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K-12 Tutoring Burwood

With 13 years of experience in the education industry, Art of Smart is known for our award-winning 1 to 1 Burwood tutoring services for all subjects, including English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and more!

With over 450+ reviews on Google, with a rating over 4.8 out of 5, we have a proven track record over the last 13 years supporting students get confidence, and improve their marks by 20% on average!

Access to NSW Curriculum-Aligned Resources

Our tutoring team in Burwood offers extensive K-12 resources for all subjects in BOTH print and online formats, guaranteeing that all our content covers all aspects of the NSW curriculum.

With a team of top tutors, including 98+ ATAR scorers, Masters and PhD students, you’ll work with a subject expert, who can make the complex easy to understand! We support students from a number of local schools to achieve their goals with our Burwood Tutoring team. 

1 on 1 or small group Burwood tutoring for K-12 in your home or online

Our Burwood Tutoring team is made up of Burwood locals just like you! So, we are adept in navigating ourselves around the area to deliver lessons at your own home, at Burwood library or even online, across both 1 on 1 and small group formats. How convenient does that sound? 

With no booking fees, or contracts, and over 250,000+ hours of tutoring experience, you can confidently get started with proven tutoring that works, and cancel at any time! 

Relied on by countless households and rated 4.9 ⭐️!

Our Tutoring Burwood Locations

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Customised Learning Programs for All Subjects

Regardless of your year level, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: K-6

    With our primary school Burwood tutoring, we assist students in establishing a strong foundation in essential subject areas of English, Maths, Science and Technology, boosting their self-assurance and readiness for high school.

  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    Our Burwood tutoring for students in Year 7-10 aims to equip students with the confidence and knowledge needed to excel in high school, preventing any potential knowledge gaps as they prepare for Year 11-12 and ensuring a strong understanding of the NSW curriculum content for Maths, English, Sciences and Humanities.

  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    Our Burwood tutoring program for Year 11-12 is designed to help students achieve mastery of the NSW Curriculum content in their senior years, leading to exceptional performance in internal assessments and final HSC exams. This ultimately enables students to maximise their ATAR and broaden their university options.

    We can provide support in various levels of Maths and English, and also within different Science and Humanities subjects.

  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    Year 7-12 students can benefit from our Pathfinder Program, which offers effective study techniques to study smarter, reduce distractions, stay motivated, develop strong study habits, and approach exams with reduced stress.

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Your Go-To Tutoring Burwood Service

If you’re looking for a well qualified tutor for any K-12 subject, we’ve got you!

Since our start in 2009, Art of Smart’s Burwood tutoring team has built a track record of supporting many K-12 students to excel in almost every subject, including English, Mathematics, Science, History – you name it! 

So, whether you just started Kindergarten or need help preparing for your HSC trials exam, our tutoring Burwood team is happy to assist you, no matter which level you’re at with your study.

With over 500 tutors on our Art of Smart team, we can find an experienced and passionate Burwood tutor for you, so you don’t have to exhaust yourself to look for one. Our amazing tutors are also equipped with state-of-the-art resources that cover all parts of the NSW NESA curriculum, so we leave no gaps behind in your learning process!

What Makes Our Burwood Tutoring Special?

Our 1 on 1 tutoring Burwood services prioritize a holistic approach that targets your performance both in school and outside of school to help shape you into an all-round high achiever. 

We have completed over 10 years worth of research with Australia’s top students to provide you with effective study tips that teach you how to achieve a healthy work-life-study balance to minimise stress during exams. Plus, our Burwood tutoring team is also well qualified to mentor you about life after school, along with the key skills that will be highly useful in your future university and career journey. 

How do we recruit our Burwood Tutoring team?

For you, we do our best to find the most exceptional tutors to ensure you receive an amazing tutoring experience that’s tailored to your needs and goals. All members of our Burwood Tutoring team must successfully pass our exhaustive employment process to become part of our award-winning staff. 

To join us, our tutoring Burwood applicants must attend a 60-minute interview where they may be asked to deliver a mock-lesson where they are assessed based on their expertise in the subject, teaching techniques, communication skills and their ability to connect with their audiences.

We also ask our tutoring Burwood candidates about their hobbies and interests, so we can better match students with a compatible tutor who can also act as an exceptional role model. This ensures that lessons with our Burwood tutors are fun and engaging, as you’re able to connect with them and build long lasting relationships with your tutor. 

Through professional development workshops, our Burwood tutors are also well-trained to be an inspirational mentor, who can guide you through your journey in school and life after school. 

Our tutoring Burwood applicants must also meet the minimum academic requirements as well as be registered with an official Working with Children Check and National Police check, so we can ensure that our tutoring Burwood services are validated. 

Ultimately, we do the hard work of trialing loads of candidates so you don’t have to. Our intense recruitment process means that only 1 in 8 applicants out of thousands are accepted each year. So, you can be assured that every one of our Burwood tutoring team members are highly certified with our exclusive seal of approval. 

Convenient Tutoring Burwood

At Art of Smart, our Burwood Tutoring team values your convenience. We offer you the flexibility to choose between in person lessons at your own home or online classes, depending on which best suits you and your family’s timetable. 

All you have to do is give us a call! Along with your preferred time and date, we will also ask questions about your academic needs, goals and interest before delving into our list of available tutors to find one who is compatible with you. 

In less than 24 hours, a match from our Burwood tutoring team will contact you to organise an exact time and date for your first lesson together. They may also ask you questions about your key areas of concern to get you started right off the bat with a tailored tutoring experience. 

In person Tutoring Burwood

If you feel that face to face tutoring works best for you, our Burwood Tutoring team members are happy to travel to your home or even to the local library! This is good news for you and your family, as you don’t have to waste time traveling around. 

Online Tutoring Burwood

On the other hand, if online classes are the way to go for you, our Burwood Tutoring team is also well adept in delivering classes through online avenues! 

Most of our Burwood tutoring members use live Zoom video calls to deliver online classes. To imitate a real life classroom setting, we use fun and interactive features such as Whiteboard, screen sharing, chat and file-sharing platforms so you can actively participate in discussions, questions and activities like you would in person! 

To get you set up, your Burwood tutor will send you a weekly Zoom link, which you will use to jump onto online lessons with one click. Your Burwood tutor will also teach you how to access our online resource library in our Art of Smart app to use during lessons or for homework, so you can refine your knowledge and skills outside of lessons too!

In-Depth Tutoring Burwood Resources for All K-12 Subjects

At Art of Smart, we take pride in our ultra comprehensive Burwood Tutoring Resources which encompass every K-12 subject under the NSW NESA curriculum. Our leading team of expert teachers and tutors have specially designed each one of our K-12 resources for every subject, which is available in both print and online format. 

To ensure fully customized lessons, your Burwood tutor will pick and choose which Burwood tutoring resources are most effective for your education, with consideration of your academic goals, your learning style and your areas of improvement. 

These Burwood tutoring resources are tailored to the K-12 subject you are being tutored for. If you are being mentored for English, you may find sample essays, past exam papers and even skill-building activities for creative writing and essay writing in these workbooks. On the contrary, if you are being tutored for Science, you will see written and visual explanations of complex concepts, practice activities and also past exam questions to refine your proficiency in this subject. 

Tutoring Burwood that Targets Your Needs

Our Burwood Tutoring team will make sure to incorporate your input while we identify what type of support you need with your chosen K-12 subject. 

Your Burwood tutor may choose to use a diagnostic test or look at your previous assessment marks to understand your strengths, your current progress and areas of improvement so they use this to plan future lessons and ensure that you excel brilliantly on a holistic level.