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Definition of Probability

How do you define probability?

Probability is the chance of something happening. To accurately calculate the probability, we use an equation. When a random experiment is performed, the outcomes or result is called the event. The probability of the event is calculated by dividing the number of favourable outcomes by the total number of outcomes. This post will help you with the definition of probability in Prelim Standard Math. 


How do you calculate the probability of an event occurring

The video below explains how to calculate the probability of an event occurring by using the equation.


What are equally likely outcomes?

Equally likely outcomes occur when there is no obvious reason for one outcome to occur more than the other. For example, there is no reason heads should be chosen more than tails when tossing a coin. The video below explains this concept in further detail.


Mathematics involving playing cards

A normal deck of playing cards has 52 cards. There are four suits called clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. There are 13 cards in each suit. The video below explains how to complete probability questions that involve playing cards.