How Daniel Overcame Procrastination in Time for Year 12

🧘‍♂️ Overcame Procrastinative Tendencies

Daniel learned about the Two Minute tip and a Chrome extension through Pathfinder that effectively helped him stop procrastinating

✍️ Developed Effective Study Habits

Daniel’s mentor equipped him with multiple study techniques and strategies which he could test to find what worked for him

🏫 Discovered Opportunities For After School

Daniel’s mentor helped him get excited for university and as a result boost his motivation to study for school

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The Challenge

Daniel initially thought he could approach Year 11 with the same carefree attitude he had in Year 10. He was still procrastinating and wasn’t thinking ahead but when quarantine came around, he knew it was time to break his bad habits. Daniel would waste his time on the internet, particularly on YouTube when he had essays and homework waiting to be completed!

I came into Year 11 really relaxed and then COVID hit and all of a sudden, I found myself in quarantine doing nothing. I was playing games in class, doing really unproductive stuff and I became frantic about exams and assessments.

Key Problems

📲 Daniel couldn’t control his procrastination and would end up on another website doing something unproductive when he was meant to be studying

😎 Daniel didn’t anticipate the stark contrast between junior and senior school and continued to study inconsistently without a developed study routine or plan in place

🤷‍♂️ Daniel was unaware of how the university process worked and what opportunities were available after school, which impacted his motivation levels

Our Approach

Daniel was paired with Eugene, who would check in to see how he was managing his study routine. To help reduce Daniel’s procrastination levels, Eugene taught him the ‘Two Minute’ tip, where you set aside two minutes to do something you have been putting off and eventually get motivated to do more! By engaging with fellow Pathfinders through intensives and workshops, Daniel was able to identify areas of improvement in his study routine and received a suggestion for a Chrome extension to block his biggest sources of procrastination on the internet.

After a Pathfinder workshop, Daniel even became motivated to start using palm cards and ended up taking them everywhere he went so he was constantly revising!


  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Improving marks
  • Finding effective ways to study
  • Consistency in study


  • Two minute tip
  • Realistic study plans
  • Creating syllabus summaries
  • Making palm cards to look at on the go

Two minute tip

Realistic study plans

Palm cards

Syllabus summaries

The Result

After participating in the Pathfinder Program, Daniel felt more prepared for Year 12. By creating a strong study routine, learning procrastination management strategies and identifying study techniques that worked for him, Daniel was able to improve his marks and stay on top of his school work.

Daniel even learned how to identify when he wants to procrastinate and how to prevent it!


Reduction in distractions while studying


Improvement in study quality


Reduction in procrastination


Increase in motivation for opportunities after school

With the Pathfinder program, Daniel successfully improved his study quality.

The Pathfinder workshops and mentoring sessions helped me shift my mindset and build my self awareness around procrastination. Before, procrastination came on naturally but now I can feel it coming on and resist it.

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