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Art of Smart has made a name for itself as one of the very best education providers! Since our humble beginnings in 2009, our award-winning support has helped countless Parramatta tutoring students in achieving their subject goals.

The general consensus of our customers is that the tutoring methods implemented during our Parramatta tutoring lessons are game-changing! Almost all customers believe that, with the help of our trusty team of tutors, their child has grown in confidence and understanding!

Parramatta tutoring helps students to expand their knowledge and gain confidence

Are you looking for exceptional tutoring in the Parramatta area? 

Well, lucky for you, you have come to the right place!

At Art of Smart, we have a reputation for providing award-winning educational support. Since our humble beginnings in 2009, we have racked up over a decade’s worth of experience and research. It has been our goal, since day one, to make the process of learning as stress-free, enjoyable, and worthwhile as possible. To achieve this, we have conducted research into the top 2% of Australian students to see what sets them apart. From this we collated a number of teaching techniques and study methods which will help our tutoring Parramatta students to study smarter, rather than harder, while getting the most out of their marks. 

Our incredible team of passionate tutors go into every lesson with the aim of building a great rapport with their students. We understand the struggles that can arise when students don’t feel comfortable enough to ask questions and seek support. Thus, creating a safe and judgment-free environment is one of our top priorities. It is our hope that Parramatta tutoring students will develop a good sense of self-confidence in their abilities in each subject. We are pleased to let you know that this is exactly what we see consistently. So you can rest assured knowing that our tutoring Parramatta will give your child the best chance at succeeding academically and improving their wellbeing by reducing school-related stressors. 

From your very first chat with us, we will be setting your child up for success. During this chat you will be able to share with us important details about your child, their interests, their goals, and how they could be best supported in their studies. With this information we will be able to carefully select an assortment of our tutors who we think will be able to best help your child. This process maximises the benefit you receive from our Parramatta tutoring services.

Expert student-focussed K-12 tutoring Parramatta

Our wondering team of Parramatta tutors are well-equipped to provide your child with personalised tutoring and mentoring to help them achieve their academic goals and grow personally – within and beyond the classroom. It is our goal to help our students become more confident in their abilities and to overcome any challenges that come their way.

Have a look at just a few of the schools whose students have been supported by our world-class Parramatta tutoring services! 

What makes Art of Smart’s Parramatta tutoring so amazing?

Our team of tutors are all experts of the subjects they mentor. This means that they are more than ready to handle any questions your child throws at them or to walk your child through an assessment piece. The quality of our tutors and student-tutor pairings are some of our top priorities. To ensure that our tutors are able to provide our Parramatta tutoring students with amazing support they must first be rigorously tested and trained. These processes are put in place to ensure that the tutors we hire are capable of communicating ideas at a satisfactory level and are compassionate individuals who are knowledgeable about their subjects of focus. With our tutoring Parramatta, you will find only the best quality tutors as we strive for students to be able to achieve each and every one of their goals. 

Recruiting subject experts for our Parramatta tutoring 

You may be wondering how, exactly, we recruit our tutors and what is expected of each tutor. Each of our tutors have obtained an ATAR above 90.00 and each have a valid Working with Children Check (blue card). These requirements ensure that our tutors are not only knowledgeable about their subjects but will also create a safe and welcoming environment for students. Our interview process requires that candidates conduct a mock lesson in a subject of their choosing. This lesson allows us to gauge their abilities to communicate ideas and answer questions, as well as assess traits such as patience and compassion. Each and every year, thousands of individuals apply for Parramatta tutoring positions. However, only 1 in 8 will be successful in landing a job with us. 

In all tutoring Parramatta lessons, we want learning to be fun, hands-on, and beneficial. To make this goal a reality, our tutors employ teaching methods backed by years of research and utilise the very best subject resources. These methods see our Parramatta tutoring students improve their grades by 20.7%! Additionally, 75% of our students will receive university early entry offers and scholarships!

As locals, our Parramatta tutoring will suit your way of life!

Our Parramatta tutoring is provided by expert locals who understand you way or life and your needs. Whether you desire lessons from the comfort of your very own dining table, at the vibrant Parramatta library, or even online, we have got you covered. We guarantee that there will be a location convenient for you!

Art of Smart’s tutors are experienced and have access to a library of our very own in-depth and easy-to-digest K-12 resources for all subjects! As an award-winning education provider, we strive to ensure that our tutoring Parramatta students receive only the best resources and holistic support. 

Parramatta tutoring most convenient for you! 

Our tutors strive to provide students with holistic support during their studies – whether this support is provided face-to-face or online. We want our tutoring Parramatta lessons to be as accessible and convenient as possible for students and parents. 

Art of Smart’s in-person tutoring Parramatta

Our in-person Parramatta tutoring will take place as a location and a time that makes everyone happy. During the very first interaction you have with your tutor, you can organise a time and place for the first lesson (and even for recurring lessons). We want our lessons to be done in a comfortable environment, so if you prefer sitting at your dining table then we have you covered and you can farewell any unwanted travel. Likewise, if you would rather have lessons take place at a local library, then this can also be arranged. 

Art of Smart’s online tutoring Parramatta

If online lessons are more your style then we are more than equipped to accommodate for that. Art of Smart’s fantastic team of expert tutors are experienced in conducting productive and enriching online Parramatta tutoring lessons. 

These lessons may be conducted via Zoom or Skype – but the platform used can be discussed. These platforms have a wide variety of functions which allow for online lessons to take place with ease. Notable functions include the file and screen sharing features. Our assortment of online resources help to make lessons fun and rewarding.

Parramatta tutoring providing exceptional 1-on-1 support to help K-12 students excel at school since 2009.


Students guided through challenges


Average grade improvement


Believe they had great rapport with their tutor

3 in 4

Granted early entry and scholarship offers for uni

Art of Smart's Student-Focussed Approach for Private Tutoring Parramatta

Individual tutoring Parramatta

Develop an personal study and learning plan to achieve your individual goals

Memorable support

Discover new post-school career and degree pathways

Maintain your wellbeing

Learn to prioritise both your studies and mental health to ace your subjects!

Develop healthy study habits

Get into a good routine and stay organised with our study techniques

Easy-to-digest resources

Have access to exceptional resources covering each aspect of the syllabus

Compassionate tutors

Apply everything you have learnt and get feedback to prepare for finals!

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Farewell exam stress with Parramatta tutoring

💪 93% improvement in confidence

Almost all Parramatta tutoring customers believe that the methods used by their tutor were effective at improving their understanding of the content and their confidence in the subject. 

🍎 Prioritise healthy learning routines

The student-focused learning plans developed by our tutors aim to ensure that your child will be more motivated, develop better time management skills, as well as improve memory of content.

Take care of your health and grades with Parramatta tutoring

🌱 Stay happy and healthy during school

Learn how to minimise study-related stress and anxiety with our Parramatta tutoring so you can stay happy and healthy while at school!

💡 Personal, research-informed support

After conducting over 10 year’s worth of research into the study techniques of the top 2% of Australian students, it is safe to say we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Our tutoring Parramatta students learn how to work smarter rather than harder!


Our Personalised Method


Ensure your welfare

 Prioritise both your studies and your wellbeing


Boost your confidence

Get ahead of the curve and ace your subjects!


Make healthy study routines

Keep organised with healthy and effective study habits

Achieve Your Personal Best.

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Equipping Parramatta students for life after school since 2009

We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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Top of the line resources for all New South Wales subjects

Along with the excellent support provided by our tutors during our Parramatta tutoring lessons, your child will also be supported by a detailed – yet easy-to-digest – library of subject resources. These resources were created to tackle each of the syllabus points individually to break down all of the content students are expected to learn. Written by qualified teachers and our very own tutors, we assure you that the resources provided to your child will be beneficial to their studies.  

For ease of access, we have made these resources available in digital and print form – allowing students to use these resources in a way that best suits them. No matter how lessons take place, these resources will be readily available. You child will be provided with explanations of subject topics, practice questions, and even practice exams. This ultimately provides your child with another means of practicing the application of knowledge (which can then be reviewed in your tutoring Parramatta lessons). 

Art of Smart’s holistic Parramatta tutoring 

At Art of Smart, our Parramatta tutoring lessons employ a student-focused approach to your child’s learning journey. This approach ensures that our tutors best understand your child’s needs and how they can be of greatest support. Your child’s performance in past assignments will be assessed by the tutor to pinpoint gaps in knowledge or skills that can be further developed. We will aid your child in comprehending tricky concepts, producing high-quality assessment pieces, and generating healthy learning routines to help them ace their exams. We strive to reduce school-related stressors so learning can be an enjoyable experience for our students.