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Equilibrium Expressions (Ksp) for Saturated Solutions

This is part of the HSC Chemistry course under the topic of Solution Equilibria.

In this post, we derive equilibrium expressions for saturated solutions in terms of Ksp and calculate the solubility of an ionic substance from its Ksp value.


What is Ksp?

This video explains the equilibrium expression for saturated solutions (the solubility product constant), with a worked example.


Calculating Ksp

This video clearly explains how to draw an ICE Table to solve for Ksp for a solubility equilibrium question.


An explanation of the Common Ion Effect and when and how it can be used to solve problems on questions involving a saturated solution.


Ksp Example Problems

A large amount of worked Ksp Chemistry Problems about molar solubility, common ion effect, pH calculations, and ICE tables. (42 Minutes Long)