How Oliver Wrote Band 6 Economics Essays by Going Beyond the Textbook

📈 Band 6 in Economics

Oliver attended Art of Smart’s tutoring classes and received an incredible result of 92 in his HSC.

🏆 92.50 ATAR

Oliver’s marks in Economics helped him get the ATAR he needed to get into his preferred course.

🎓 Dream Course

Oliver received entry into a B. Economics at the Australian National University.

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The Challenge

Oliver was already doing well in Economics, but to master the subject and achieve a Band 6, Oliver sought help from Art of Smart to get ahead. To succeed in Economics, a good understanding of the course is required and something that can elevate your marks. As a result, Oliver was trying to do this as early as possible to craft the best essays he could and become more familiar with the content before learning it at school. 

I think for Economics, familiarity really helps. If you’re familiar with the course and most of the theory from the topics then you can almost apply it to anything

Key Problems

📝 Oliver found it difficult to keep up to date with new data, policies and real world examples he had to incorporate into his Economics essays.

🔢 Oliver was already doing well in his extended responses but he needed some extra support in complex topics such as Balance of Payments.

📚 Oliver found that his textbook didn’t always give him enough information as he’d liked to ensure he had a solid and fleshed out essay, which led him to seek more resources.

Our Approach

Oliver attended Economics tutoring classes led by Art of Smart CEO, Rowan Kunz. In these classes, Oliver was encouraged to practise a variety of syllabus topics with essay questions so he could receive feedback and be prepared for whatever was thrown at him in his exams. Oliver also attended our holiday workshops, where he would get a targeted breakdown of the topics to be taught in the next school term to get ahead before the new term commenced.

To supplement his knowledge, Oliver was also provided with printed resource books filled with summaries of each syllabus topic and practice questions which were perfect for revising and strengthening his essays!


Memorising content

Exam preparation

Comprehensive notes

Mastering essay structure

Mastering complex topics

Strong paragraphs 



Handwritten notes

Writing chapter summaries 

Using multiple resources

Creating essay plans

Attending holiday workshops

Master document of stats

Inspirational Tutor

Feedback on practice essays

Comprehensive Economics Resources

Topic Break Down

The Result

With support from Art of Smart and his efficient use of the resources available, Oliver achieved an amazing mark of 92 in HSC Economics. His enjoyment of the subject also influenced him to study Economics at the Australian National University and gave him the ATAR he needed to get in!


Final HSC Economics marks




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With Art of Smart, Oliver achieved a Band 6 in HSC Economics.

I attended a lot of Art of Smart workshops and that helped as the ones I did were for topics we were doing later at school and gave me further knowledge that could help me at the start of Year 12.

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