How Maddy Boosted Her Marks by 40% To Meet Her Maths Prerequisite for Uni!

📈 Mark improvement of 40% in HSC Maths

From 30% in her first Advanced Maths Assessment, Maddy received a Band 4 in her HSC, boosting her marks by 40%.

✏️ Collaborative study sessions

Maddy would get distracted by friends in class, but learnt to turn this into collaborative study sessions. 

🎮 Early Entry into Macquarie University Game Design

Advanced Maths was a prerequisite for Maddy, so working to boost her marks gave her early entry into Game Design! 

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The Challenge

Maddy had never had a particular aptitude for maths and was easily distracted by her best friend in class – as a result, she didn’t really study for maths or do very well. However when Maddy found out her dream course had a maths prerequisite, it quickly became a greater concern. After receiving a mark of only 38%, well under the required prerequisite, Maddy decided it was time to get help.

I’ve never been that good at Maths and getting that mark was not a great feeling but I knew I wanted to stick to Advanced Maths because it was one of the subjects I needed for my goal!

Key Problems

➗ Maddy’s dream course had a maths prerequisite which meant if she didn’t get her marks up she wouldn’t be able to receive entry

👯 Maddy wasn’t using her class time as effectively as she could have. When she probably should’ve been asking her teacher questions, she was getting distracted by her best friend!

🥱 Maddy had never really enjoyed maths and wasn’t bothered to spend as much time on it, always only completing the bare minimum

Our Approach

Maddy started attending Tom’s tutoring classes in which students were allowed to go at their own pace, work with others and get help on their weak areas. This flexible structure really helped Maddy actually understand what questions were asking instead of leaving her feeling rushed and stressed. Within the clases, Tom would set challenging questions so that students’ first exposure was not in exams. By doing so, Maddy could raise any questions or confusion and get clarification right away!


Methods for study

Improving assessment marks

Meeting maths prerequisites

Understanding maths concepts




Completing challenge questions 

Study sessions with friends

Filing holes in maths foundations

Exposure in class and question time

Inspirational Tutor

Weekly Study Plan

Practice questions

Building a foundation

The Result

After receiving help from Tom and utilising her peers, Maddy went from getting around 30% in Year 11 to receiving a Band 4 at the end of her HSC! This meant Maddy met her prerequisite and could get into her dream degree as well as ensured she’d have a stronger foundation going in


Mark improvement


Increase in all results


Of customers believe our tutors build great rapport


Of customers increased their confidence

With Art of Smart Maddy improved her marks by 40% and fulfilled her Maths prerequisite for uni.

Class was a lot of fun, Tom brought a lot of energy and passion to Maths which I’ve never seen in any other person. 

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