How Azhar Increased Her Motivation to Bounce Back During Year 12

📝 Increased Motivation With New Study Approaches

Azhar learned how to manage her time and break down tasks so that she became more motivated.

🎉 Received Early Entry to Macquarie University

Azhar received two early entry offers from Macquarie University including one for Law.

🧠 Dream Course B. Psychology (Honours)

Azhar received entry into a B. Psychology/Cognitive Science (Honours) at Macquarie University.

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The Challenge

Azhar had set high goals for Year 12 but was struggling with balancing family commitments and studying which ultimately impacted her marks. In addition to the HSC, Azhar was studying for the UCAT which only added to her already busy workload. With so much going on, Azhar needed someone to help her manage her time as well as guide her through the HSC as she was the first in her family to do so!

Motivation was a challenge because when you start off really hard in Year 11, towards the end you kind of go “Oh my god, I’ve exhausted myself” and just want to sit down and do nothing.

Key Problems

🏠 Azhar had a lot of family responsibilities and distractions at home which made it easy for her to neglect her studies despite also having high expectations!

😰 Azhar would get overwhelmed by the things she needed to do as she didn’t break them down into manageable chunks and made her study ineffective

🔎 Azhar was looking at her different university options but didn’t have a clear idea of what to do

Our Approach

Azhar’s mentor, Sarah, helped her manage her time by creating study plans that accounted for all her responsibilities and would still allow her to achieve her goals. These study plans included non-negotiable breaks so that Azhar wouldn’t burn out and could still study effectively. Azhar also immediately changed her notes to be structured by the syllabus and ensure she wasn’t wasting her time on unnecessary topics. This made it easier for her to revise before her exams.

While Azhar had been set on pursuing dentistry at university, Sarah encouraged her to seek other options and apply for early entry. Not only did this provide Azhar the security of a place at university, it helped her learn more about herself and other areas of interest.


  • Maintaining motivation
  • Time management
  • Preparing for after school
  • University entry


  • Breaking down tasks
  • Creating study timetables
  • Workshops and intensives
  • Research and personalised advice

Task Break Down

Weekly Study Timetable

Researching degrees

Workshops and Intensives

The Result

Azhar eventually received not one but two early entry offers to Macquarie University! Despite having many responsibilities, Pathfinder helped Azhar boost her motivation and maximise her options by applying for early entry and discovering other university degrees of interest.

By learning how to manage her time with Sarah, Year 12 became much more manageable and Azhar was able to achieve her desired outcomes! She is now enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychology and Cognitive Science (Honours) at Macquarie University.


Learned how to make effective study notes


Learned strategies to study smarter not harder


Improved their time management


Identified and applied for university opportunities

Case Study Graphics Azhar

With the Pathfinder program, Azhar successfully increased her motivation

Not only was Sarah a mentor to me, she was my friend. I’m the first person in my family who is graduating in Australia so it was really helpful for me to have a person who could guide me through the HSC!

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