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Over the last decade we’ve helped students in Brisbane from Prep to Year 12 with holistic tutoring for Maths in all levels, from General Maths, Specialist Maths, and Maths Methods.

On average, the students we support with Maths tutoring Brisbane improve their marks by 20.7% and a staggering 93% of our customers believe that their Art of Smart tutors’ approach in Maths tutoring has led to their child to feel more confident!

Primary Schools
High Schools

All Saints Primary School

Ascot State Primary School

Brisbane Christian College

Hendra State School

Holy Family Primary School

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls Primary School

St Pius X Primary School

Chapel Hill State School

Newmarket State School

Mitchelton State School

Brisbane State School

Norman Park State School

Indooroopilly State School

Norman Park State School

Mount Gravatt State High School

Kenmore State High School

Brisbane South State Secondary

Mount Alvernia College

Loreto College

Queensland Academy for Science, Maths & Technology

Marist College Ashgrove

Sunnybank State High School

Everton Park State High School

Albany Creek State High School

Clayfield College

Indooroopilly State High School

St. Peter’s Lutheran College

Mount St Michael’s College

Maths tutors in Brisbane with extensive knowledge of the QLD curriculum

We have a team of highly skilled Maths Tutors in Brisbane comprising 98+ ATAR scorers and qualified teachers, who specialise in all the different Maths levels in Queensland. All our tutors are equipped with tailored lessons and resources designed to help Brisbane students master key numeracy skills and assessments based on the QLD curriculum. 

We offer personalised 1-on-1 support, either face-to-face or online, in your local area or home. Our Maths tutoring Brisbane services have supported students from schools across Brisbane and Queensland.

Our Maths tutoring Brisbane works around your schedule for maximum flexibility

You can choose to have your Art of Smart Maths Brisbane tutor meet with you in person, online, or at a local library, including the State Library of Queensland. No matter what level of P-12 Maths you need help with, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you need help with weekly sessions, exam preparation, General, Specialist or Maths Methods, our team can create a tailored plan just for you. You can adjust your level of support as needed with no contracts or booking fees!

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We Support All Levels of QLD Curriculum Maths

From P-10 through to Year 11-12 we’ve got you covered! 

  • P-10
  • General Maths
  • Maths Methods
  • Specialist Maths
  • P-10: QLD Curriculum Maths

    Our P-10 Maths tutoring Brisbane supports students develop strong understanding across the key strands of content, as well as developing their confidence with mathematical problem solving so they can be ready for both high school, and Year 11-12.

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Measurement
    • Space
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 3, 5, 7 and 9
  • General Maths: Year 11-12

    We support Year 11-12 students with General Maths across Number and algebra, Measurement and geometry, Statistics, and Networks and matrices, building on the content of the P–10 QLD Curriculum.

    Unit 1: Money Measurement and Relations

    • Topic 1: Consumer Arithmetic
    • Topic 2: Shape and Measurement
    • Topic 3:  Linear Equations and their Graphs

    Unit 2: Applied Trigonometry, Algebra, Matrices, and Univariate Data

    • Topic 1: Applications of trigonometry
    • Topic 2: Algebra and matrices
    • Topic 3: Univariate data analysis

    Unit 3: Bivariate data, sequences and change, and Earth Geometry

    • Topic 1: Bivariate data analysis
    • Topic 2: Time series analysis
    • Topic 3: Growth and decay in sequences
    • Topic 4: Earth geometry and time zones

    Unit 4: Investing and Networking

    • Topic 1: Loans, investments and annuities
    • Topic 2: Graphs and networks
    • Topic 3: Networks and decision mathematics


  • Maths Methods: Year 11-12

    Our Year 11-12 Maths tutoring Brisbane supports students with Mathematical Methods across the core topics of algebra, functions, relations and their graphs, calculus and statistics.

    Unit 1: Algebra, Statistics and Functions

    • Topic 1: Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series 1
    • Topic 2: Functions and graphs
    • Topic 3: Counting and probability
    • Topic 4: Exponential functions 1
    • Topic 5: Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series 2

    Unit 2: Calculus and further functions

    • Topic 1: Exponential functions 2
    • Topic 2: The logarithmic function 1
    • Topic 3: Trigonometric functions 1
    • Topic 4: Introduction to differential calculus
    • Topic 5: Further differentiation and applications 1
    • Topic 6: Discrete random variables 1

    Unit 3: Further Calculus

    • Topic 1: The logarithmic function 2
    • Topic 2: Further differentiation and applications 2
    • Topic 3: Integrals

    Unit 4: Further functions and statistics

    • Topic 1: Further differentiation and application 3
    • Topic 2: Trigonometric functions 2
    • Topic 3: Discrete random variables 2
    • Topic 4: Continuous random variables and the normal distribution
    • Topic 5: Interval estimates for proportions
  • Specialist Maths: Year 11-12

    For students taking Specialist Mathematics, we help you build your mastery across vectors and matrices, real and complex numbers, trigonometry, statistics and calculus so you can ace your IA's and External Assessment!

    Unit 1: Combinatorics, vectors and proof

    • Topic 1: Combinatorics
    • Topic 2: Vectors in the plane
    • Topic 3: Introduction to proof

    Unit 2: Complex numbers, trigonometry, functions and matrices

    • Topic 1: Complex numbers 1
    • Topic 2: Trigonometry and functions
    • Topic 3: Matrices

    Unit 3: Mathematical induction, and further vectors, matrices and complex numbers

    • Topic 1: Proof by mathematical induction
    • Topic 2: Vectors and matrices
    • Topic 3: Complex numbers 2

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Develop your problem-solving skills

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Learn all the important Maths formulas

With step by step worked examples and explanations

Master challenging questions

Through getting exposed to hard questions in practice with your tutor

Build your numerical literacy

By learning how to break down questions into simple steps

Excel in Maths assessments

With tailored practice questions and a proven Maths study plan

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