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Achieve academic success with Art of Smart’s exceptional English tutoring in Hurstville. Since 2009, we have helped countless Kindergarten to Year 12 students improve their grades and confidence. 

Our students experience an average 20% mark improvement, and 93% report increased understanding and confidence thanks to our expert tutors and resources. Join our community and see the difference for yourself!

Primary Schools
High Schools

Hurstville Public School

St Gabriel’s Catholic School 

Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School 

Carlton Public School 

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School 

St Declan’s Catholic Primary School 

Kingsgrove Public School

Hurstville Adventist School

St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School

Kogarah High School

St George Girls High School 

Kingsgrove North High School 

All Saints Grammar School 

St Ursula’s College 

Marist Catholic College 

Georges River College Hurstville

Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Bethany College

Blakehurst High School

Comprehensive English resources at your fingertips

Get the ultimate support and satisfaction with our English tutoring in Hurstville. Our dedicated team of tutors, combined with our comprehensive print AND online K-12 English resources (designed according to the NSW syllabus), ensures that you receive the highest level of support. 

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Local English Tutoring Hurstville that works for your life and schedule

Working with a local tutor in Hurstville means your tutor will understand your lifestyle and needs. Whether the best option for you is English tutoring at home, online, or even at a Hurstville library, our Hurstville English tutors will be able to adapt to your needs. 

Our experienced Hurstville English tutors include, 98+ ATAR Band 6 scoring graduates, University English Majors, and pre-service & qualified teachers, who all have extensive tutoring training, and access to resources to ensure they can support students from K through to the HSC build the key skills to ace English!

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Can Help You with Any English Level

Discover how we can support you in acing your chosen English subject!

  • K-10
  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension
  • K-10: NSW Curriculum English

    With English Tutoring in Hurstville, our program is dedicated to helping students build a solid foundation in the NSW English curriculum. Through a personalised approach, we focus on enriching students' reading, writing, language, and literature skills, while nurturing their analytical thinking and critical reasoning abilities. Our mission is to empower students to excel in English by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge for academic success.

  • English Standard: Year 11-12

    At English Tutoring Hurstville, our program is dedicated to facilitating students' comprehensive understanding of the NSW English curriculum. Through our individualised approach, we concentrate on refining students' reading, writing, language, and literature skills, while also fostering their analytical thinking and critical reasoning capabilities.

    Our proficient tutors extend comprehensive assistance across various competencies essential for HSC English Standard. This encompasses comprehending texts, dissecting literary devices, formulating compelling persuasive arguments, and crafting captivating pieces of creative writing.

    We adapt our lesson plans and strategies to cater to the specific requirements of each student, guiding them in honing the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to excel in HSC Standard English and attain their academic aspirations.

  • English Advanced: Year 11-12

    At English Tutoring Hurstville, our extensive HSC English Advanced tutoring services are crafted to empower students in their quest for mastery in this demanding subject. Under the guidance of our seasoned tutors, students benefit from comprehensive assistance across a range of skills, encompassing advanced text analysis, literary critique, persuasive writing, and creative composition techniques.

    Tailoring our lesson plans and approaches to suit the distinct needs of each student, we enable them to cultivate the fundamental skills and knowledge essential for triumph in HSC English Advanced and the accomplishment of their academic ambitions. Our mission is to equip students to shine in HSC English Advanced through personalised mentorship and precise guidance.

  • English Extension: Year 11-12

    With our English Tutoring in Hurstville, we extend personalised tutoring services for HSC English Extension, delivering tailor-made assistance in advanced text analysis, literary evaluation, persuasive writing, and creative expression.

    Guided by our seasoned mentors, we craft lesson plans that cater to each student's unique needs, guiding them towards achievement in this demanding subject and the attainment of their educational aspirations. Our objective is to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in HSC English Extension, enabling them to unleash their full potential.

Your English tutor Hurstville will provide you with extensive resources

Our English Tutoring Resource Books for K-12 and the HSC are packed with extensive activities, sample responses and practice questions that will allow you to develop your skills to achieve your goals for English!

Composed by highly experienced teachers and Art of Smart's top tutors
A variety of comprehensive skill-building questions that push you to think deeper
Build an understanding of all writing types, including persuasive, creative, and essay writing
Develop your confidence by practicing the skills you learn with your English tutor Hurstville
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Check out some of our English tutoring resources!

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What’s so great about Art of Smart English tutoring Hurstville?

If you’re a student or parent of a student in Hurstville looking for an experienced, passionate, and local English tutor, this is the service for you! With over 10 years’ worth of experience in tutoring students of a variety of ages and in a variety of subjects, Art of Smart has the know-how on helping students succeed in English. Our hand-picked, expert team of English tutors Hurstville have the skills and knowledge to help students turn weaknesses into strengths, whether that may be essay writing skills, developing public speaking confidence, or improving vocabulary.

And we have the results to prove it! Since our establishment in 2009, Art of Smart has helped over 8000 students achieve their academic and holistic goals, with an average mark improvement of 20.7%. Along with this, 97% of customers believe that our tutors build great rapport with students and 3 in 4 of our students received early entry or scholarship offers for university.

One of the greatest features of Art of Smart English tutoring Hurstville is that it is tailored to each individual student. Although it’s a pretty safe bet that most students go to school, outside of that, each student’s life can be vastly different from the next. We understand this at Art of Smart and offer both at home and online tutoring for this reason.

How do I know my child will get the support they need?

Regardless of whether your child is in their first year of schooling or their last, Art of Smart has the perfect English tutor Hurstville awaiting you. Whatever support your child needs, whether that’s catching up on schoolwork, getting ahead, receiving assessment support, or help with organisation and accountability, our English tutors will have the tools to help.

What makes Art of Smart unique is our holistic approach to tutoring. Generally, a tutor is someone who’s help you enlist to help your child improve their marks in a particular subject. However, an Art of Smart English tutor Hurstville is more than that. Art of Smart believes in the combination of tutoring and coaching. A coach is someone who can share advice and wisdom, provide guidance and support so you can work towards your academic AND personal goals. This type of support enables students to learn skills that will help them not only with Chemistry, but their other subjects and extracurriculars!

Why do we believe in a holistic approach?

From the research we’ve conducted with Australia’s highest-achieving students, skills such as stress management, healthy sleep habits, and overall wellbeing management are just as essential to accomplishing their goals as putting in the effort. It’s super important to integrate these habits and practices into student’s lives as soon as possible so that when they reach the tricky final years, they don’t get completely burnt out.

What’s the first lesson of English tutoring Hurstville like?

In order to help your child achieve their goals, the Art of Smart tutor you have chosen will spend some time getting to know your child. This can include their strengths, areas for improvement, hobbies, goals and learning style. This information is used to come with a personalised study and learning plan. The purpose of creating such a plan is to gain a clearer understanding of your child’s goals and the road to achieving them. For some students, this clear direction is exactly what they’re missing. It can also be the ultimate source of motivation, especially as it is referred back to throughout the term your progress is tracked.

Regardless of whether your child finds it difficult to keep up with class pacing, or simply wanting to get ahead, we’ve got the tutors and the resources to help you work towards whatever their goal may be!

Why work with an English tutor from Art of Smart?

Our Art of Smart team has a range of well-qualified tutors who work with students all the way from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our English tutors range from first-year university students to post-grad students to even qualified teachers but have all undergone a meticulous recruitment process to make sure that they have the knowledge, skills and are personable to deliver a high standard of education and support to each student. In order to be selected, each of our English tutors must possess a current and valid WWCC, the required subject knowledge, meet minimum academic achievements (i.e. a 90+ ATAR score), great communication skills and a passion for teaching and learning. This is evaluated through a 60-minute interview process. In the end, only 1 in 8 of the thousands of applicants are hired for tutoring, meaning you’ll get the best English tutor Hurstville.  

English tutoring Hurstville that is tailored to your needs

At Art of Smart, we use our tutors’ availabilities, the various subjects and year levels they are able to teach in, their studies and extracurriculars to determine the perfect English tutor Hurstville for your child. Upon comparing your child’s details to our English tutors Hurstville, we will present you with a list of tutors that we believe would do a great job of helping your child with their needs. Lessons times are super flexible, and can be anywhere from 1-2 hours in length, and once or multiple times a week as arranged with your tutor. Depending on your child’s age and needs, our tutors can adapt their lessons to provide support in a variety of ways, such as help with grasping content, producing assignments, developing a study/learning plan, and preparing for upcoming exams.

Art of Smart offers two delivery modes for English tutoring Hurstville. With this, we are able to provide the highest quality education to all of our students in a way that is tailored to their individual style and needs.

The perks of English tutoring Hurstville at home

With at-home English tutoring, your tutor will travel to your house at the arranged time of the lesson. This means no travel time for you! It’s super convenient, both for busy parents and students, and can fit right in with your routine. Face-to-face tutoring is great in that it allows for tutors and students to develop a strong relationship and boost students’ motivation and accountability. We have a variety of local English tutors in Hurstville for you to pick from to support you and your family.  

The ease of English tutoring Hurstville online

If you thought at-home tutoring was convenient, online tutoring is even better! Your English tutor can conduct their lesson over Skype or Zoom as opposed to in-person, which means your child doesn’t have to be at home or worry about anyone coming to your house. Utilising chat, screen sharing as well as file sharing functionalities on Skype or Zoom’s digital whiteboard, your tutor will have the necessary tools to deliver an engaging and interactive online tutoring experience. All this from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be!