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For the last 13 years, we’ve been hard at work providing holistic Maths tutoring for students looking to improve their skills and confidence levels. We offer support for all year levels, ranging from Kindergarten and to Year 12!

Get paired with one of our incredible Blacktown Maths tutors today and get ready to see results. On average, students who work with our tutors see a mark improvement of 20%, while 93% claim that their confidence has improved significantly!

High Schools
Primary Schools

Blacktown Boys’ High School

Evans High School

Mitchell High School

Patrician Brothers’ College, Blacktown

Doonside Technology High School

Blacktown Youth College

Girraween High School

Rooty Hill High School

Plumpton High School

Nagle College

Tyndale Christian School

Richard Johnson Anglican School

Emerton Public School

St Patrick’s Primary School

Blacktown South Public School

Blacktown North Public School

Tregear Public School

Marayong South Public School

St Michael’s Primary School

Bert Oldfield Public School

Walters Road Public School

Marayong Public School

Quakers Hill Public School

Seven Hills North Public School

Lynwood Park Public School

Our Expert Maths Tutors helping you improve overall

Get paired with one of our Blacktown Maths tutors and receive award-winning personalised tutoring, timely assessment support and holistic mentoring

Extend your knowledge not only in the classroom, but also outside of it, as our tutors help you to grow academically and holistically as a person.

Have a look at the list of Blacktown schools where our incredible Maths tutors have helped students reach their full potential in Maths.

Maths Tutoring Support for Blacktown Students by Blacktown Locals

We’ve built a super impressive team of Maths tutors from from the Blacktown area who are experts at addressing the needs of the students in their community. This means they can help support your child with school specific homework and assessments.

It also means finding a convenient place to hold 1 on 1 sessions is made so much easier! Organise to meet up in your own home, online or even at the local Max Webber Library.

Meet Our Blacktown Maths Tutors

Our Maths Tutoring Blacktown Locations

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions


Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Provide Support in All Maths Year Levels

Discover how we can help you ace your chosen Maths year level!

  • Primary and High School
  • Maths Standard
  • Maths Advanced
  • Maths Extension
  • Primary and High School: K-10 Maths

    With Blacktown Maths tutoring, we've developed a program that's all about boosting students' self-assurance and laying down a rock-solid mathematical groundwork. This sets them up for success no matter where their educational path takes them.

    Our curriculum is in sync with the NSW standards, and it's all about making sure students truly grasp the core math ideas, closing any gaps in their knowledge, and getting them ready for a bright academic future. Our aim is to give students the tools and know-how they require to thrive in their mathematical pursuits.

  • Maths Standard: Year 11-12

    With Blacktown Maths, our tutors are experts when it comes to giving students thorough assistance with HSC Standard Maths. Our skilled team takes a personalised approach, focusing on key skills like understanding math concepts, dissecting problem-solving methods, enhancing logical thinking, and creating effective solutions to math challenges.

    We understand that every student is unique, and we craft our lesson plans and strategies to meet their specific needs. By addressing individual requirements, we help students build the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in HSC Standard Maths. This way, they can confidently work towards their academic aspirations and achieve their goals.

  • Maths Advanced: Year 11-12

    With Blacktown Maths, our team of tutors is here to provide specialised HSC Advanced Maths tutoring, helping students conquer this demanding subject. Our tutors cover a broad spectrum of skills, from advanced mathematical analysis to problem-solving strategies, proof techniques, and intricate mathematical modeling.

    We recognise that each student has their own distinctive way of learning, and we shape our lesson plans and strategies to fit their individual needs. Our main aim is to help students cultivate the vital skills and knowledge they need to thrive in HSC Advanced Maths, enabling them to pursue their academic goals with confidence.

  • Maths Extension: Year 11-12

    With Blacktown Maths, our tutors specialise in delivering one-on-one HSC Extension Maths tutoring. We offer complete assistance in advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, and mathematical reasoning.

    Our skilled tutors craft personalised lesson plans to cater to the individual requirements of each student. We're here to help them thrive in this demanding subject and reach their academic aspirations. By tailoring our approach, our goal is to provide students with the confidence, skills, and knowledge they need to excel in HSC Extension Maths.

Detailed Resources Designed by Qualified Educators

Our Maths Tutoring Resource Books are jam-packed with everything you need to excel in Maths, including a huge range of skill-building exercises, practice questions and worked examples!

Extensive coverage of the entire Maths syllabus
Hundreds of practice questions
Created by qualified Maths teachers and educators
Skill-building activities to improve critical thinking
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Check out our Maths tutoring Blacktown resources!

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Blacktown Maths Tutoring That Helps You See Results!

We’ve got over 13 years of experience delivering quality Maths tutoring to K-12 students in the Blacktown area, supporting students over 8,000 from Kindergarten, all the way up to Year 12. During this time, we’ve built an awesome team of Maths tutors who are experts at working with your child to help them see results! 💪

97% of our customers agree that their Art of Smart tutor has built a great rapport with their child and are working well together. Another 94% believe that their Art of Smart Maths tutor is using teaching methods and lesson structures that help their child significantly improve understanding and gain confidence. See, the maths doesn’t lie! 😎

Not only do our Blacktown tutors help students understand their current maths content, but they also help instil the skills and confidence needed to succeed in further study. This means working on things such as how to sit exams well, general problem solving skills, as well as strategies to stay organised and accountable.

Why We're Proud of Our Maths Tutors Blacktown

Here at Art of Smart, we pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors. Our awesome Blacktown Maths tutoring team are super passionate about educating! 

They have extensive subject knowledge with some super impressive past academic successes, including 98+ ATAR scores, State Ranks in subjects and completed teaching degrees. They are strong communicators who know how to break down even the most complex equations and how to support and guide you through those trickier mathematical problems. 

Our Blacktown Maths tutors are experts at providing holistic 1 on 1 maths tutoring support. Check out this review from Samantha about her daughter’s awesome Maths Advanced tutor, Amy 👇

“Amy was very understanding, patient and knew her subject extremely well. Her communication with our daughter, and us, was consistent and detailed, as was the communication from head office. Overall our daughter has gained more confidence and her marks in her trials improved. Thank you Art of Smart!”

Get Ready to See Massive Mark Improvements!

On average, our students see a 20.7% mark improvement when they work with one of our super talented tutors. This is because, here at Art of Smart, we use a personalised approach to teaching your child. 

The first 5 minutes of their tutoring session is spent identifying their specific learning needs for that week, which includes checking in on any approaching assignments or exams. 

The next 50 minutes is focused on addressing these areas, breaking down content, going through questions and receiving feedback on their work. 

Your Blacktown Maths tutor will round off the session by summarising the key concepts covered and setting up a step-by-step plan for the next week so that your child will be prepped and ready for their next session! 🙌

Blacktown Tutoring for All Maths Levels!

We offer Maths tutoring which caters to a wide range of years and skill levels. Whether your child is in Kindergarten and needs some help grasping the basics, or their in their Years 11 and 12 needing some support tackling the super complex Extension I and II content, we’ve got it covered. Our team of  Blacktown Maths tutors includes qualified primary and secondary school educators, meaning regardless of what level you’re sitting at, you’re in good hands. 

How We Pair Your Child With a Maths Tutor Blacktown

Get in touch today to enquire about our Blacktown Maths Tutoring and the first step we’ll walk you through is finding the perfect tutor match for your child. We’ll have a chat about your child’s specific learning needs, as well as their future goals and interests. Getting to know your child and their learning style on this personal level is super important as it can help ensure that we match them with the best possible tutor.

Within the next 24 hours, your perfect Blacktown Maths Tutor will be in contact so that you can confirm an initial tutoring session and discuss any other questions or concerns you may have before starting. 

Maths Tutoring For Blacktown Students By Blacktown Tutors

Our Blacktown Maths tutors are local to the area. This means that they’re well aware of how to address the individual needs of students from Blacktown schools, including specific assessment and homework coverage. Not only does this help make your child’s personalised tutoring sessions more specific to them, but it also makes it a whole lot easier to organise face to face sessions! 

Want to meet up at home or the local Max Webber library? No problem! Having local Blacktown Maths tutors means that we can work out a session format and location that is most convenient for you!

Get Access to Impressive Maths Tutoring Resources

When you sign up for our Maths Tutoring Blacktown, you’ll also get access to comprehensive NSW Curriculum-relevant resources! Here at Art of Smart, we have a massive resource library that our tutors and students can tap into at any time. These resources have been designed specifically for the NSW Maths Curriculum by our amazing team of qualified teachers and experienced educators. 

You can access these resources either online via our app, or receive hard copies from your tutor. These resources include things such as content breakdowns, worked examples, answer explanations, practice papers and so much more! No matter your skill level, we have the resources to suit your needs, with difficulty levels ranging from the easy basics, to the more challenging and advanced 📚

Kickstart Your Blacktown Maths Tutoring Now

So what are you waiting for? Start helping your child take charge of their learning today!

Get in touch and we’ll discuss what type of support you’re looking for and work with you to find the best possible solution. Whether you’re looking for at home tutoring support, or would prefer on-campus group learning environments – we have something to suit everyone!

Getting started with our Blacktown Maths Tutoring is a super simple process. Simply get in touch with us via the enquiry form on our website, or give us a ring on 1300 267 888!