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Natural Logarithms Problems

How do I solve natural logarithms?

In this post, we work with natural logarithms problems in a variety of practical and abstract contexts, as a part of the Prelim Maths Advanced course under the topic Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and sub-part The Exponential Function and Natural Logarithms.

We define the natural logarithm ln(x) = log_{e}x from the exponential function f(x) = e^{x} , and recognise and use the inverse relationship of the functions y = e^{x} and y = ln(x) . We also learn to use the natural logarithm and the relationships e ln(x) = x where x > 0 , and ln(e^{x}) = x for all real x in both algebraic and practical contexts, and how to use logarithmic laws to simplify and evaluate natural logarithmic expressions to solve equations.


The following two videos explain what natural logarithms are their properties with respect to Euler’s number.

Part 1


Part 2