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Since 2009, we’ve supported thousands of students with HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney with exceptional results. In fact, 70% of the students we support score a Band 5 or 6 in their HSC exams, and  on average experience mark improvements of more than 20%!

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Work with an Accomplished HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney

Working with an experienced HSC Chemistry tutor,  students in our HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney master every inquiry question and syllabus dot point, prepare for their internal assessments with individual support and feedback, and are prepared for the HSC Trials and Exams with extensive short answer question practice.

We’ve supported thousands of students with our Chemistry Tutor Sydney services from schools across Sydney!

Get Confident with Tailored Support and Band 6 HSC Chemistry Resources

Covering Module 1 through to Module 8 across both the Preliminary and HSC Chemistry Courses, all our tutors and students in our Chemistry Tutoring Sydney program have print and online access to a huge library of resources to help you get HSC exam ready.

We provide tutoring f
rom the convenience of your own home, online, in libraries such as State Library of New South Wales across Sydney, and at our Hills and Hornsby campuses. With HSC Chemistry tutors based all around Sydney, we’re able to meet your unique needs. No matter your location, we’ll find a spot that’s easy for you. 

Meet Our HSC Chemistry Tutors in Sydney

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

HSC Course Structure

Is your school studying Year 11 or Year 12 Chemistry in a different sequence? No worries – we tailor our support based on your school!

  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • Module 5: Equilibrium
    • Week 1: Static and Dynamic Equilibrium
    • Week 2: Factors that Affect Equilibrium Part 1
    • Week 3: Factors that Affect Equilibrium Part 2
    • Week 4: The Equilibrium Constant
    • Week 5: The Equilibrium Constant and Temperature
    • Week 6: Ionic Compounds
    • Week 7: Solubility Rules
    • Week 8: Solution Equilibria
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 5 Revision
  • Module 6: Acid/Base Reactions
    • Week 1: Properties of Acids and Bases
    • Week 2: Neutralisation Reactions
    • Week 3: Dealing with PH and POH
    • Week 4: Strength of Substances Part 1
    • Week 5: Strength of Substances Part 2
    • Week 6: Titrations
    • Week 7: Weak Acid Concentrations
    • Week 8: Buffer Systems
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 6 Revision
  • Module 7: Organic Chemistry
    • Week 1: Year 11 Concept Review
    • Week 2: Nomenclature
    • Week 3: Halocarbons and Isomers
    • Week 4: Hydrocarbons
    • Week 5: Hydrocarbons Reactions
    • Week 6: Alcohols
    • Week 7: Organic Acids & Bases
    • Week 8: Polymers
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 7 Revision
  • Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas
    • Week 1: Analysis of Inorganic Substances
    • Week 2: Quantitative Analysis of Inorganic Substances
    • Week 3: Analysis of Organic Substances
    • Week 4: Analysing Organic Compounds
    • Week 5: Chemical Synthesis and Design
    • Week 6: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 7: Exam Review and Module 8 Revision
    • Week 8: Module 5 Revision
    • Week 9: Module 6 Revision
    • Week 10: Module 7 Revision

Check out our HSC Chemistry tutoring Sydney resources!

Extensive HSC Chemistry Resources Designed by Qualified Teachers

Our HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney Resource Books come with activities to build critical skills, HSC style practice questions organised by syllabus dot point to polish your exam responses and everything else to excel in Chemistry!

Detailed syllabus coverage backed up by HSC Chemistry study techniques
Pages of HSC-style practice questions to help you excel!
Created by experienced teachers and tutors
Comprehensive content with dot-point by dot-point topic explanations
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

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The #1 Provider of HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney Services

Since you’re on this page, you must be looking for a HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney. 

Art of Smart has 13 years of experience supporting students through a holistic and collaborative approach to teaching (not to mention, award-winning!). So far, we’ve helped thousands of students grow their confidence with HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney curriculum. On our team, we have hundreds of fantastic tutors who can help with your HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney needs.

Art of Smart Education provides learning support for all science subjects, including HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney. Whether you’re in Year 11 or Year 12, we can cater to your learning goals through a holistic tutoring approach. We move step by step through our comprehensive HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney resources that have been created by qualified teachers.

What's in Our Chemistry Tutor Sydney Resources?

Inside our HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney resources, we cover extensive information based on each topic of the HSC Chemistry Sydney curriculum and step-by-step walkthroughs on problem questions. There are hundreds of HSC practice questions for your child to work through, no matter if they are simple or challenging. 

During our HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney sessions, we also work with our students to develop critical study and exam skills for the HSC Chemistry syllabus. We have formulated key techniques based on our own research with Australia’s top-performing students so that your child can gain confidence and excel while maintaining their health and wellbeing. 

Why Work with an Art of Smart Chemistry Tutor Sydney?

Our tutor positions are coveted across Sydney and we get thousands of tutor applications each year. We’ve done the hard work for students who wish to receive HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney and don’t know how to find the best HSC tutor for them. 

We make sure that all of our HSC Chemistry Tutors Sydney have fantastic communication skills. This is fundamental to turn challenging Chemistry concepts into simple and straightforward step-by-step explanations. 

There’s a simple reason why we provide award-winning holistic HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney at Art of Smart: all our Chemistry Tutors Sydney undergo an in-depth recruitment and training process. 

At Art of Smart, we find it equally important that our tutors have a distinguished subject knowledge and the ability to teach and build inspiring relationships with their students, no matter their level and understanding 

The process starts with meeting our prerequisite academic requirements to becoming a HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney. A 60-minute interview follows afterward where they teach a mock lesson to our team. After a successful evaluation of their rapport building, communication and overall teaching ability, we ensure they pass a Working with Children check. 

Mentoring With an Experienced HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney

We also focus on the important mentoring and role-model aspect to tutoring. On top of having strong subject knowledge, your HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney will also have ranging extra-curricular interests and passions so that we can match your child to a tutor who will have the most positive and motivational influence on them. 

Whether your child is starting Year 11 or Year 12 Chemistry Tutoring Sydney, our broad range of tutors ensure that we can meet your unique needs and bring out your child’s potential.

Online HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney Sessions

If online tutoring sessions are the most convenient option for you, we offer interactive live Chemistry Tutor Sydney sessions online.

The tutoring session is taught live via Zoom with your HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney as if they were sitting right beside you. Your child will use our HSC Chemistry resources that are designed and written by qualified teachers. 

Our Chemistry Tutors Sydney are equipped with a digital whiteboard, chat, screen sharing, file sharing and other digital functions to carry out the most engaging online Chemistry tutoring session.

Both your child and our tutor will be able to use the online Whiteboard for their HSC Chemistry tutoring session. Whether it’s to write down explanations, formulas or answer problem-solving questions, you’ll have the same functions and support as any offline classroom. 

Your child can join their weekly HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney sessions by joining a dedicated Zoom link. 

Face-to-Face HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney Sessions

If face-to-face sessions at home are the most convenient option for you, organising Chemistry Tutor Sydney sessions are just as simple. We’ll work with your family’s schedule to find the best days and times. From there, we’ll get your child matched with a HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney that is most compatible with your child’s needs

With the sessions from the comfort of your own home and at a convenient time, you can say goodbye to the weekly pick-up and drop-off times.

Our Personalised Approach to HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney 

We work to identify what subjects and areas you can most improve in. We’ll review your children’s learning needs, interests and motivations to find the best tutor match for your child.

Before your first Art of Smart HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney session, we’ll evaluate your prior and present assessment results to write up a lesson plan for your unique needs. We’ll also cater to your specific assessment schedule and structure your lesions around your upcoming exams and assessments.

Whether your child is in Year 11 or 12, our HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney will look over your child’s previous assessments results to understand any gaps and areas of support. From there, we’ll tailor the lessons according to your child’s unique needs, whether that is developing the fundamentals of the HSC Chemistry Curriculum, or if they want to excel and get ahead of the HSC Chemistry modules. With our comprehensive learning content and resources, we’ll focus on the exact topics that need the most support.

For example, if prior assessment results indicate that your child requires further teaching for practical exams, we’ll go over data analysis skills and concept-driven questions particular to the experiment.

Get in Touch with a HSC Chemistry Tutor Sydney

When you get in touch with us, we’ll also discuss the best tutoring location for you, whether that is online, in your home or at our Hills or Hornsby campus. Within 24 hours, one of our Chemistry Tutors Sydney will call you to confirm a time for your first lesson and answer any other enquiries you might have so that we can deliver a fantastic HSC Chemistry Tutoring Sydney session for your child. 

Our focus on personalised and flexible Chemistry Tutoring Sydney sessions ensures that you and your child will have the best experience at Art of Smart. This way, we can work with the days and times best suited to your family’s schedule.