How Campbell Doubled his Maths Marks in Just a Few Weeks!

📈 Mark Improvement of 30%

Campbell created greater connections between different concepts to increase his understanding.

💪 Increased Motivation

Campbell’s motivation increased once he realised how to approach questions and answer them correctly.

🤩 Newfound Confidence

Campbell learnt to ask questions and seek help on areas he was struggling with.

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The Challenge

Campbell’s experience with Maths had been a rocky one and he’d never placed much importance on it until it became a prerequisite for his desired university.  Campbell’s marks weren’t the strongest however he had a really good support network that encouraged him to keep going. Despite this, Campbell received a disappointing 30% during his HSC Trials which meant he had to get help to turn his marks around quickly.

I’ve struggled with Maths pretty much most of my schooling life. I considered dropping quite a few times with the papers ready to drop too. When I saw the 30%, I was ready to give up.

Key Problems

😒 Campbell had never really liked Maths and found it difficult to keep going when he received bad marks

🧩 Campbell looked at questions individually rather than conceptually and so wasn’t effectively correcting his mistakes

😩 Campbell needed to complete HSC Advanced Maths as a prerequisite for entry into his desired university  

Our Approach

Campbell started working with Tiana who identified that Campbell’s best bet for attaining marks was in the first half of his maths paper. As a result, Campbell primarily focused on completing and developing accuracy in questions at the beginning of past papers. Additionally, Tiana was helping Campbell draw connections between seemingly difference questions and gain a better understanding of maths concepts. By creating a comfortable environment, Campbell felt like he could ask for help at any time rather than silently struggling.


Maximising easy marks

Improving overall performance and exam marks

Understanding key maths concepts 



Practicing first sections of exams

Identifying question patterns and reviewing key concepts

Completing practice questions and feedback loop

Inspirational Tutor

Targeted practice

Improved accuracy in answers

Increased confidence

The Result

Campbell made a massive 30% improvement in the HSC which was actually double his trial marks! In such a short amount of time, Campbell gained a new level of confidence, learnt to ask for help and seek guidance with tricky questions. Overall, his understanding of HSC Advanced Maths was strengthened and solidified with practice and support from Tiana. By developing a strategic approach to his exam with Tiana and committed practice, Campbell was able to go from a Band 1 to a Band 3 in just a few weeks.


mark improvement


marks in just a few weeks


Of customers believe our tutors build great rapport


Of customers increased their confidence

With Art of Smart, Campbell doubled his marks in just a few weeks

Working with Tiana I could ask questions and not feel judged, the way she went about it really suited my perspective as I view maths differently so her keying into that was really helpful.

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