How Oliver went from a Band 1 to a Band 5 in HSC Advanced Maths

📈 40% Mark Improvement

Oliver went from 46% in his early assessments to an incredible 86% mark overall in HSC Advanced Maths.

🏆 92.50 ATAR

By improving his marks in HSC Advanced Maths, Oliver was able to boost his ATAR and get into his dream course.

🎓 Dream Course

Oliver received entry into a B. Economics at the Australian National University.

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The Challenge

Oliver wanted to study maths for his HSC but was finding it difficult to keep up with the content in Advanced Maths. Oliver was receiving around 40%, or a Band 1 for assessments and needed urgent help, especially with  disruptions to his study due to the pandemic. With Oliver barely passing up until Trials, his motivation really took a hit. He especially became concerned about improving in Advanced Maths as it was assumed knowledge that he needed to study his dream degree of a Bachelor of Economics. This led him to try and boost his marks with 1 on 1 tutoring at Art of Smart. 

I definitely found Advanced Maths to be the most challenging subject. I just thought Advanced Maths, for me, was too hard. I couldn’t do it. I thought the gap between Advanced and Standard Maths was too large and I just needed something in between.

Key Problems

💻 During the pandemic, Oliver experienced many disruptions such as online schooling and teacher replacements. This meant he had to rely on himself a lot more than other year groups did

Oliver’s low marks made it difficult to keep up his motivation and with no one to keep him accountable, he started to neglect Maths more

✏️ Oliver struggled to understand and keep up with the difficult content in Advanced Maths

Our Approach

Oliver received support from Art of Smart tutor Julian, who provided him with personalised support and a course of action going into the HSC. Julian was the kick of motivation Oliver needed and became someone to hold him accountable for his study. This was really helpful in times where Oliver felt unmotivated and was inclined to ignore his weaker areas.

Julian helped Oliver target his problem areas by practising relevant practice questions and chapter reviews which would improve his understanding of the topic. Julian also helped Oliver implement healthy and effective study strategies and that made study more manageable and increased his motivation. 


Improving marks

Increasing motivation

Consistent study

Stronger knowledge of content


Identifying weak areas

Building accountability

Relevant practice questions

Effective study strategies

Inspirational Tutor

Targeting weak areas

Practice questions 

Effective study strategies

The Result

Oliver had an incredible turnaround in HSC Advanced Maths,from achieving 46% to a commendable 86% between Trials and the HSC! By growing his understanding in his weaker areas and consolidating his knowledge through practice questions and effective study strategies, Oliver was able to receive entry into a Bachelor of Economics at ANU and additionally, go into uni feeling more confident.


Mark improvement




Of customers believe our tutors build great rapport


Of customers increased their confidence

With Art of Smart, Oliver saw a 40% improvement in HSC Advanced Maths

Having some sort of support like I did from Julian or some sort of motivating factor to help push you to do the things you don’t want to do, that was the most helpful thing.

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