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With a stellar track record since our founding in 2009, we deliver a professional and holistic English tutoring North Shore experience, helping you master the subject from Kindergarten all the way through to Year 12.

See your marks increase by an average of 20.7% with an Art of Smart English tutor North Shore. We have a 93% success rating among our customers, who develop greater confidence in English thanks to our English tutoring North Shore.

High Schools
Primary Schools

Northern Beaches Christian School

St Ives High School

Killarney Heights High School

Killara High School

Mosman High School 

Pymble Ladies’ College 

The Forest High School


Mercy Catholic College

Chatswood High School

Pittwater High School

Abbotsleigh School

Knox Grammar High School

St Ives North Public School

Hornsby North Public School

Artarmon Public School

St Ives Public School

Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Beaumont Road Public School

Northcross Christian School

Pymble Public School 

Mimosa Public School

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Turramurra Public School

Killarney Heights Public School

English tutoring North Shore tailored to your specific needs!

With an English tutor North Shore experience a personalised study program tailored to your own needs, and see yourself improve and succeed both in and out of school. Got a specific text you’re studying in school? We’ll help you navigate quotes, answering essay questions, understanding its context, and more!

Here are some schools our English students have attended, see if you can find yours.

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The key word here is convenience. Wether you’d like a session in the comfort of your home, at a Willoughby City Library, online or at our Hornsby campus, we make sure you get the best English tutoring North Shore at your own leisure and on your own terms. 

Our print, online and personalised resources, coupled with our talented tutors, offer you the most holistic tutoring experience for any K-12 subject. Make a start by mastering English right now!

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Provide Support for All English Year Levels

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  • K-10
  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension
  • K-10: NSW Curriculum English

    With English Tutoring on the North Shore, our tutoring support is dedicated to aiding students in building a solid grasp of the NSW English curriculum. Through a personalised approach, we focus on enriching students' reading, writing, language, and literature skills, while also fostering their analytical thinking and critical reasoning abilities. Our aim is to empower students to excel in English by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge for academic success.

    Key focal points of our English tutoring support encompass:

    To ensure comprehensive readiness, our program includes dedicated NAPLAN support for Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 students, ensuring their readiness for these pivotal assessments.

  • English Standard: Year 11-12

    Through English Tutoring on the North Shore, our program is designed to guide students in building a robust understanding of the NSW English curriculum. Our personalised approach is centred around enriching students' reading, writing, language, and literature skills, while also nurturing their analytical thinking and critical reasoning abilities.

    Our seasoned tutors offer comprehensive support for a range of skills pertinent to HSC English Standard. This encompasses grasping textual nuances, dissecting literary techniques, constructing compelling persuasive arguments, and fashioning captivating creative writing pieces.

    We tailor our lesson plans and strategies to cater to the unique needs of each student, guiding them to cultivate the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in HSC Standard English and realise their academic aspirations.

  • English Advanced: Year 11-12

    At North Shore English Tutoring, our all-encompassing HSC English Advanced tutoring services are meticulously crafted to champion students in their pursuit of excellence in this demanding subject. With the adept guidance of our experienced tutors, students receive thorough assistance across a spectrum of skills, including advanced text analysis, adept literary critique, persuasive writing finesse, and the artistry of creative composition.

    Tailoring our lesson plans and strategies to the unique needs of each individual, we provide them with the tools to cultivate the indispensable skills and knowledge requisite for triumph in HSC English Advanced and the realisation of their academic ambitions. Our mission is to empower students on the North Shore to surpass expectations in HSC English Advanced through bespoke support and targeted mentorship.

  • English Extension: Year 11-12

    At North Shore English Tutoring, we extend personalised tutoring services for HSC English Extension, offering tailored guidance in advanced text analysis, skilled literary critique, persuasive writing finesse, and the craft of creative expression.

    Guided by our seasoned tutors, we craft individual lesson plans to propel students towards triumph in this challenging discipline and the fulfilment of their academic aspirations. Our mission is to equip students on the North Shore with the essential skills and knowledge to flourish in HSC English Extension, unlocking their true potential along the way.

Discover our personalised resources, designed by qualified educators

If you’re looking to take English skills to the next level, these question and analysis-packed personalised resources are for you.

Written and edited by professional teachers and tutors
Packed with practice exams questions and activities that won't leave your brain hungry for more
Master critical skills like analysis, creative writing and argumentative thinking
A holistic vision to help you master English
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Check out our English tutoring resources!

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English Tutoring North Shore when you need it

As a student or parent, it can often be very difficult to find the right tutor for your needs, let alone finding one that is near you and at your full convenience. This is where our English tutoring North Shore comes in handy. 

Here at Art of Smart we know very well how important one on one tutoring sessions can be, especially since not everyone can make it to our campus; hence why our tutors are carefully recruited locally, so that you can enjoy the benefits of having English tutoring North Shore sessions at your own home and at your own preferred time.

This doesn’t just give you the freedom to be more flexible around other events or extra-curricular and out-of-school activities, but allows you to find an English tutor North Shore that understands your area and understands what’s required depending on your school.

An English tutor North Shore with local experience

You’ll often find our tutors have previously attended one of the many schools in your area, given the fact we recruit our tutors locally. This provides a huge advantage both to you and to our English tutors North Shore, as they can count on personal experience as well as their academic record to guide you through your tutoring needs. Although schools may have similarities between them, we know through extensive experience that they are all different, despite teaching the selfsame curriculum. 

Master your writing skills with an English tutor North Shore

Compared to subjects like Mathematics and the Sciences, where marks are achieved through clear-cut methods and right or wrong answers, the English syllabus looks to be a complicated and unclear set of instructions as to how to get the marks you want. There are no right or wrong answers here, and you are judged mainly upon the value of the ideas you bring to the table. This fact can often be overwhelming to students, and represents a popular trap to fall into. With so many pitfalls to fall into, and English tutor North Shore can guide your path towards mastering English, and give value to your ideas through writing.

Improve faster with English tutoring North Shore

Our English tutoring North Shore methods will challenge you to improve every aspect of your writing, whether it is an analytical essay piece, a creative writing assignment, or an opinion piece article, there are many skills to master in English, all essential to obtain your final desired result. Our job as Art of Smart tutors is to leave no question unanswered, and to deliver on our promise to get you where you want to be, whether you are just starting out or concluding your school life. 

Construct amazing essays with English tutoring North Shore

A predominant part of your English curriculum is heavily essay-focused, and it is usually the part that students struggle most on in terms of constructing a detailed, concise, and well-structured analytical piece. A talented English tutor North Shore will be there every step of the way to assess at what level you’re at, and work to cover all the tips and tricks needed. You will learn how to develop powerful arguments, find and analyse quotes, dissect essay questions and learn proper structure. 

A classroom is often busy, and the reality is that not all questions can be answered or each student can be helped individually. This is why our one-on-one tutoring sessions become instrumental when preparing for essays and when exam pressure starts to take its toll. Essay writing is about performing well under pressure. An English tutoring North Shore will teach you exam techniques, from prioritisation to word counting and editing, to make sure you get to deliver the best version of your own writing under difficult timed conditions, and get the result you deserve. 

Find the Perfect English tutor North Shore for you

At AoS we understand that not every tutor may be right for your needs. We have an effective match-making process to make sure you get the tutor that is best suited to the level you’re at in the subject. A local English tutor North Shore will first assess the current level of skill you are at and examine any previous assessments you’ve completed in the subject to do so. They will also ask you about your goals in the subject and your desired grade. This information will all be very useful in determining which tutor to assign you. 

Our tutors are in constant communication with each other, so do not be shy to request for specific preferences you have, so we can make sure you get the best fit for you. Once this is all complete, you can get started on the important work ahead. Here at AoS, English tutoring North Shore is not just designed to support students on the academic side of things. Our tutors are trained, and constantly aim to, become mentors as well as tutors.

English tutoring North Shore support, for all years

It doesn’t matter whether our students are in the first years of primary school, or in their final years of high school. Tutoring support at Art of Smart is about helping everyone, no matter their place in their school life. The beauty of our wide and interconnected community of tutors is that we can choose from a large talent pool and deliver to you the English tutor North Shore you need most based on your stage of the journey. 

An English tutor North Shore for all levels

Despite students often being in the same years, there is a natural disparity, as well as personal goals, that dictates whether students may take English at different levels, from Standard to Extension. However, do not think that any level is too high or too low to require a tutor. Just as we support all years, we support all levels, so wether you’re looking to just get started or find an expert to teach you how to get to the next level, an English tutor North Shore will find their way to you with the skills needed to help you succeed.