tutoring, our program for Year 7-10 students is designed to equip them with the confidence and expertise necessary for high school success. This approach bridges any potential knowledge gaps and strengthens their understanding of the NSW curriculum content within subjects such as English, Maths, Sciences and Humanities, ensuring a sturdy foundation as they transition to Year 11-12.


  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    In Bankstown tutoring, our program designed for Year 11-12 students is focused on helping them achieve a comprehensive understanding of the NSW Curriculum content during their senior years. This preparation leads to outstanding results in internal assessments and the final HSC exams, enabling students to maximise their ATAR scores and broaden their options for higher education.

    Our services cater to students at all levels of Maths and English, as well as across various Science and Humanities subjects.

  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    Students from Year 7 to 12 can participate in our Pathfinder Program at Bankstown Tutoring. This program teaches valuable study techniques that encourage efficient learning, reduce distractions, boost motivation, establish productive study habits, and promote a more relaxed approach to exams.

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Tutoring Bankstown for all of your academic needs

Art of Smart Education offers high quality Bankstown tutoring for all of your academic needs! After requesting a tutor, Art of Smart customer specialists will diligently search for the perfect tutor who will suit your timetable and tutoring type – whether this be in person or online! 

Your Art of Smart tutor will then ensure to give you a call within ONE DAY of being matched up with you and set up your first lesson. Your first tutoring Bankstown session will be packed! 

Your tutor will ask you a variety of questions to better understand your academic needs, your goals and your previous performance – all so that they can tailor each and every tutoring session to every single topic and question that you may need help with!

Why join tutoring Bankstown with Art of Smart?

A question that may be in the forefront of your mind might be – why should I join tutoring Bankstown with Art of Smart Education? What makes Art of Smart special?

Well, out of all the amazing things that Art of Smart has to offer you, here are the top three that make us one of the best in the business:

  • Extensive knowledge of the NSW curriculum
  • Quality and quantity
  • Tailoring our tutoring to students’ needs

Our Bankstown tutoring is designed on years of experience!

We have a proven track record for successfully guiding and supporting students through high school, turning marks around from disappointing results and improving our students’ confidence! This amazing record has been maintained and upheld for over ten years.

Over the time that we have been supporting students, we have continually improved our tutoring Bankstown methods and continue to get better and better as every year goes by! Our experience ensures that we know what works and what doesn’t, and that we will be able to support you, no matter which stage of high school you may be in.

Additionally, the vast amount of experience we have as a company, we have also been conducting research to ensure that you are getting the best tutoring Bankstown experience possible! We collected data from Australia’s top performing students and utilised this data to tailor our Bankstown tutoring to ensure that the methods we use are those that lead to success.

Our tutoring Bankstown is of the highest quality!

They say quality is better than quantity – but what if you were able to have both? Well, that is exactly the case here at Art of Smart Education! 

Not only do we have some of the best quality tutors –we have a large team here in Bankstown and across Australia, ready to help you through your high school experience! You can rest assured that the Art of Smart tutor you work with is one of the best that you will find due to our highly competitive and selective tutor application process – we ensure that all our tutors have a 90+ ATAR and have achieved the top band in the subjects they tutor!

In addition to the quantity and quality of our tutors, we ensure to supply both YOU AND OUR TUTORS with a plethora of top notch, up to date, NSW syllabus resources which include booklets on specific topics, texts, practice Trial exams, and lots and lots of practice questions – what more could you want?

Tutoring Bankstown when you want, where you want!

Art of Smart tutoring Bankstown is flexible – tailored to all your needs! Whether you prefer tutoring on weekdays, on the weekends, straight after school or in the evening, online or in person, we have got you covered! We will always be able to find a tutor that suits your needs, ensuring that you have the best tutoring Bankstown experience possible.

Holistic Tutoring Bankstown

We believe that tutoring goes beyond just helping students understand and digest the content they are learning at school. We understand the importance of guiding and mentoring students, so we ensure that our tutoring Bankstown session helps our students gain a variety of skills that they will need for their future lives going into uni! This is what we call our holistic tutoring Bankstown approach! 

For 5 minutes at the start and end of your Bankstown tutoring session, your tutor will ensure to help you with important aspects of your life outside of academics. This might be that they ensure you have a good work life balance, that you know when all your due dates are, that you are staying organised for all of the assessments that you may be having, and that among all the hustle and bustle – you’re still giving yourself plenty of time to destress and do the things that you love to do! 

By utilising this holistic approach, we not only ensure that our students are excelling in the subject they are being tutored in, but that they are succeeding in school as a whole and staying healthy and happy!

Learn all that you need to know with tutoring Bankstown

Art of Smart’s tutoring Bankstown offers tutoring for every single subject that you could possibly think of! Whether you need help with Maths content for an upcoming exam, or you need all the tips you can get to write a Band 6 essay, or you need to know the ins and outs of Modern History – we have got you covered!

Not only do we offer tutoring for a variety of subjects, we also offer our tutoring Bankstown services for a variety of year levels – all the way from Kindergarten to Year 12! 

The variety of services that we offer will ensure that there is a tutor ready to help you succeed in any subject or year level!

Like what you hear? Start tutoring Bankstown with Art of Smart today!

If you need tutoring, Art of Smart is the tutoring company that can help you achieve your goals! If we have convinced you of our expertise and quality and you are ready to start tutoring Bankstown with us, send us an inquiry form from our website or call us on 1300 267 888, and we’ll swiftly match you up with one of our awesome tutors!