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Financial Decision Problems

This is part of the HSC Mathematics Advanced course under the topic of Financial Mathematics: Financial applications of sequences and series.

Here we will explore solving financial decision problems. This includes learning to solve problems involving financial decisions, including a home loan, a savings account, a car loan or superannuation. This will also include learning how to:

  • Calculate the future value or present value of an annuity by developing an expression for the sum of the calculated compounded values of each contribution and using the formula for the sum of the first terms of a geometric sequence
  • Verify entries in tables of future values or annuities by using geometric series


In this video by Eddie Woo, he goes over how to calculate and express the value of an investment, with compound interest.


Here, we cover the method used to determine the time required to reach a specific goal for superannuation.


Finally, we cover how to simplify geometric series in order to help determine and understand the working out for superannuation questions.

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