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Since 2009, Art of Smart has been known for delivering outstanding and holistic services for Kirribilli tutoring students. 

Our Kirribilli tutors use tried and true methods to help increase your child’s understanding of their subject and build their confidence — 93% of our students have felt a boost in their confidence to achieve their goals!

Primary Schools
High Schools

Kincoppal – Rose Bay School

North Sydney Public School

St Aloysius’ College

Fort Street Public School

Loreto Kirribilli

Neutral Bay Public School

Cameragal Montessori School

Anzac Park Public School

Cammeray Public School

Beauty Point Public School

Neutral Bay Public School

St Aloysius’ College

Loreto Kirribilli

Shore School

Cammeraygal High School

Redlands School

North Sydney Girls High School

North Sydney Boys High School

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College

Wenona School

Willoughby Girls High School

Experienced 1 on 1 K-12 Kirribilli tutors near you

Through personalised tutoring and holistic mentoring, our Kirribilli tutors help students to achieve their best within the classroom and beyond. 

We have worked with students that attend these schools in the Kirribilli area. Our team of Kirribilli tutors have helped students to achieve their goals and push their boundaries with our award-winning tuition methods. 

Local Kirribilli Tutors who Understand Your Needs

Our team of Kirribilli tutors grew up and went to school in the area, so we understand your needs and struggles. We teach at our Hills and Hornsby campuses, the convenience of your own home, at The Kirribilli Centre or online. Our range of options and flexibility means that you are sure to find one that best suits you! 

Our Kirribilli tutors know the NSW curriculum inside-out and are equipped with the latest print and online resources. We are able to provide holistic support for our Kirribilli tutoring customers. 

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Subject-Specific Learning Programs Tailored to You

Regardless of your year level, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: K-6

    At Kirribilli Tutoring, our primary school program is designed to empower students with a solid foundation in essential subjects like Maths, English, Science and Technology. This not only boosts their confidence but also readies them for the journey ahead in high school.

  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    At Kirribilli Tutoring, our Year 7-10 program is here to support students as they embark on their high school adventure. We make sure they begin this chapter with self-assurance and a strong grasp of the NSW curriculum in Maths, English, Science and Humanities. This lays the groundwork for Year 11-12, ensuring no gaps in their understanding along the way.

  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    At Kirribilli Tutor, our Year 11-12 program is designed to guide students through their crucial final years of high school. We're committed to helping them excel in internal assessments and HSC exams by ensuring a deep understanding of the NSW curriculum in Maths, English, Science and Humanities. This not only boosts their chances of achieving a high ATAR but also paves the way for university admission.

  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    At Kirribilli Tutor, our Pathfinder Program draws from over ten years of dedicated research involving accomplished students from various regions. Tailored for Year 7-12 students, this program offers proven strategies to enhance studying, reduce distractions, stay motivated, cultivate productive study routines, and approach exams with a sense of calmness.

    These are the study skills we hone in on motivation, goal setting, time management, study and exam preparation.

Access various resources aligned with the NSW curriculum!

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Holistic Kirribilli Tutoring Resources

Working together with a team of experienced teachers and tutors, Art of Smart has curated a resource library for our students that is organised according to the New South Wales curriculum. Our Kirribilli tutors are familiar with the resources and how they can be best used by students to achieve their best, ensuring that they have a wide range of resources to help them understand concepts and practice for assessments or exams. 

Available in both print and digital formats, the worksheets are handpicked by tutors according to a student’s needs. By handpicking weekly worksheets, our Kirribilli tutors ensure that weak points are addressed and important concepts are reinforced and practiced. 

Sorted according to the NSW Curriculum, our resources summarise important content, providing exemplars and step-by-step guidance on how to tackle various questions. 

Picking a Kirribilli Tutor for Your Child

Not only do we help students in areas they are struggling in or to get ahead of their peers, we are strong believers in holistic development. Each Kirribilli tutor is specially chosen for each student, so that they not only receive help in their schoolwork but also have a mentor to help and guide them through their learning journey. Art of Smart helps students to develop skills they’ll need beyond school and grow their confidence. 

Our Kirribilli tutors will also check up on their students frequently, ensuring that their needs and goals are met so that lesson plans are constantly tailored and adjusted to them. Once a tutor has been chosen to help your child achieve their personal goals, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss lesson plans and lock in a date for the first lesson!

Adapting our Kirribilli Tutoring Methods to Your Needs

Art of Smart’s team of Kirribilli tutors help students to identify areas of concerns and patterns in their work so that they are able to work on their skills and knowledge in an effective and methodical manner. The Kirribilli tutors will guide you through practice questions and homework, building up your confidence and toolkit of skills. By reviewing your homework, past assessments and checking in on what is coming up in school, we will be able to help you formulate a learning plan that caters to your needs. 

For students in Years 7-12, we teach them how to analyse their previous school assessments to identify weaknesses to work on. Through an initial diagnostic test done by our Kirribilli tutors, we are able to assess your level of understanding so that we can best address your needs.

Looking for a Kirribilli Tutor? 

Art of Smart’s Kirribilli tutors are here to help your child achieve their best in school and in life! Since 2009, our Kirribilli tutoring team has supported students in their studies and personal goals, pairing students with tutors who best suit their needs. 

We have helped hundreds of students from Kindergarten to Year 12, helping students to achieve personal bests and beat them. Our holistic approach to tuition is responsive to students’ needs, not only helping them with schoolwork but also developing confidence in their own abilities. For primary students, our English and Mathematics tuition focuses on building strong foundations so that students are able to understand complex ideas when they enter high school. For high school, we cover various subjects like English, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Visual Arts, and History to name a few. 

We offer a range of different programs for students to best suit their schedules and learning styles, from one-on-one lessons held at home or in your chosen location, to online classes or group classes at our learning centre – you are sure to find a Kirribilli tutor who can address your needs and adapt to your schedule. 

Our Kirribilli tutoring team not only help students achieve their best in their academics but also act as mentors to their students. Not only do they help students to understand concepts and develop exam skills, we help students through their school journey. Through evidence-based techniques, our Kirribilli tutors will help your child gain more confidence in their own abilities, making a positive impact in areas beyond their schooling.

What’s different about our Kirribilli Tutor?

Our Kirribilli tutors help students from primary through to high school, working together with students to address key areas of concern so that they can achieve their best. Our engaging and friendly Kirribilli tutoring team bonds with students over shared interests and mentor them, ensuring that lessons are fun and as stress-free as possible. 

At Art of Smart, our tutors have to demonstrate a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the NSW curriculum, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Passionate about the subject they teach, our Kirribilli tutors are engaging and able to synthesise complex concepts into explanations that are easy for students to understand. 

With our recruitment process, our Kirribilli tutoring team are required to pass a 60-minute interview that assesses their communication skills and they must meet the minimum academic requirements. During the interview, we assess their teaching skills, communication skills and ability to keep students engaged in a lesson. Our tutors are also able to access a wide range of resources and support, so your child is always in good hands! 

Lastly, our Kirribilli tutors are individually paired with each student according to their needs and interests. We ask our tutors about their hobbies, interests and extra-curricular activities, ensuring that they can build rapport with your child and talk about shared interests so that lessons are always fun and engaging. 

How Do Our Kirribilli Tutors Address Students’ Unique Needs? 

Your Kirribilli tutoring experience will be different from all other students – our tutors tailor each tuition class to individual students to ensure they can get the most out of their experience. Whether you choose to take one-on-one or group classes, programs, online or in person; you will be sure to find the support you need. 

Face-to-Face Lessons with a Kirribilli Tutor 

Art of Smart’s Kirribilli tutors are able to travel to your home for tuition lessons, so that your child can learn from the comfort of your own home. Each student is individually matched with a tutor who can best meet their needs, ensuring that the tuition lesson is fun for students, parents and teachers alike.

Online Lessons with a Kirribilli Tutor  

As part of our tutoring services and programs, we also offer online classes with our Kirribilli tutoring team who delivers live sessions through Zoom. By using a digital whiteboard, screen sharing and file-sharing functions, our Kirribilli tutors make online lessons as interactive as in-person ones. Students can attend class from anywhere, as long as they have internet connection and a device!