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Why Art of Smart Tutoring?

Take control of your marks and succeed at school

📚 20.7% average increase in marks

On average, our students improve their marks by over 20% after working with Art of Smart with our holistic tutoring!

🌟 9.2/10 learning experience satisfaction

Our students in our small group programs give us an average of 9.2/10 for their overall level of satisfaction with their learning experience.

Get confident and stress less for your exams

💪 93% of students increase confidence

Our holistic approach helps students gain confidence in their subject content knowledge & exam technique so they stress less!

🗓️ 8 in 10 students experience reduced exam stress

We help students get into a consistent study routine so they cram less, and help them get exam style question practice to tackle exams with less stress!

Backed by 10+ years of research with the Top 2%

🏆️ We know how to help you succeed

We’ve conducted research with the Top 2% of students in Australia who scored an ATAR over 98.

💡 Holistic tutoring based on research

Our team draws upon this research in their sessions to help you study smart, stay healthy and achieve your goals!

Backed by the trust of thousands of families, rated 4.9 stars!

We’ve built an incredible team to support you who are…

📚 Academically Strong with Subject Expertise

Our tutors and mentors are all academically successful, including 98+ ATAR scorers, Pre-Service teachers, Master & PhD students and qualified teachers.

📣 Communicators who Simplify the Complex

Our team are exceptional communicators, who make complex ideas easy to understand and sessions fun & engaging to help you stay motivated.

🎉 Role Models to Guide, Support & Inspire You

Our teachers coach, mentor and inspire you as part of our holistic approach to support you develop confidence, powerful study habits, and help you transition from high school to life after school!

Adrian W, Head of Science

Qualified Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science, USYD

University Medalist in Chemistry &  Physics

Terry H, Head of Economics

Qualified Economics Teacher

Experience in Top Schools

Co-Host of HSC Economic Review Show

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Achieve your personal best.

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Comprehensive Resources Designed by Qualified Teachers

Packed with easy-to-understand explanations, in-depth course notes, sample full-mark responses and thousands of exam-style practice questions, our Tutoring Resource Books for K-12 have everything you need to master your studies!

Year K-6Year 7-10Year 11-12
Extensive syllabus and topic coverage
Practice exam style questions and exercises that put your skills to the test
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Worked examples & sample exemplar responses to help you perfect your knowledge
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.
Extensive syllabus and topic coverage
Practice exam style questions and exercises that put your skills to the test
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Worked examples & sample exemplar responses to help you perfect your knowledge
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.
Extensive syllabus and topic coverage
Practice exam style questions and exercises that put your skills to the test
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Worked examples & sample exemplar responses to help you perfect your knowledge
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Successfully helping K-12 students excel at school and beyond since 2009 with holistic tutoring.


Students we’ve
supported with tutoring


Average senior student
mark increase

8 in 10

Students reduce stress & anxiety for assessments


Students experience increased motivation

Our Holistic Tutoring Approach

Personalised tutoring

Get an individual learning plan tailored to your personal goals

Inspirational mentoring

Maximise your options after school and clarify your career and degree options

Focus on wellbeing

Balance your studies with your mental health throughout school

Build strong study habits

Build study routines, get organised and learn study techniques

Comprehensive resources

Receive resources that cover the syllabus, dot point by dot point

Passionate teachers

Test your knowledge and receive feedback to prep for your exams

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school!

Tutoring Success Stories

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Achieve Your Personal Best.

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Holistic tutoring equipping high school students for life after school since 2009

We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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  • General
  • Tutoring
    • What locations do you provide tutoring at?
      We offer tutoring services across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria in your own home, or at a local library — our tutors can come to you, or tutoring can be provided online.

      We also have two NSW campuses — namely our Hills and Hornsby campuses (with new locations opening up in 2024!). Whether you prefer to receive face to face academic assistance in the Hills District or Hornsby, we've got you covered.

      Our highly qualified tutors are available to provide personalised guidance and support to students of all ages throughout primary to high school. So, whether you're struggling with a specific subject or seeking to improve your overall academic performance, our tutoring services can help you achieve your goals.
    • Do you provide face-to-face or online tutoring?
      At Art of Smart Education, we recognise that different students have different learning preferences and schedules. That's why we offer both face-to-face and online tutoring options to cater to your individual needs. Whether you prefer to meet with your tutor in person at your home or at one of our campuses, or prefer to receive instruction remotely online from the comfort of your own home, we can accommodate your preferences.

      Our experienced tutors are equipped with incredible resources and are equally adept at delivering quality instruction and support in both formats, so you can expect the same level of personalised attention and academic guidance regardless of how you choose to receive it. With our flexible and comprehensive tutoring services, you can achieve your academic goals with confidence and ease.

      Online Tutoring

      To deliver engaging online tutoring, our tutors use video web conferencing tools like Zoom, to provide a high quality video experience, and combine this with both interactive online whiteboards using tablets and pencils, as well as our Art of Smart Online app, which provides a rich library of comprehensive learning materials, practice questions and more! Additionally, where available, we also post directly to your home printed lesson materials to support your online tutoring experience.

      Face-to-face Tutoring

      If your preference is face to face sessions, we’ll arrange for one of our tutors to come to you either at your home, a local library, or work with you at one of our campus locations. Just like in online tutoring, your face to face tutor will utilise our Art of Smart Online app with its learning resources and any printed materials they’ve ordered to be shipped to you for tutoring sessions.

      This way, regardless if you’re after online or in person tutoring, you can rest assured that you’ll have a fantastic experience!
    • Do you provide 1 on 1 tutoring or tutoring classes?
      We understand that every student has unique academic needs and learning styles. That's why we offer a variety of tutoring options to meet your individual needs. We provide both personalised 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, small-group tutoring classes and a combination of both to ensure that you receive the level of support that best suits your learning preferences.

      1 on 1 Tutoring

      Our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions offer you the opportunity to work closely with a qualified tutor who can tailor their instruction to your specific needs, school sequence and learning pace. 1 on 1 tutoring is great for targeted assessment support, going back and focusing on gaps, and for motivated students who are wanting to accelerate and cover concepts in advance of school!

      Students who receive 1 on 1 tutoring support with Art of Smart on average improve their results by 20.06%!

      Tutoring Classes

      On the other hand, our small-group tutoring classes provide a collaborative and interactive learning environment where you can learn from and with your peers while still receiving individualised attention from our experienced teacher. These are fantastic for supporting students to learn and master their subject matter in a systematic way, while also providing lots of exposure to challenging exam style questions to get students ready for their assessments.

      Combined Tutoring Classes & 1 on 1 Support - The Best of Both Worlds

      Art of Smart’s Year 11-12 small group programs also have 1 on 1 tutoring included as part of the tutoring support plan, taking advantage of the benefits of both 1 on 1 and small group formats to improve learning outcomes and results for students. This combined approach allows students to get the benefit of comprehensively mastering the syllabus content, increased exam preparation, with targeted 1 on 1 support to address gaps, and provide assessment support.

      On average, students in our Small Group Success Programs that combine both small group and 1 on 1 support improve their marks by 23.3%, a 16% improvement on 1 on 1 support alone.

      With our comprehensive tutoring services, you can choose the option that works best for you and feel confident that you're receiving the support you need to achieve academic success.
    • Who are your tutors? What is their tutoring experience or qualifications?
      Each year we receive over 4,500 applications from tutors, and we take great care in selecting and training our team members to ensure that they are the best at providing the highest quality of instruction and support. Each potential tutor must undergo a rigorous recruitment process, which includes a simulated tutoring session where they must deliver a mock tutoring lesson. This allows us to evaluate their communication skills, content knowledge, and teaching confidence to ensure that they possess the necessary qualities to be effective tutors. In fact, only 1 in 7 tutors who apply with Art of Smart successfully pass our rigorous recruitment process. This means that you can rest assured you’re working with brilliant tutors!

      All of our tutors upon being selected then complete a comprehensive training program that certifies them as an Art of Smart tutor & mentor. This equips them with the foundational knowledge and tools they need to deliver personalised lessons that meet your individual needs.

      With a team of over 600+ tutors and mentors, we pride ourselves on having a highly qualified and experienced team. On average, our team members have achieved an impressive ATAR of 96+. Moreover, we have a significant number of teachers on our team, with others possessing a Bachelor's degree or are studying teaching. All of our tutors have undergone a Working with Children/Blue Card check and hold the necessary certifications to work with children. With our talented and dedicated team, you can feel confident that you're receiving the highest quality of instruction and support to help you achieve your academic goals.
    • Is 1 on 1 tutoring or group tutoring classes better for my child?
      1 on 1 Tutoring:
      - Beneficial for highly motivated students.
      - Suitable for students who can stay focused on their own at home and complete the assigned work in between sessions to maximise time spend during the tutoring session.
      - Effective for targeted assessment support, and filling knowledge gaps from prior topics
      - Recommended for students who are accelerating and wanting to move ahead.
      - Helpful for students who are struggling academically and need personalised attention.
      - Recommended for students who experience anxiety in group settings and are not comfortable asking questions in a group.

      What are the benefits of 1 on 1 Tutoring?
      - Students receive targeted support and individual attention.
      - Focus and accountability are emphasised.
      - Helps fill in knowledge gaps.
      - Provides a comfortable environment for asking questions.

      Small Group Tutoring:
      - Comprehensive explicit syllabus content instruction ensuring students build strong knowledge foundations.
      - These are recommended for students who need accountability and struggle with procrastination as with more time spent with a tutor, students complete more study with us.
      - Effective for exposing students to challenging exam style questions so they can practise difficult questions and get exam ready.
      - Offers opportunities to learn from other students' questions and can lead to higher student energy levels and engagement.
      - Provides a perspective on where the student stands academically compared to peers.
      - Fosters camaraderie and a social learning environment.

      What are the benefits of Small Group Tutoring?
      - Students are held accountable and can complete their work during the session.
      - Encouraged to tackle challenging questions and get exam ready
      - Learn from other students' questions and gain different perspectives.
      - Helps gauge academic standing and reduce overwhelm.
      - Allows for social interaction and camaraderie.
      - Comprehensive explicit content instruction to support strong content knowledge

      The Hybrid Approach (Combining One-on-One and Small Group Tutoring):
      - We offer a hybrid approach that combines the benefits of both tutoring styles.
      - Small group sessions focus on teaching content and working on challenging questions.
      - One-on-one sessions provide personalised attention and help fill knowledge gaps.
      - Offers a chance to ask questions and get extra support in a more individualised setting.
      - Students can move forward in small groups while addressing specific needs in one-on-one sessions.

      Ultimately, the choice between one-on-one tutoring and small group tutoring depends on your child's specific needs, preferences, and learning goals. If your child is highly motivated, needs targeted support, struggles in group settings, or requires individual attention, one-on-one tutoring may be more suitable.

      On the other hand, if your child needs accountability, help with motivation, enjoys learning with peers, and benefits from learning from others, small group tutoring could be the better option. Alternatively, the hybrid approach we offer combines the benefits of both tutoring styles, providing a comprehensive and personalised learning experience for students.
    • How long do 1 on 1 tutoring sessions go for?
      For our 1 on 1 tutoring sessions, they typically run for a minimum of 1 hour. However, for students in Year 11 or Year 12, we would recommend 1.5 to 2-hour sessions per week to cover all of the content they need to learn (both gaps from prior content, and new upcoming content), while also helping them to prepare for upcoming assessments and exams.

      To ensure students are getting the most out of their support with us, we have a discussion with our student and their parents to define their learning goals, in order to identify a recommended tutoring plan that is the right fit for them.
    • Do you provide lesson resources with tutoring?
      As part of our tutoring services, we provide comprehensive state specific syllabus aligned lesson resources across Kindergarten/Prep through to Year 12 to support your learning and help you succeed academically.

      Our lesson resources are carefully created and designed by qualified teachers that align with the NSW, QLD and VIC curriculums and study designs. Whether you need worked examples, notes, sample essays, additional practice problems, study guides, or other materials, we've got you covered with our comprehensive selection of print and online lesson resources covering English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and more!

      We understand that students have different preferences when it comes to learning materials, which is why we offer our resources in both print and online formats.

      Our print materials are designed to be easy to use and convenient, allowing you to study and review the material at your own pace. We are one of the only tutoring organisations to ship printed resource books to your home as part of your tutoring experience.

      Our online resources are also available to help you learn on the go, digitally accessible through the Art of Smart Online learning app, and provide you with the flexibility to access them from anywhere, at any time.
    • Do you conduct assessments when a student starts tutoring?
      Yes, we do conduct assessments so we can build a personalised support plan for each student.

      Our K-6 assessments have been designed by qualified primary school teachers and are aligned to the national curriculum. These assessments across English and Maths provide both our tutor and yourself as a parent with a clear understanding of which outcomes your child is excelling at, and which ones they will need more support in. Your Art of Smart tutor will also ask to see any recent school reports, or NAPLAN results, and then use all of this to tailor the tutoring support to help your child achieve their best.

      7-12: Kickstarter Session
      Across Year 7-12, our tutors conduct an initial Kickstarter Session with students that focuses on identifying a student's goals for school, their current progress in the subject on recent assessments and school reports and the particular challenges the student is experiencing. Additionally, given our holistic approach, our tutors also identify a student’s current study routines, study strategies for the subject, and any other study related challenges they may be experiencing which is also impacting their ability to excel. Our tutor will then develop a suggested lesson plan and focus to help the student both with the academic content of the subject, and their study approach to help improve their results.
    • How do you monitor student progress in tutoring?
      Tracking how a student is progressing with their learning is essential to understanding where we can better support them. We do this through:

      - Regular feedback check-ins with parents after your first lesson with a tutor, and throughout the school year
      - Lesson reports from your tutor after every lesson with engagement, homework completion, key lesson objectives and important feedback for a parent
      - Weekly Quizzes, termly topic tests, and end of year mock exams to provide students with exam preparation and identify student progress and opportunities for targeted support.
    • How often do lessons occur?
      Our small group tutoring classes are held weekly and in duration:

      - Year 3 to Year 4: 1 hour
      - Year 7 to Year 10: 1.5 hours
      - Year 11 to Year 12: 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours

      For 1 on 1 sessions, we recommend having weekly lessons, but these can be flexible and tailored to your needs. On average, students who have weekly 1.5 hour tutoring lessons over a school year see a mark improvement of over 20%!