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Research-backed tutoring Brisbane for any P-12 Subject

Art of Smart has built a strong reputation over the past 13 years for providing holistic and expert tutoring Brisbane for all P-12 subjects, such as English, Maths, Science, History and more! From working with the Top 2% of students nationally, our tutoring Brisbane approach is informed by over a decade of research on how to best support any student achieve their best!

Our results show that the unique holistic approach our Brisbane tutors use really works! With 40% of our students scoring an ATAR over 95, and 7 in 10 scoring an A result, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice in Brisbane tutoring support!

Our Brisbane Tutoring students excel at school and develop their confidence

We’ve discovered that the key is to approach studying holistically! So here at Art of Smart, we make sure your tutoring Brisbane lessons will help you grow both inside and outside the classroom. 

In addition to comprehensive tutoring, your tutor will provide you with outstanding mentoring to help you develop your study techniques, master time management, avoid burnout and earn your fun! This way you’ll learn how to stay healthy and prioritise your mental and physical health while excelling at school. 

How we provide holistic and personalised tutoring Brisbane 

To make sure you’re receiving top-notch holistic tutoring Brisbane, our tutors work hard to individualise every lesson based on your personal needs! Regardless of whether you’re looking for Preparatory Maths, Year 4 English, or QCE Legal Studies, your tutor has got you covered. Our Brisbane tutoring team is supported by comprehensive training and resources so that they’re equipped to provide you with subject-specific and tailored tutoring for all levels and grades. 

Every tutoring Brisbane lesson is carefully designed by your tutor based on your personal goals and needs. Your tutor will spend the first 5 minutes of each session chatting with you to figure out your goals, challenging topics, upcoming assignments, and homework. For the remainder of the lesson, they’ll make sure to make these goals and tasks top-priority by unpacking difficult topics and taking a deep dive into practice questions and feedback on homework or assessments. 

Your tutor will also end each Brisbane tutoring lesson with a review of main actions for the rest of the week and some key strategies to help you work towards your academic goals while staying healthy. So no matter what you’re looking for, our Art of Smart tutoring Brisbane will make it happen with a completely personalised experience for any P-12 subject!

Primary Schools
High Schools

Aspley East State School

Gumdale State School

Ferny Grove State School

Bracken Ridge State School

Enoggera State School

Bald Hills State School

Graceville State School

Sunnybank Hills State School

Ormiston College

Rainworth State School

Indooroopilly State School

Holy Family Primary School

St Ambrose’s Primary School

Brisbane State High School

Kedron State High School

Marsden State High School

Albany Creek State High School

Ferny Grove State High School

The Gap State High School

Pine Rivers State High School

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

Northside Christian College

John Paul College

Mansfield State High School

Moreton Bay College

Unlock your academic potential with QCAA Curriculum Experts

Rely on our Brisbane tutoring team of QCAA Curriculum experts to provide effective lessons that align with your subject’s syllabus requirements. With an Art of Smart tutor, you’ll gain exclusive access to updated QCAA Curriculum resources for all major P-12 subjects!

You’ll work with some incredible Brisbane tutors, including 95+ ATAR scorers, QCE Honour Roll graduates, Masters & Phd students and more, all who have had extensive training in our holistic Art of Smart teaching approach! Take a look at some of the Brisbane schools we’ve helped students achieve their goals in! 

Receive Brisbane tutoring with our carefully recruited tutoring team

Our team of incredible tutors are highly qualified and well-equipped to support you with your personal and academic goals. We ensure that all our tutors are the very best through our rigorous recruitment process! 

Our Art of Smart recruitment team will assess every tutor applicant through a 1-hour interview where applicants are required to teach a mock-lesson so that we can evaluate their communication skills, teaching ability, and subject expertise. This means we carefully select tutors who are amazing communicators with the ability to connect with students and make learning engaging, fun and relevant. 

Not only are our tutors fantastic communicators, they’re also high achievers and excellent role models with 98+ ATARs and subject expertise. So when you choose to work with one of our Brisbane tutoring teachers, you can feel confident that you’re being supported by the best of the best!

Our tutors are also required to have a valid Working With Children Check and undergo training from us to help them deliver holistic tutoring lessons in a safe and welcoming learning environment. 

Why work with an Art of Smart tutor for Brisbane tutoring lessons?

When it comes to our tutoring Brisbane lessons, we don’t just personalise lessons to suit your goals and requirements. We also carefully match you with an expert tutor who understands you and will build a good rapport with you! 

During your very first phone call with us, we ask you all about your child’s learning style, hobbies, interests, and what they find difficult. We also ask you a bit about when and where you would like to receive Art of Smart tutoring Brisbane. Based on this information, we then thoughtfully select from our vast range of tutors to find one who will help your child’s development the most. 

When matching you with a tutor, we take into account the tutor’s career path, personality, hobbies and availability so that we can find one who is a perfect match for you! This way you will receive tutoring Brisbane lessons from a talented tutor and inspiring role model who will boost your child’s confidence and provide academic and professional clarity. 

Get started with a Brisbane tutor with no contracts, and our satisfaction guarantee!

We cater our Brisbane tutoring lessons to suit your family’s needs! So whether you’re looking for tutoring Brisbane at home, online, or at Brisbane Square library, your local tutor will make it happen!

Our team of expert Brisbane tutors also make sure lessons are personalised for customers by carefully planning each lesson with the support of up to date online resources for all P-12 subjects. With our flexibility, you get to decide how often you have lessons and with our satisfaction guarantee, you can cancel at any time, so you aren’t locked into anything!

Flexible Brisbane tutoring lessons tailored just for you

Here at Art of Smart, we understand how important comfort and convenience is when it comes to Brisbane tutoring. Which is why we ensure that your entire tutoring experience, including the location and timing of sessions, is personalised to work with your hectic family schedule. So, wherever and whenever is ideal for you, your tutor can make it happen! 

Tutoring Brisbane At Home

Looking for Brisbane tutoring minus the hectic travel times? Well you’ve come to the right place! Art of Smart offers face-to-face Brisbane tutoring from the comfort of your own home so that you can say goodbye to having to travel to and fro for lessons. After chatting with you to find a day and time that’s perfect for you, your tutor will travel to your address and deliver lessons where you’re most comfortable!

Online Brisbane Tutoring

If you’d prefer the flexibility of online lessons, we’re here to help! Art of Smart’s tutoring Brisbane lessons are also available as live online sessions. These sessions are interactive, so you can forget about dull self-paced activities! Instead, our approach aims to deliver online lessons that will keep you engaged just as if you are sitting next to your tutor. 

By using virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, chats and more, your tutor will provide the ultimate individualised experience and give you the chance to ask questions, discuss challenging topics and gain feedback. This way, your online tutoring Brisbane sessions will be highly productive and engaging!

Trusted by thousands of households and rated 4.9 ⭐️!

Tutoring Locations

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Personalised Learning Programs for All Subjects

From P-6 through to Year 11-12 we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: P-6

    Our primary school Brisbane tutoring supports students develop strong understanding across the key strands of content, as well as developing their confidence, so they can be ready for high school.

    P-6 Maths

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Measurement
    • Space
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 3 and 5

    P-6 English

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Literacy
    • Language
    • Literature
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 3 and 5

    P-6 Science

    • Earth and space science
    • Biological science
    • Physical science
    • Chemical science
  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    Our Year 7-10 tutoring in Brisbane supports students make a confident start in high school, and build strong foundations in their content knowledge across the QLD curriculum so they don't have any gaps as they get ready for Year 11-12.

    7-10 Maths

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Measurement
    • Space
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 7 and 9

    7-10 English

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Literacy
    • Language
    • Literature
    • Textual Analysis
    • Essay Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 7 and 9

    7-10 Science

    • Earth and space science
    • Biological science
    • Physical science
    • Chemical science

    7-10 Humanities

    • Geography
    • History
    • Commerce
    • Languages
  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    Our Year 11-12 Brisbane tutoring supports students in their senior years of school with the new QCAA Curriculum build strong mastery of the content so they can ace their IAs and External Exams to maximise their ATAR and options for university study.

    Year 11-12 Maths

    • Essential Maths
    • General Maths
    • Maths Methods
    • Specialist Maths

    11-12 English

    • Essential English
    • English
    • Literature
    • English and Literature Extension
    • English as an Additional Language
    • Textual Analysis
    • Essay Writing
    • Creative Writing

    11-12 Science

    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Earth & Environmental
    • Psychology

    11-12 Humanities

    • Geography
    • Ancient History
    • Modern History
    • Legal
    • Business
    • Economics
    • Studies of Religion
  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    Through our Pathfinder Program we support students in Year 7-12 learn and implement proven study strategies to help them study smart, manage distractions, get motivated, get into a good study routine, and prepare for exams with less stress.

    Based on over 10 years of research we have conducted with high performing students across Australia, the Pathfinder Program helps students in Brisbane with:

    • Motivation and Goal Setting
    • Time Management
    • Study Planning and Scheduling
    • Organisation Skills
    • Managing Procrastination
    • Minimising Distractions
    • How to Write Study Notes
    • How to Study for Specific Subjects
    • How to Prepare for Exams and Assessments
    • How to Minimise Stress
    • How to Balance Extra-Curricular Activities with School

Check out some of our QLD Curriculum resources!

Successfully helping P-12 students with 1 on 1 Brisbane Tutoring excel at school since 2009.


Students we’ve


Average student
mark increase


Believe our tutors build fantastic rapport

2 in 5

Score an ATAR over 95+

Our Holistic Approach to Tutoring Brisbane Students

Individual Tutoring Brisbane

We tailor each lesson plan to help you achieve your personal goals

Holistic Mentors and Tutors

Gain career and degree clarity by working with an inspiring role model

Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Maintain your mental health while studying and ace school

Improve Your Study Habits

Get organised, develop healthy study habits and a strong study routine

Extensive Resources

Access resources that take a deep dive into each dot point of the syllabus

Experienced Tutors

Learn from an expert tutor and get feedback to help you ace your exams

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school!

Extensive QLD Curriculum Resources Designed by Expert Tutors

Our Tutoring Resource Books offer a comprehensive learning experience for P-12 students, with interactive exercises, detailed explanations and notes, worked examples, and ample practice questions all aligned to the QLD Curriculum!

P-6Year 7-10Year 11-12
Extensive syllabus and topic coverage
Practice questions, exercises and activities that put your skills to the test
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Comprehensive skill-building that helps you excel
Available online, 24/7.
Extensive syllabus and topic coverage
Practice questions, exercises and activities that put your skills to the test
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Comprehensive skill-building that helps you excel
Available online, 24/7.
Extensive syllabus and topic coverage
Practice questions, exercises and activities that put your skills to the test
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Comprehensive skill-building that helps you excel
Available online, 24/7.
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Why Brisbane Tutoring with an Art of Smart tutor?

Reduce stress and boost your confidence with Brisbane Tutoring

💪 93% increase in confidence

A vast majority of our customers say that our tutoring Brisbane team’s teaching methods have been effective in increasing students’ knowledge and confidence!

🍎 Build a healthy study plan

Our personalised tutoring Brisbane lesson plans are designed to help you build motivation and develop a range of skills including time management, memory retention and more!

Develop a study-life balance with our holistic tutoring Brisbane

🌱 Prioritise your mental health while at school

Stay happy and healthy while studying by reducing exam stress and anxiety with our tutoring Brisbane!

💡 Research-backed Brisbane tutoring

Our amazing tutoring strategies and resources are designed with the help of over 10 years of research with the top 2% of students in the country so that you can learn how to study smarter, not harder. 

Our Holistic Approach


Maintain your wellbeing

Balance your studies with your mental health


Grow confident

Get on top of your study and boost your marks


Develop study habits

Get organised and develop healthy study routines

Achieve Your Personal Best.

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We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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Get access to the latest Brisbane Tutoring resources

We provide our Brisbane tutoring customers with top notch resources designed by expert teachers. Your tutor will share them with you to use during tutoring lessons and for studying, homework practice and revision. Each resource is filled with an extensive review of the syllabus with in-depth notes for every dot point, thousands of activities and questions, sample Grade A responses and more. Art of Smart’s Brisbane tutoring resources are also up to date with the syllabus and specifically designed for the Queensland Curriculum for any P-12 subject. So whether you need support with challenging foundational topics, or with extension concepts and activities, your Brisbane Tutoring lessons, tutor and resources are here to help you ace school!