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Since being founded in 2009, we have built a strong reputation for delivering outstanding and holistic English tutoring in the Parramatta for Kindergarten to Year 12 students. 

Our English tutoring Parramatta students on average see a 20.7% increase in their marks and 93% of our customers agree that our tutors’ teaching methods work well to increase their child’s understanding and confidence!

We understand Parramatta with our local expertise

With tutors from Parramatta, we understand your needs. Whether it be providing tutoring after a quick stop at Westfield, in the comfort of your own home, at Parramatta library or online, we can guarantee there’s a location that’s convenient for you. 

With experienced tutors equipped with the latest print and online resources for any K-12 subject, we can ensure we’re providing holistic support for our Parramatta tutoring customers. 

Successfully helping K-12 students excel with English tutoring Parramatta since 2009.


Students we’ve


Average student
mark increase


Believe our tutors build fantastic rapport

3 in 4

Received university early entry or scholarship offers

Our English tutoring Parramatta helps you…

Master fundamental English skills

Learn complex sentence structures, grammar and literary devices that set you up for your exams.

Develop your analytical skills

Through unseen practice questions

Master different text types

By learning how to structure informative, imaginative and persuasive texts

Develop strong arguments

Through critical thinking that will get you an A

Compose fantastic essays and writing

By arguing key ideas with depth and understanding.

Ace your English exams

. By implementing study techniques that relieve anxiety, stress and pressure

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Comprehensive Resources Designed by Qualified Teachers

Packed with skills-building activities and practice questions, our English Tutoring Resource Books have everything you need to stay up to date and master English!

Written by qualified teachers and tutors
Activities and practice questions that put your English skills to the test
Build essential skills such as analysis, critical thinking, and essay and creative writing
Comprehensive skills-building that helps you excel in English!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

Equipping Parramatta English students for life after school since 2009

We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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