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Our students ace English and boost their marks by 20%

With over a decade of experience, we provide students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with outstanding and comprehensive 1 on 1 and small group English tutoring Parramatta.

Our English tutoring Parramatta students on average witness a 20.7% improvement in their marks and 7 in 10 students that we support in Year 12 score a Band 5 or 6 in HSC English!

Primary Schools
High Schools

Parramatta Public School

Parramatta East Public School

Parramatta West Public School

St Monica’s Primary School

Bayanami Public School

Rosehill Public School

St Oliver’s Primary Harris Park

St Margaret Mary’s Primary School

North Rocks Public School

Granville Public School

Sherwood Grange Public School

Winston Hills Public School

Holy Trinity Primary School

Northmead Public School

Parramatta High School

Arthur Phillip High School

Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta

Parramatta Marist High School

The King’s School

St Patrick’s Marist Dundas

Tara Anglican School for Girls

Merrylands High School

Granville Boys High School

Catherine McAuley Westmead

St Andrew’s College Marayong

Cumberland High School

The Hills Grammar School

Norwest Christian College

Master Creative Writing & Essays with a Master English Tutor Parramatta

Supporting students from Primary School through to Year 12 English Extension 1, English Advanced, English Standard, and EAL/D, your English Tutor Parramatta will help you learn how to write essays and creative pieces, conduct textual analysis and master your multimodal presentations!

With a team of English literature experts, including qualified teachers and 98+ ATAR graduates, we’ve supported students from schools across Parramatta with their goals for English.

English Tutoring Parramatta that fits your budget and your timetable!

Here at Art of Smart we understand your needs and we’ll match you with an English Tutor Parramatta who has the local expertise to find a tutoring location that suits you and your family! Whether it be Parramatta Library, the comfort of your own home, or online, we guarantee we’ll cater to your needs.

With small group tutoring starting from $34 per hour, you’ll get access to affordable English tutoring Parramatta that is also backed by extensive NSW English Syllabus resources that have been designed by experienced teachers and tutors!

Favoured by countless families with a 4.9 ⭐️ rating!

Our English Tutoring Parramatta Locations

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions


Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Support All Levels of English

Discover how we can help you ace your chosen English subject!

  • K-10
  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension
  • K-10: NSW Curriculum English

    Our English tutoring program in Parramatta aims to assist students in building a solid understanding of the NSW English curriculum. Through our tailored approach, we concentrate on strengthening students' reading, writing, language, and literature skills, while also fostering their analytical thinking and critical reasoning abilities.

    To ensure comprehensive preparation, our program also includes NAPLAN support for Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 students, ensuring they are fully equipped for these important assessments.

  • English Standard: Year 11-12

    Our English tutoring program in Parramatta aims to assist students in building a solid understanding of the NSW English curriculum. Through our tailored approach, we concentrate on strengthening students' reading, writing, language, and literature skills, while also fostering their analytical thinking and critical reasoning abilities.

    Our proficient tutors provide comprehensive support for various skills pertinent to HSC English Standard. This includes comprehending texts, analysing literary devices, constructing persuasive arguments, and crafting engaging creative writing pieces.

    We customise our lesson plans and strategies to cater to the individual requirements of each student, guiding them in developing the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in HSC Standard English and accomplish their academic aspirations.

  • English Advanced: Year 11-12

    Our tutoring services for HSC English Advanced are designed to provide extensive support to students who aspire to achieve excellence in this demanding subject. With the guidance of our experienced tutors, students receive assistance in a wide array of skills, including advanced text analysis, literary criticism, persuasive writing, and creative writing techniques.

    To cater to the unique needs of each student, we personalise our lesson plans and strategies, allowing them to develop the essential skills and knowledge necessary for success in HSC English Advanced and accomplish their academic objectives.

  • English Extension: Year 11-12

    Our tutoring services for HSC English Extension provide individualised support in advanced text analysis, literary criticism, persuasive writing, and creative writing.

    With the expertise of our experienced tutors, we tailor lesson plans to assist students in attaining success in this rigorous subject and accomplishing their academic aspirations.

Expert Resources Designed by Experienced Tutors

With exam-style questions, sample A-Grade responses, and skill-building activities, our English Tutoring Resource Books are up to date with the latest English syllabus and have everything you need to ace English!

Master fundamental skills such as essay planning, analysis, and imaginative writing
A range of unseen texts and practice questions to build your skills
Developed by experienced English teachers and tutors
Extensive skill-building and extension activities and help you grow confident and master English!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Check out our Parramatta English tutoring resources!

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Why choose English Tutoring Parramatta with Art of Smart?

Here at Art of Smart we are well equipped with a team of passionate, experienced tutors and the latest resources to help our students accomplish their goals!

We understand how important it is to have tutoring lessons that suit your individual needs. This is why we make sure you receive a completely personalised experience with your English Tutor Parramatta!

How we tailor our English Tutoring Parramatta lessons for you

With over 13 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of students from Kindergarten to Year 12 achieve their English goals, improve their marks, and boost their confidence with our personalised and award-winning teaching methods. This means we can most certainly provide you with lessons that are specifically tailored to you and your needs! Here’s how we do it. 

Your English Tutor Parramatta will start each lesson with a 5 minute chat to recap the last lesson, set goals and intentions for the lesson, and check-in on any upcoming homework or assessments. The remainder of the session will take a deep-dive into a range of different skill-building activities. Whether it’s textual analysis and study notes or feedback on your essays and creative tasks, your English Tutor Parramatta is there to help! The last 5 minutes are also a great chance to reflect on the content covered in the session. Your tutor will use this time to chat with you, come up with 1-2 clear strategies for the week ahead, and build a study plan to help you stay on track for homework, assignments and exams.

Your awesome tutor will also take your recent marks, goals for upcoming assessments, and current workload at school into account when developing your English Tutoring Parramatta lesson plans. 

Why should you work with an Art of Smart English Tutor Parramatta?

Here at Art of Smart we will link you with one of our incredible tutors who have undergone a rigorous recruitment and training process to ensure you are taught by the very best!

In fact, all our tutors are required to undergo an hour-long interview where they deliver a mock-lesson to our teaching team to assess their ability to teach, break down complex ideas, and build a good rapport with students. Our English tutors are also super talented in their academic and professional career, and are highly qualified in English with heaps of relevant subject expertise, a 98+ ATAR, and State Rankings in relevant subjects. 

All Art of Smart tutors also have a Working With Children Check and are equipped with comprehensive training and up to date resources to help them support you with fantastic English tutoring. 

Our recruitment process also makes sure that your English Tutor Parramatta is someone who can build a good rapport with students and make each lesson fun and engaging! They are awesome communicators who are passionate about English and will make your challenging English texts and assignments seem fun and approachable. This way you can master complex themes, skills and ideas and achieve your English goals in no time!

We understand how important it is to receive well-rounded support that helps students develop and grow both inside and outside the classroom. This is why our amazing team of tutors provide more than just tutoring! They are also incredible role models and mentors who provide students with personalised support to boost their confidence, nurture their growth, and maintain good health and wellbeing. We carefully match all our students with the perfect tutor by taking the hobbies, extra-curricular activities, career path, and interests of students and tutors into account so that your English Tutor Parramatta will be able to provide holistic tutoring and mentoring! 

Why holistic English Tutoring Parramatta matters

Over the past decade, Art of Smart has conducted research with the Top 2% of students in Australia to better understand how we can support students and help them achieve peak performance. 

We’ve found that the key is to think holistically about school and focus on more than just grades! This is why our research-backed approach to tutoring and mentoring puts your personal goals at the heart of every English Tutoring Parramatta lesson plan. To provide you a holistic learning experience, your English Tutor Parramatta will also help you maintain your health and wellbeing, grow confident, and master study skills and exam techniques so that you accomplish your English goals and ace assessments with a healthy study-life balance. 

Flexible English Tutoring Parramatta that suits your needs

Our English Tutoring Parramatta lessons are designed with you in mind! This means we take your availability and hectic family schedule into account to provide you lessons that are comfortable and super convenient for you. So whether you prefer learning from the comfort of your home, online, or at our Hornsby or Hills campus, we’ve got you covered with the perfect tutoring location across both individual and small group tutoring formats! 

English Tutoring Parramatta at home

If you prefer 1 on 1 lessons at home, your English Tutor Parramatta will make it happen! All we’d need from you is your ideal day and time for lessons and we’ll match you with a tutor who has the same availability. Your tutor will then travel to you and deliver face to face tutoring sessions in your super convenient home environment! 

Online English Tutoring Parramatta lessons

If you’re looking for 1 on 1 English Tutoring Parramatta with the convenience and flexibility of online lessons, we also provide online tutoring! You can say goodbye to boring online learning, because our tutoring services provide live and interactive online lessons so that you feel just like you would if you sat next to your tutor. Our incredible tutors are experts at delivering online lessons in a fun, engaging and effective environment using a range of online features like screen sharing, chat, digital whiteboards, and reactions. This way you’ll be able to stay engaged, ask burning questions, and practice and get feedback on practice essays to make the most of your English tutoring Parramatta lessons!

Comprehensive English Tutoring Parramatta Resources

Your English Tutor Parramatta will deliver each lesson with our amazing English resources, which they will select for you based on your goals and areas of improvement. You can also use these resources for homework, revision and extension activities outside of tutoring lessons! Our extensive resources are updated to match the new NESA syllabus and are designed by our experienced and qualified English teachers. 

These resources are filled with unseen texts, various practice questions, sample essays, and skill-building activities to help your English Tutor Parramatta design lessons that are personalised to your goals and requirements. Whether you are aiming to develop foundational skills or accelerate ahead with extension tasks, we’re here to help with our English Tutoring Parramatta resource library and incredible tutoring team!