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Art of Smart has delivered outstanding Maths tutoring Parramatta support to K-12 students across Standard, Advanced and Extension maths since our founding in 2009!

Experience a 20.7% increase in your marks thanks to our Maths tutoring Parramatta, the average mark improvement achieved by our customers in the last 10 years. We have a 93% customer success rate in terms of increasing students’ confidence and understanding, thanks to our unique maths tutoring methods

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A passionate Maths tutor Parramatta just around the corner

With experience under their belts, our Maths tutors Parramatta support students to achieve their academic and life goals, offering a holistic and individual approach to help them develop both inside and outside of school.

Here are some of our students’ schools and colleges in Parramatta. We’ve made sure our students achieved their preferred academic results across all Maths levels.

We know Maths tutoring Parramatta because we're always there

Are you looking for tutoring after a quick stop at Westfield? In Parramatta Library? Or maybe from the comfort of your own home? It doesn’t matters, because our maths tutors can reach you wherever you feel most at your convenience. Even online!

Our experienced Maths tutors Parramatta are always up to date with the latest K-12 textbooks, online and AOS personalised resources, to make sure we give you the best and most complete tutoring experience possible.

We are NSW curriculum experts, and use it to guide you to your study goal

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Support All Maths Year Levels

Discover how we can help you ace your chosen Maths year level!

  • Primary and High School
  • Maths Standard
  • Maths Advanced
  • Maths Extension
  • Primary and High School: K-10 Maths

    Our Maths Tutoring program in Parramatta aims to foster students' confidence and develop a solid mathematical foundation, enabling them to excel at any stage of their academic journey. Aligned with the NSW curriculum, our program focuses on ensuring students acquire a thorough understanding of key mathematical concepts, bridging any knowledge gaps and preparing them for future success in their education.

  • Maths Standard: Year 11-12

    With Maths Tutoring Parramatta, our team of experienced tutors offers comprehensive support for HSC Standard Maths. Our customised approach focuses on key skills such as comprehending mathematical concepts like algebra, statistics and measurement. While improving in additonal areas like analysing problem-solving strategies, improving logical reasoning, and generating effective mathematical solutions.

    We understand the unique requirements of each student and adapt our lesson plans and strategies accordingly. By addressing individual needs, we assist students in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in HSC Standard Maths, empowering them to achieve their academic goals with confidence.

  • Maths Advanced: Year 11-12

    With our Maths Tutors in Parramatta, we specialise in providing HSC Advanced Maths tutoring services that are designed to help students excel in this challenging subject. Our team of highly skilled tutors offers comprehensive support in a wide range of skills, including advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, proof techniques, and advanced mathematical modelling.

    We understand that each student has unique learning needs, and we tailor our lesson plans and strategies accordingly. Our goal is to assist students in developing the critical skills and knowledge necessary for success in HSC Advanced Maths, enabling them to achieve their academic objectives with confidence with mathematical concepts like functions, statistics, and calculus.

  • Maths Extension: Year 11-12

    With Maths Tutors in Parramatta, we offer personalised HSC Extension Maths tutoring to provide comprehensive support in advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, and mathematical reasoning.

    Our team of experienced tutors customises lesson plans to meet the unique needs of each student, helping them excel in this challenging subject and accomplish their academic goals. With our tailored approach, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in HSC Extension Maths. Providing assistance with mathematical concepts like functions, calculus, vectors and statistics.

Personalised and Holistic Resources Designed by Incredible Teachers & Tutors

If skill-building activities, challenging questions and an abundance of practice is what you are looking for, look no further than our Maths Tutoring Resource Books to master maths!

In depth review, topic by topic
Hundreds of exam style practice questions
Developed by qualified and experienced teachers and tutors
Holistic content revision to help develop critical skills and success!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

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Be taught by the best Maths tutors in Parramatta

It is very important to us that you get the finest and most awesome Maths tutoring Parramatta experience out there. We pride ourselves on having a selection program where the paramount selecting factor is excellence. For instance, our maths tutors Parramatta go through intense interviews, and even mock lessons. Of course, only those with at least a 90% score on their high school final exams are eligible to become Art of Smart Maths tutor Parramatta. 

This is not to say, however, that our amazing Maths tutoring Parramatta lacks diversity. On the contrary, you would be surprised to see how many excellent minds we gather from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. We realise that every student is different, hence why we prioritise diversity in our ranks. 

When it comes to Maths tutoring Parramatta, think quality

What’s more, we can guarantee our Maths tutor Parramatta is a masters in what they do. Tutors aren’t only selected in terms of their overall final grades, but on their individual subject scores also. This means that we are able to isolate specific maths tutoring Parramatta talents in our candidate pool, and pick the best of the best not just overall, but by subject. 

Whether you need an advanced mathematician, an infallible historian, a passionate scientist, or a creative linguist, our selection process ensures that each one of these brilliant maths tutoring Parramatta minds is right in our pocket.

Maths tutoring Parramatta programs just for you

It can often be overwhelming for a student to start tutoring sessions on top of school homework. That’s something we understand more than anyone here at Art of Smart. This is why our Maths tutoring Parramatta programs identify gaps or areas to be improved in an efficient, holistic way, so students get the best possible result for their time. 

From Years 7-12, your Art of Smart Maths tutor Parramatta will conduct an analysis based on both a questionnaire and reviewing past assessments to locate shortcomings and weaknesses they can work on with you.

Your Maths tutor Parramatta will also devise a lesson structure that pertains to your individual needs, scheduling time limits and homework depending on the workload assigned at school. This ensures efficiency of lesson time, without overwhelming the student with study material. 

Maths Tutoring Parramatta covering the NSW syllabus

Of course, syllabus and topic sequencing is also of paramount importance, both of these two key components will be taken into account by your Maths tutor Parramatta when creating a lesson plan so it’s aligned to your school and the NSW syllabus. Don’t be afraid to raise upcoming assessment requirements, as these will be made a priority if starting lessons close to assessment dates. 

Mathematics made easy with Maths tutoring Parramatta

Maths is most likely the most overwhelming and feared subject by most students, due to its complicated nature, unwritten rules, and out of the box thinking required to solve complex problems. So how different are our Maths tutoring Parramatta methods compared to everyone else? The key word here is not so much ‘difference’ as it is ‘success’. 

An Art of Smart Maths tutor Parramatta makes maths simple by focusing on its material application and real world uses, rather than explore the theory too much. While it is important to go through theory, here at Art of Smart we realise that this has already been done in the classroom by the time of the first lesson with our tutors. The main focus of our maths tutoring Parramatta approach is practice. Because practice is what maths is all about in high school. 

We realise that most students do not want to reach complex levels of mathematics, and thus we focus on making sure they ace their exams in order to get the final score they want on their high school curriculum, to get them where they deserve to be after school.  

A Maths tutor parramatta for every level

Nevertheless, do not be tempted to think that there is limited opportunity for our Maths tutors Parramatta to support students on the higher maths difficulty scale. This could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, our selecting process will get students paired up with a maths tutor Parramatta of their calibre, especially when it comes to mathematics. We understand some students must excel in those high difficulty areas, and we can guarantee our maths tutors will be there to make that happen and guide the student every step of the way towards their goal. 

Lower levels of maths at K-6 are also no problem for our Maths tutoring Parramatta team. We cover all levels of maths, so don’t hesitate to think of us for lower years. Every student matters, whether big or small. 

Everything about our 1 on 1 Maths tutoring Parramatta sessions

We believe the greatest difference between the classroom and our lessons is the depth that we reach with our students in terms of learning, as well as the rapport we build with our students. 1 on 1 Maths tutoring Parramatta sessions are extremely important and beneficial to our and the student’s success. This is due to the fact that individual, tailored learning approaches increase confidence and results. 

Our 1 on 1 Maths tutoring Parramatta sessions in person are our most successful and proven way to help our students towards their goals. Students get a more focused set of feedback and can ask all the questions they need to without the pressure of a classroom or other people’s time. They also benefit ultimately from individual tutor input, rather than the usual general feedback they are used to getting during class time at school. 

Maths tutoring Parramatta at your fingertips

We’ve offered amazing online Maths tutoring Parramatta support for over a decade so you can choose what is more convenient for you – online or face to face sessions!

This amazing flexibility makes us unique here at Art of Smart. If you don’t fancy one on one maths tutoring Parramatta sessions, no fear. You can reach our Campuses as well and get started with group sessions. These are more like a normal class, although the groups are smaller, so there is opportunity for one on one feedback, unlike the typical classroom of twenty to thirty peers you normally have to share one teacher with. Our group sessions are kept small with 4-6 students.