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Tutoring Liverpool has made a difference in the lives of our students since being established in 2009. We continue to gift students with increased confidence in themselves and their abilities from having operated for over 10 years now!

Tutoring Liverpool is composed of a diverse and specialised team of stellar tutors, that 93% of our customers confirm have been able to step up their academic achievements.

Tutoring Liverpool where you can expect the best

Here at Art of Smart we take pride in the way we select our Tutors Liverpool, through a strict and rigorous process, to make sure you get the best value for your time and money every time you choose to book a session with our amazing tutoring Liverpool team. 

We receive stellar reviews from the vast majority of our customers, and that is no coincidence, given our extensive selection process. Tutors have to meet a variety of criteria before they can be considered to be an integral part of the tutoring Liverpool team. 

Our high expectations for Tutoring Liverpool students 

Our tutoring Liverpool team is made up of strong, reliable and independent tutors Liverpool, that have to have reached a minimum ATAR of 90 after the completion of their final exams. This is to ensure that each and every one of the students we take on can reach their full potential and benefit from those tutors Liverpool who are true masters in the subjects they teach. 

Furthermore, we hire tutors who are specialised, meaning they excel at a particular branch of their chosen subject: as an example, we have three different sets of amazing tutors Liverpool for Standard, Advanced, and Extension Mathematics. This ensures a truly tailored experience, so students feel they can rely on a mentor that directly tackles the subject area they have requested help in, and knows the ins and outs of a particular set of topics or modules. Through these rigid prerequisites, we attempt to minimise the times when students end up mis-matched with their tutors Liverpool.

Primary Schools
High Schools

Liverpool Public School

Marsden Road Public School

Liverpool West Public School

Mount Pritchard East Public School

All Saints Catholic College

Warwick Farm Public School

Casula Public School

St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School

Heckenberg Public School

Casula Public School

Lurnea Public School

Miller Public School

Liverpool Girls High School

Ashcroft High School

All Saints Catholic College

Lurnea High School

Casula High School

Moorebank High School

Cabramatta High School

Miller Technology High School

Liverpool Boys High School

John Edmondson High School

Fairfield High School

Sarah Redfern High School

Cecil Hills High School

Tutoring Liverpool students with expertly-made resources

No matter what subjects you need help with, we’ve got the right resources to help you achieve your goals. We can assist you in subjects such as English, Science, Maths, HSIE, or even more specific subjects if you’re in Year 11 or 12. 

Our resources are crafted according to the NSW Curriculum, following the various syllabuses to a tee in order to cover all the relevant content you learn in the classroom. You’ll be able to access physical copies of our resources or view them online with our Liverpool tutoring!

Our Liverpool tutors double up as mentors

At Art of Smart, we strive to make sure that each of our unique and amazing tutors Liverpool become proper mentors to our students. This is to say that, despite our services being primarily school-focused, students can open up about other challenges that arise in the difficult and complicated period of high school, not just to do with maths questions and english essays. 

All in all, our tutors Liverpool strive to help students increase their confidence in themselves, and not shy away from challenges, becoming self-driven and motivated, and making them able to decide their own path forward after high school. That’s what our stellar tutoring Liverpool team is here for. 

Resources? Look no further than Tutoring Liverpool

Art of Smart sets itself apart from other tutoring services for many reasons, a principal one being our complete and original subject-based resources. Our tutoring Liverpool resources mimic the syllabus, in the sense that they offer a complete overview of both theory and practice from each syllabus point for a given subject and level. 

Tutoring Liverpool resources are original, and can be easily implemented into our students’ learning, as an additional set of materials to your school’s, to help you gain a more holistic and solid grasps of concepts, questions, and exams. What’s more, is that our tutoring Liverpool resources do not come at a further cost than that of our tutoring services. This essentially means you’ll have full and complete access to our tutoring Liverpool resources the moment you sign up with us for a tutoring lesson. And to top it all off, you’ll receive access to all Art of Smart tutoring Liverpool resources, not just the ones that pertain to the subject and level you are studying with us.

Tutoring Liverpool for locals, done by locals

With our tutors Liverpool, we know the place like our own backyard. Prefer having lessons at one of our campuses in Hornsby or the Hills? At Liverpool City Library? Online? Or perhaps in your very own home? Whatever your preferred spot is, we’ll sure be there.  

The Art of Smart tutoring Liverpool team is equipped with the latest and most up to date resources, so that we can guide your process step by step with our masterclass tutoring. 

Tutoring Liverpool means consistency and originality

But what is it specifically that makes Art of Smart tutoring Liverpool resources stand out from the crowd? There are a few ways in which our tutoring resources set themselves apart from others, and in which they provide a valuable asset of complementary tools to help you further increase your confidence and push you to strive towards your best. 

Firstly, each one of our Art of Smart resources is crafted by a passionate team of educators, tutors and teachers, with decades of experience behind them. This helps tutors Liverpool make sure you are set up for a good, reliable start in your journey with us. Furthermore, you can always count on the help of your expert Art of Smart tutors Liverpool to guide you through the resources step by step, so you’ll have someone you can count on to take you every step of the way. 

Tutoring Liverpool resources, an advantage worth counting on

Another awesome advantage to consider is the structure of our resources. Art of Smart tutoring Liverpool resources are jam packed with practice questions, to help you gauge exactly where you are with your understanding, according to both the syllabus and your own capabilities. When you use our resources in conjunction with tutoring, you’ll not only have a greater holistic grasp of the concept and questions you’ll be tested on in your exams, but you’ll also be better placed to face real exam questions, as Art of Smart models its resources on past papers. 

Ever been worried sick about which questions will come up in an exam, or which topics will be present in your timed essays? We can surely guarantee you have, and we understand these commonalities perfectly. This is why Art of Smart resources are designed to eliminate uncertainty from the equation, to give you the best chance we can to achieve your intended results and goals.

Depended on by thousands of families, rated 4.9 ⭐️!

Our Tutoring Liverpool Locations

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Customised Study Plans for Every Subject

Regardless of your year level, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: K-6

    With our Liverpool tutoring for primary school students, we aim to build a solid foundation in crucial subjects, enhancing their self-confidence and preparing them for secondary education.

    K-6 Maths

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Measurement
    • Space
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 3 and 5

    K-6 English

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Spelling
    • Vocabulary
    • Hand Writing
    • Comprehension
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 3 and 5

    K-6 Science and Technology

    • Earth and space science
    • Biological science
    • Physical science
    • Chemical science
    • Digital technologies
  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    In our Liverpool tutoring, our program for Year 7-10 students is structured to provide them with the confidence and knowledge required for success in high school. This approach helps close any potential knowledge gaps and reinforces their grasp of the NSW curriculum content, ensuring a strong foundation as they progress to Year 11-12.

    7-10 Maths

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Measurement
    • Space
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 7 and 9

    7-10 English

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Literacy
    • Language
    • Literature
    • Textual Analysis
    • Essay Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 7 and 9

    7-10 Science

    • Scientific skills
    • Earth and space science
    • Biological science
    • Physical science
    • Chemical science

    7-10 Humanities

    • Geography
    • History
    • Commerce
    • Languages
  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    In Liverpool tutoring, our program designed for Year 11-12 students is centered on assisting them in attaining a thorough grasp of the NSW Curriculum content throughout their senior years. This preparation results in exceptional performance in internal assessments and the final HSC exams, empowering students to optimise their ATARs and expand their choices for higher education.

    Year 11-12 Maths

    • Mathematics Standard
    • Mathematics Advanced
    • Mathematics Extension 1
    • Mathematics Extension 2

    11-12 English

    • English Standard
    • English Advanced
    • English Extension 1
    • English Extension 2
    • EAL/D
    • Textual Analysis
    • Essay Writing
    • Creative Writing

    11-12 Science

    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry

    11-12 Humanities

    • Geography
    • Ancient History
    • Modern History
    • Legal Studies
    • Business Studies
    • Economics
    • Visual Arts
    • PDHPE
  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    Students from Year 7 to 12 can enrol in our Pathfinder Program. This program imparts valuable study strategies that promote effective learning, minimise distractions, boost motivation, establish productive study routines, and encourage a more relaxed approach to exams.

    Drawing upon our extensive decade-long research, during which we closely collaborated with high-achieving students nationwide, the Pathfinder Program is customised to assist students in Liverpool by:

    • Motivation and Goal Setting
    • Time Management
    • Study Planning and Scheduling
    • Organisation Skills
    • Managing Procrastination
    • Minimising Distractions
    • How to Write Study Notes
    • How to Study for Specific Subjects
    • How to Prepare for Exams and Assessments
    • How to Minimise Stress
    • How to Balance Extra-Curricular Activities with School

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Tutors Liverpool are not just tutors, but well and truly mentors

There is nothing that our tutors can’t teach you about the subject you’ve chosen to get help with. However, you shouldn’t mistake our tutors as just mere tutors. Art of Smart tutors are mentors that can guide you through any worries, questions or misunderstandings you may have about the next phase in your life after school, as well as during school. 

Whether this is university concerns, trying to select your degree, choosing whether or not to have university as the very next step in your life, guiding you through tricky stressful situations inside and outside of school, or even trying to find school-life balance, we are here for you.