How Simone Went from Failing Essays to a 32% Improvement in HSC Economics

⭐ 32% Mark Improvement in HSC Economics

Simone went from almost failing her first Year 12 assessment to a high Band 5 result in the final HSC exam. 

✍️ Developed Essay Writing Skills for Assessments

Simone worked with her tutor to master the fundamentals of essay writing for the Economics course. 

🎓Entry to B. Commerce/B. Engineering at UNSW

Simone’s hard work earned her an offer to her dream course, where she decided to continue studying in the field of business! 

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The Challenge

Simone had never been a fan of writing essays, so she wasn’t surprised to receive a 55% in her first Year 12 Economics assessment. Because of this mark, she was ranked 24th out of 25 students. Simone wasn’t sure it was worth keeping Economics as one of her HSC units. Because she believed that essay writing wasn’t her strong suit, she hadn’t been putting her best efforts into improving her marks. Simone decided to give it another go for her second assessment and reached out to Art of Smart for help! 

At the beginning of Economics, Year 11 didn’t go as well as I thought I would. It was a new year and I thought I’d try my hardest. First assessment rolled around and it was two essays. Essays aren’t my strong suit.

Key Problems

😕 Simone hadn’t been taught the tips and tricks on how to write a proper Economics essay 

📖 Simone was summarising the textbook to study instead of actively engaging with her notes

🚨 Simone wasn’t doing regular writing practise each week which meant that it was harder for her to improve 

Our Approach

Simone joined our HSC Economics Success Program with Art of Smart to improve from her last assessment mark. As other students asked questions in the small group sessions, Simone was able to reflect on her understanding of concepts. Her tutor encouraged regular writing practise and gave feedback on each paragraph she submitted. Simone also started to improve the quality of her study notes. Instead of reading the textbook, she wrote within it to engage with the content. 

Her tutor provided sample exam questions and essay prompts for her to practise with. Having a set time to come in and study Economics helped Simone stay accountable and she ended up making many friends! 


  • Essay writing 
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Identifying gaps in understanding
  • Studying smarter


  • Feedback loop with tutor
  • Weekly tutoring session
  • Collaborative learning with peers
  • Annotating textbook 

Feedback Loop with Tutor

Weekly Tutoring Session

Collaborative Learning with Peers

Annotating Textbook

The Result

Simone’s hard work earned her an incredible 87% HSC result for Economics. By committing to a weekly group session, she could bounce ideas off her peers and get regular feedback from her tutor. 

Because of this result, Simone was able to receive an offer to her dream course at the University of New South Wales in Commerce and Engineering! 


Increase in Economics results

Band 5

Final HSC result


Average increase in marks through class tutoring


Student rating for whether their teacher is approachable and friendly

With Art of Smart, Simone saw a 32% improvement in HSC Economics

In the classes, if there were any questions that I didn’t understand as well as concepts that I didn’t understand or had only heard about once in class, it was good to get clarity on those things. There was also a lot of collaborative learning and bouncing off another, that was really helpful.

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