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“When we looked around for tutoring to extend Jacob, all the options seemed to be attending a classroom to learn from a computer program! We chose Art of Smart because of the holistic approach and Keith our tutor has been fantastic! He’s rebuilt Jacob’s self-confidence such that Jacob got a high Band 8 for English in his Year 9 NAPLAN and doesn’t have to re-sit any test!”

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I’ve been so impressed! I’m a highschool teacher myself and am picky, but Art of Smart’s tutors know what they are doing! They are all fantastic communicators! They keep me in the loop as a parent telling me the plan of attack,what they’ve worked on and what they are doing! Paige has improved by 15% in English and critically is feeling so much more confident, and Aiden has turned around his least favourite subject Chemistry which he hated so that he’s now in striking range of a Band 6!”

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“We we looking for a mentor and a role model figure for Sam, and wanted to provide a safe and comfortable environment for Nicholas to ask questions! Tutoring with Art of Smart provided both of these for our boys! Sam built a fantastic relationship with his mentor Morgan, and tutoring has given Nicholas the confidence and extra learning support he needed, such that he got a Band 9 in Maths for his NAPLAN!”

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“We love Art of Smart’s philosophy for tutoring and mentoring! Both our tutors, Angelyn and Alex are fantastic role models for my kids, Jason and Ann-Marie. They are so hard working, dedicated and have made learning fun! Ann-Marie now has a strong essay structure and Jason is developing his ability to expand on his ideas for English so that both of them are ready for Year 12!”

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“We were recommended to get in touch with Art of Smart by a Maths teacher and  while we started off with Maths, Morgan, our Art of Smart coach was much more than just a tutor – he was a mentor! It wasn’t just about Maths, but also helping Lachlan across all his subjects, in terms of how to approach subjects, strategies and how to navigate high school. Sessions were also flexible and tailored to Lachlan’s specifics needs which was fantastic!”

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“Emelia has always struggled with Maths, and with juggling young kids and being a taxi-driver for them all, we were looking for someone who could come to us. We’d heard about Art of Smart from a friend, and very quickly we knew we’d made the right choice when Emelia felt comfortable and confident to start asking questions! Helen our AOS tutor is full of encouragement and patience and is such an amazing support to Emelia!”

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