How Ashim Went From Band 1 to Band 5 Maths Results and Got into University

📈 50% Mark Improvement in HSC Maths Advanced

One year of hard work with tutor Tom helped Ashim double his marks after failing Year 11. 

😎 Learned How to Avoid Silly Mistakes with Practise

Ashim started to make note of his errors and resolve each one to avoid losing easy marks.

🎓 Dream Course BA Science at University of Sydney

Ashim met the maths prerequisite he needed to get into the University of Sydney.

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The Challenge

Even though Ashim hadn’t expected an amazing result for his final Year 11 Maths Advanced exam, he was in for a wake-up call after getting 35%. Ashim hadn’t paid much attention to Maths that year, but thought he could scrape together the marks he needed for university. However, to get into his dream course at the University of Sydney, Ashim had to get a Band 4 in HSC Maths. That meant he needed to double his marks in one year! 


Ashim felt overwhelmed by the amount of content he needed to relearn from Year 11. Because each topic was building on top of each other, he didn’t feel ready to dive into Year 12 content. Ashim decided to reach out to Art of Smart for guidance! 

I wasn’t really paying attention in Maths, I didn’t have a general interest in it but I was just hoping that I could wing it and get the best I could. But then after I got that result, it finally hit me.

Key Problems

😵‍💫 Ashim had skipped over key concepts in Year 11 and had to relearn content 

🚨 Ashim wasn’t doing regular practise for Maths and didn’t have a study schedule 

🏃 Ashim was making lots of silly mistakes and didn’t take time to understand his errors 

Our Approach

Ashim started in our HSC Maths Advanced Success Program that ran once a week. This commitment held Ashim accountable and helped him put in the work. For 1-2 hours each day, he tackled a mix of past papers, textbook questions, and catch-up Year 11 content. Ashim logged his mistakes and redid them until he understood how to avoid the same errors in the future. As he worked through past papers, Ashim used exam conditions so that time management wouldn’t be an issue for the HSC exam. 

Tom supported Ashim as he made his way through the Year 11 concepts he struggled with. During class, Tom reviewed Ashim’s work, answered his questions and provided extra resources. 


  • Catching up on Year 11 
  • Accountability 
  • Avoiding silly mistakes 
  • Exam time management 


  • Relearning with tutor 
  • 1 hour of maths per day 
  • Redoing mistakes 
  • Past papers 

Relearning Content with Tutor

1 Hour of Maths Practice per Day

Redoing Mistakes

Past Papers 

The Result

After a year of tutoring classes with Tom, Ashim managed to double his maths marks! 

He was able to meet the prerequisite he needed for university and received entry into a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Physics at the University of Sydney. 


Increase in Maths results


Final HSC Result


Student rating of tutors’ ability to clearly explain concepts


Average increase in marks through class tutoring 

With Art of Smart, Ashim saw a 50% improvement in HSC Maths Advanced.

It was very supportive. It wasn’t like when you didn’t know stuff you were scared to ask. It was just a very open environment. There were a lot of skill levels. It didn’t matter if you were the top of your class or failing like I was, you could come and get the support you needed.

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