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From our humble beginnings in 2009, we’ve supported 8,000+ students navigate Year 11 & 12, across all levels of Maths, English, Science, Humanities and more! 

Our HSC tutoring Sydney team are experts on the HSC syllabus and have over 10 years experience supporting students transform their results in Year 11 and 12. Proof of our track record is that on average mark Year 12 students we support improve their results by over 20%, with 93% of students also seeing improvements in confidence!

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Work with a Specialist HSC Tutoring Sydney Organisation

When it comes to Year 11 and 12, and the HSC, it’s so important to work with a HSC expert to ensure you can maximise your marks and your ATAR so you have more options for university. 

We have a team of HSC specialist tutors, including qualified & pre-service teachers and Band 6 scoring 98+ ATAR graduates who know the HSC syllabus back to front and can show you how to maximise your marks in your assessments and the Trial and HSC exam!

We support students from over 200+ schools across NSW each year for the HSC, so have the experience to help you nail your internal assessments!

Exceptional HSC resources to compliment our HSC tutoring Sydney.

The HSC resources we provide our students has helped us to deliver award-winning services for over a decade! Our subject guides, created for subjects such as HSC English, Biology, Maths, Economics and more, are used by our team in their lessons, cover every aspect of each subject! From breaking down the content, to practice questions and mock exams – these guides have everything you need to succeed.

Our HSC resources are available for students both in printed format and 24/7 online access – so whether you prefer to take lessons from the comfort of your dining table or through a computer, HSC tutoring Sydney customers will always have access to the resources they need to give them the critical boost for their exams!

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Tailored Learning Programs for HSC Subjects

Check out the range of subjects where you can access tutoring support!

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Study Skills
  • Maths: Year 11-12

    With our HSC Sydney Tutoring, we offer comprehensive and personalised tutoring services for a range of mathematics subjects like Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 Mathematics. Regardless of which level of Maths you are undertaking, our team of experienced tutors is dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential and ace your exams in the following subjects.

  • English: Year 11-12

    Whether you need help with understanding texts, analysing literary devices, developing persuasive arguments, or creating compelling creative writing pieces, our HSC Sydney tutoring services will give you the skills and knowledge you need to excel in English and achieve your academic goals.

    We provide support in English Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2 and EAL. While teaching skills like Textual Analysis, Essay Writing and Creative Writing.

  • Science: Year 11-12

    Our HSC tutoring services are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in science and achieve your academic goals, whether you require assistance with comprehending intricate biological processes, mastering the principles of physics, or gaining proficiency in chemical reactions and equations.

  • Humanities: Year 11-12

    Our HSC Sydney tutoring services are designed to help you achieve your academic goals and excel in your chosen subject, whether you require assistance with analysing historical events, comprehending economic principles, producing visual artworks, or enhancing your physical health and wellbeing. Our experienced tutors provide personalised lessons and strategies that equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in your HSC exams.

    We can provide support in Geography, Ancient History, Modern History, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Visual Arts and PDHPE.

  • Study Skills: Year 11-12

    Our Pathfinder Program provides Year 11-12 students with proven study techniques to study smart, minimise distractions, maintain motivation, establish effective study habits, and prepare for exams with less stress!

    Based on over 10 years of research we have conducted with high performing students across Australia, the Pathfinder Program helps students in Sydney with motivation, time management, organisation, minimising distractions and study techniques.

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Art of Smart’s 1-on-1 HSC tutoring Sydney

Our holistic lessons ensure your child maximises their opportunities to achieve their goals – both big and small. It is our core belief that placing every student into the same box and teaching them the same way only inhibits their growth. We understand that not every student will learn the same way. Our approach requires that tutors get to know their students as people, to help them best support your child. 

We want to know how your child learns so we can tailor our lessons to best suit them. Our tutors will review your child’s progress on assessment pieces and look at teacher feedback to see the places where support can be given. This will allow for the student and tutor to develop a learning plan. 

What makes Art of Smart’s tutoring Sydney fantastic?

We are fortunate enough to have an amazing team of inspiring and dedicated tutors. Our team are experts in the content they deliver and are more than ready to help your child tackle any challenges that come their way during their HSC. From subject related stressors to uni applications, our tutors can help with it all. 

One of our top priorities is ensuring that we have good quality student-tutor pairings – and so we put in place a very rigorous recruitment and training process. This means you can relax knowing your child is being supported by only the best HSC tutor Sydney. On average, our students will see their grades improve by over 20%. Additionally, 75% of our students will go on to receive scholarships and early entry university offers at the end of their senior year.

Find an Art of Smart HSC tutor Sydney to support your child through their final years and enhance their confidence

Are you after a passionate and inspiring HSC mentor in Sydney?

Well, if that is the case, then you are in the right place!

For over a decade, the team at Art of Smart have worked to provide award-winning educational services for students completing their HSC in Sydney. After conducting years of research into the top 2% of Australian students, it is no wonder we have developed a reputation for delivering exceptional support. Our HSC tutoring Sydney is effective – this can be seen in the average mark improvement of over 20% that our students see after working with us. 

From your very first introduction to the tutor, your child will be put on the path to success. After getting in touch with us, we will get to know your child as best as possible. We like to hear all about what excites them, what their goals are (big or small), and how they can best be supported by our tutoring Sydney. The information you provide to us will be used to hand-pick an assortment of tutors who we think will work well with your child. This step is vital for ensuring that all of our students are best supported by our services. 

Our HSC tutoring Sydney team are prepared for every lesson and are keen to help your child achieve their goals. One of our top priorities is ensuring that our tutors develop and maintain a fantastic rapport with their students. We know that lessons will only be successful if students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help. School is stressful enough as is, and by developing a strong sense of trust we hope to help our students overcome this stress and any challenges they face during the HSC. We understand what it is like to feel completely lost with an assessment piece and to not understand content and we understand that this stress is only made worse if you feel as though you don’t have anyone to turn to for support.

How is your HSC tutor Sydney recruited?

Our tutor recruitment process is a big deal. We have high standards for our team as we want to best support our students. To land a job as a HSC tutor Sydney, you must achieve an ATAR of at least 90.00 and have a valid Working with Children Check. In our interview process, we up the difficulty and ask the candidate tutors to conduct a mock lesson of their choice. During this session, we examine their ability to communicate content and to connect with other people. This process ensures that we hire individuals who are keen, good communicators, and knowledgeable about their subjects. This process is so firm that, of the thousands of individuals who apply every year, only 1 in 8 will be successful in joining our team. This means that our HSC tutoring Sydney team is made up of only the best tutors. 

Convenient HSC tutoring Sydney!

We aim to provide student-focused educational services and to holistically guide our students through their HSC. We are here to help – whether online or in-person. You can rest assured knowing that your child will receive support that is accessible and convenient with a HSC tutor Sydney. 

Our one-on-one tutoring Sydney

When working with Art of Smart, you decide where and when you are comfortable having lessons. Your very first interaction with a HSC tutor Sydney will allow you to organise a time and a place for lessons to occur. We want lessons to take place in an environment that fosters a sense of security and comfort – whether this be from the comfort of your dining table or at a local library. 

Providing online tutoring Sydney

We understand that, for some, face-to-face lessons just don’t work and the flexibility and resourcefulness of online lessons is more appealing. At Art of Smart, we are experienced in delivering exceptional online lessons. We can assure that our online lessons will be as rewarding and helpful as face-to-face HSC tutoring Sydney lessons. These lessons can be conducted via Zoom or Skype (as well as any other platform agreed-upon by the tutor and student). These platforms have a wide assortment of features (such as screen and file sharing) which allow for lessons to be completed without hassle.

Extensive and detailed resources for all HSC subjects

Your HSC tutor Sydney will provide your child with access to Art of Smart’s very own library of game-changing resources for every HSC subject. These resources are detailed, yet break content down into bite-sized pieces for ease of comprehension. Each study guide focusses on the syllabus dot points so your child learns exactly what they need in the right amount of detail. Further, they can test their knowledge with the term tests and the practice exams and receive feedback from their tutor. 

We don’t want any of our HSC tutoring Sydney students to miss out on these valuable resources, so they are accessible in both print and digital form. This means all students can be supported in the way they feel is best – whether they like to work behind a screen or with pen and paper.