How Maitreyi Received Early Entry into Macquarie University

🎓 Received a University Early Entry Offer

Maitreyi received an early entry offer from Macquarie University which helped relieve HSC stress and anxiety.

💰 Received a $30K Scholarship

Maitreyi successfully applied for and received a $30,000 scholarship for international students that covers her university tuition.

📲 Dream Course B. Media and Communications

Maitreyi got into her first preference at Macquarie University where she will be pursuing her interest in media.

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The Challenge

As an international student, Maitreyi was concerned about her university options. Maitreyi felt stressed about whether she would be able to undertake tertiary study in Australia as a result of the expensive tuition costs for international students. Maitreyi was eager to look into her options for university and was seeking help in applying for university early entry and scholarships so she could clarify her options for study.

I’m an international student, so I was really worried about not being able to get a scholarship to stay in Australia the stress of scholarships was really impacting my motivation and study.

Key Problems

📈 As an international student unsure of her residential status for the next year, Maitreyi’s stress went up and motivation went down

⚖️ Maitreyi struggled to balance her study without the structure of school in the holidays, which meant she focussed on subjects she enjoyed and neglected those she didn’t

🤔 Maitreyi was unsure of what to include in her scholarship applications and didn’t know what universities were looking for. This meant she needed help in identifying the most effective way to present herself

Our Approach

Maitreyi had great experiences she could list on her early entry and scholarship applications, but simply needed guidance in how to best represent those experiences and abilities. Her mentors, Amelia and Daniel helped Maitreyi narrow her focus and identify relevant extracurricular activities and achievements that she could incorporate in her application. 

Amelia and Daniel also provided Maitreyi with effective strategies that helped her structure her application and let her achievements shine.


  • Identifying tertiary study options
  • Boosting motivation
  • Presenting your best self
  • Crafting a successful application


  • Clarifying university options
  • Application structure strategies
  • Time management strategies
  • Drafting and reviewing application

Clarifying University Options

Study/Life Balance

Early Entry Guidance

Building Personal Brand

The Result

After finding the perfect early entry program at Macquarie University, Maitreyi’s application underwent three major revisions with the help of her Pathfinder mentor and Early Entry and Cadetship Application workshops. She also collaborated with other Pathfinders to strengthen her application and general support.

Maitreyi successfully received an early entry offer into her dream degree of a Bachelor of Media and Communications at Macquarie University on a $30,000 scholarship!


Increase in professional skills


Improvement in developing personal brand


Increase in resume optimisation


Increase in knowledge of university opportunities

With Pathfinder, Maitreyi successfully developed her personal brand and gained early entry

One of the biggest takeaways has been to step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. If I was applying for early entry independently, I probably would have given up and wouldn’t have considered applying but doing it as part of the program with a team to support me was really encouraging.

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