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Binomial Distribution

This is part of the HSC Mathematics Extension 1 course under the topic: The Binomial Distribution.

Some definitions:
  • Sample proportion: the number of favourable outcomes/successes
  • Sampling distribution: probability distribution made from a larger number of samples.
  • Binomial random variable: number of successes in n repeated trials of a binomial experiment.
  • Binomial distribution: is the statistical distribution modelling the outcomes of two complementary events (like flipping a coin, i.e. only one even or the other can occur).

A binomial distribution has 3 main characteristics

  • n the number of trials
  • p the probability of success
  • 1-p the probability of failure.


Binomial distribution

Here is an introduction to what the binomial distribution is and when it is used.



How and when to use the binomial distribution

Here are some examples using the binomial distribution and when to use it.

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