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Function Notation for Domain and Range

What is domain and range?

In this post, we use function notation, domain and range, independent and dependent variables to understand and use interval notation as a way of representing domain and range, for example eg [4, \infty) , as a part of the Prelim Maths Advanced course under the topic Working with Functions and sub-part Introduction to Functions. A domain is all the possible inputs of number into a function, while the range is all the possible outputs of a function.


Introduction to domain and range

In the following two videos, the topics of domain and range are covered, with the first video introducing the definition and notation of domain and range through worked and clearly explained example questions, and the second going more in-depth with further example questions.

Part 1


Part 2


Using interval notation

This video covers how to determine the domain of a function using interval notation, also covering a wide range of questions.