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For the last ten years, we’ve supported Kindergarten to Year 12 students in Castle Hill with our all-encompassing maths tutoring that covers General Maths, Mathematics Advanced as well as Extension Maths 1 and 2. 

Students working with a Maths tutor Castle Hill from Art of Smart have increased their marks by 20% on average and 93% of our customers can testify that our Maths tutoring has boosted their children’s comprehension and self-esteem in maths.

High Schools
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Castle Hill High School

Oakhill College

Crestwood High School

Tangara School for Girls

Cherrybrook Technology High School

Gilroy Catholic College

Hills Adventist College

Baulkham Hills High School

Pacific Hills Christian School

Model Farms High School

William Clarke College

The Hills Grammar School

Marian Catholic College

Castle Hill Public School

St Angela’s Primary School

Samuel Gilbert Public School

St Bernadette’s Primary School

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John Purchase Public School

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Learn from an experienced Maths Tutor Castle Hill!

Our Maths tutoring Castle Hill team are mathematical whizzes with a decade of experience supporting students master the key conceptual foundations of the NSW Maths Curriculum while developing students’ problem solving skills so that they can successfully answer challenging exam style questions.

We’ve supported students from local schools across Castle Hill, and are familiar with local school sequences and Maths assessments, so we can deliver tailored support to help your child get confident and excel!

Flexible Support with No Booking Fees or Contracts that Fits Your Schedule

Our Maths tutors in Castle Hill are incredibly familiar with the whereabouts of the area so we’re happy to travel to your home, the Castle Hill Library or set up lessons at our Hills Campus in person or online. Either way, we can assure you that our lessons are catered to your needs and convenience. 

With access to amazing NSW Maths curriculum resources in print, on our online website and app, our Maths tutoring Castle Hill team are well prepared to run holistic classes that enable your child to achieve their best in Maths.

Meet Our Maths Tutors in Castle Hill

Our Maths Tutoring Castle Hill Locations

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Support All Year Levels of Maths

Discover how we can help you ace your chosen Maths year level!

  • Primary and High School
  • Maths Standard
  • Maths Advanced
  • Maths Extension
  • Primary and High School: K-10 Maths

    Our K-10 Maths Tutoring program in Castle Hill equips students with the confidence and solid foundation needed to excel in high school. With a focus on the NSW curriculum, we ensure that students develop a strong understanding of key mathematical concepts in algebra, measurement, statistics, probability and NAPLAN, bridging any knowledge gaps and preparing them for success in their senior years of schooling.

  • Maths Standard: Year 11-12

    With Castle Hill Maths Tutoring, our team of experienced tutors offers comprehensive support for HSC Standard Maths. Our tailored approach focuses on various essential skills, including grasping mathematical concepts like algebra, measurement, financial maths and statistics. While analyzing problem-solving techniques, enhancing logical reasoning abilities, and formulating effective mathematical solutions.

    We understand the unique requirements of each student and customise our lesson plans and strategies accordingly. By addressing individual needs, we assist students in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in HSC Standard Maths, enabling them to achieve their academic goals.

  • Maths Advanced: Year 11-12

    At Castle Hill Maths Tutoring, we offer specialized HSC Advanced Maths tutoring services designed to help students excel in this challenging subject. Our team of experienced tutors provides comprehensive support across a wide range of skills, including advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, proof techniques, and advanced mathematical modeling. The also excel at teaching the key mathematical concepts like functions, calculus and statistical analysis.

    We understand that each student has unique learning needs, which is why we customise our lesson plans and strategies to cater to their individual requirements. Our aim is to assist students in developing the essential skills and knowledge necessary for success in HSC Advanced Maths, enabling them to achieve their academic goals with confidence.

  • Maths Extension: Year 11-12

    At Castle Hill Maths Tutoring, we offer personalised HSC Extension Maths tutoring to provide comprehensive support in advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, and mathematical reasoning. As well as support in teaching key mathematical concepts like functions, calculus, vectors and combinatorics.

    Our team of experienced tutors customises lesson plans to meet the unique needs of each student, helping them excel in this challenging subject and reach their academic goals. With our tailored approach, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in HSC Extension Maths.


State of the Art Resources Developed by our Accomplished Maths Tutors

Loaded with worked examples, simplified notes and practice questions graded by difficulty, our Maths Tutoring Resource covers the NSW HSC syllabus from the top down, fully equipping for success in your maths assessments.  

Put together by experienced teachers and tutors
All types of practice questions and exercises to train your critical thinking skills
Covers the entire Maths syllabus by topic
Additional revision chapter to prep you for your final exams!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Browse through our Maths Tutoring Castle Hill resources!

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How We Match a Maths Tutor Castle Hill with Your Child 

We start finding a suitable match from our Maths Tutoring Castle Hill team for your child right from your very first call with us. From there, we will ask you about your child’s goals, needs, likes and dislikes to ensure that we find a perfect candidate who can form a lifelong relationship with your child!

To finalise lesson plans, your very own Maths Tutor Castle Hill will contact you within the day that you called Art of Smart. They will confirm the date of your first lesson, as well as any additional information that is important to support your child in personalising a Maths tutoring session that fits them!

Our Tailored Method to Maths Tutoring Castle Hill

By assessing your previous test results, your Art of Smart Maths tutor Castle Hill will determine the specific aspects of Math that you need support in. They will also check the upcoming topics and assessment deadlines set by your school to plan for future lessons that targets your unique needs. 

A diagnostic test will be run by your Maths tutor Castle Hill to distinguish which level your child is at and find out which areas of improvement to start targeting, if your child is in Kindergarten to Year 6. 

Meanwhile, previous assessment grades will be used by Math tutors to identify where to improve, while utilising learning resources and diagnostic questions on certain maths topics to specify which area requires the most support, if your child is in Year 7 to 12.  

If you’re looking for English tutoring, we also have incredible English tutors within Castle Hill too.

Your top place to find a fantastic Maths Tutor Castle Hill!

If you’re scrolling down this page, you’re most likely looking for a Maths Tutor Castle Hill. 

And you’ve come to the right place! We have a solid reputation of providing Maths tutoring Castle Hill with over 13 years of expertise in the tutoring business and 500+ of passionate tutors on our team, so we can support you! 

What sets Art of Smart Education apart from other tutoring centres is our award-winning holistic Maths Tutoring Castle Hill approach that caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, at all levels of the NSW curriculum, including HSC level 2-Unit Mathematics, Maths Extension 1 and Extension 2. 

We understand that confidence is important so we help students build their self-esteem through holistic 1 on 1 tutoring lessons, which breaks down the Maths curriculum comprehensively.

A Maths tutor Castle Hill from our company also act as mentors for students as they work with students to build their study and exam skills to prepare for Math assessments, using evidence based techniques we’ve collated from Australia’s high achievers, so your child can maximise their examination results while minimising stress for their wellbeing. 

Why You Should Work with an Art of Smart Maths Tutor Castle Hill? 

Art of Smart’s Maths tutoring Castle Hill team support students across all levels of Maths, including those from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

So, if your child is in Kindergarten or preparing for their HSC Extension 2 Maths this year, our Maths Tutoring Castle Hill crew has at least one reputable mentor who is an expert in the subject with extensive teaching, motivation and relationship building skills to mentor Maths to students. 

On top of having a solid understanding of Maths, our Maths tutoring Castle Hill candidates are 100% highly qualified as we ensure that they can teach efficiently while being highly committed to your child’s learning progress.  

As part of our recruitment process, our Maths Tutor Castle Hill team must successfully complete our one hour long interview, where we assess them on how well they teach, interact and engage with students. Be assured that they also have a Working with Children Check too!

To ensure we find the right match for your child, we also screen for other extra-curricular activities and hobbies that our Maths tutor Castle Hill might have, so we can connect you to a tutor who can bond with your child and who will also be an amazing role model.

We do this to guarantee that your Art of Smart Castle Hill Math tutor will be able to make Maths enjoyable for the student, and communicate complex and difficult Maths problems in a simplified way that is tailored your child’s learning style. 

Due to our incredibly selective process, we only pick 1 in 8 out of thousands of tutor applicants per year to become part of our Maths Tutoring Castle Hill members at Art of Smart. So, say no more to the laborious task of sieving through endless candidates, as we have already done the job of finding an amazing Maths tutor Castle Hill for you.

A Maths Tutor Castle Hill that Meets your Individual Needs

With a Maths Tutor Castle Hill from Art of Smart, your tutoring experience will be entirely unique to your child, regardless of whether the lesson takes place online or in person at your house. Whatever your family schedule is, our tutors are flexible and ready to accommodate to whenever suits you best!

Maths Tutoring Castle Hill at Your Home 

If you’d like to organise in person lessons at your house, we’ll collaborate with you to find the best days and times that fit your family’s timetable for our tutors to come over and then we’ll match your child with one of our superb Maths tutoring Castle Hill tutors. 

And just like that, your child will receive lessons in the comfort of your home during your preferred time, so you can say bye to being an Uber driver for your child. 

Maths Tutoring Castle Hill Online 

If you’d like to organise online lessons, our Maths Tutor Castle Hill can deliver live sessions through Zoom where a digital whiteboard, screen sharing, chat and file sharing functions are used in an online classroom set up to deliver an interactive online Maths tutoring session. 

It will be ask if your child is sitting in the same room as the tutor as the online Whiteboards will be used to draw formulas, graphs, shapes and diagrams as well as explanations to help your child understand Maths topics and questions visually. 

Prior to lessons, your Maths tutor Castle Hill will share a Zoom link for Maths tutoring lessons every week, so your child can join lessons by one click!. With our new Art of Smart mobile app, they’ll also be able to use our Maths resources online during the lesson to support their Maths learning. 

Comprehensive New South Wales Curriculum Maths Tutoring Resources 

Our in-depth resource library was developed by our experienced teachers and accomplished Maths tutors who based it on the entire NSW Maths Curriculum. Your child will have access to our state of art resources as your Maths tutor Castle Hill can retrieve it for them. 

We have our Maths tutoring resources in both print and online application formats, where tutors will specifically hand-pick the best resources and weekly homework to allocate to students based on their goals as part of Art of Smart’s personalised approach. 

In these Maths tutoring resources, we provide key summaries of important content, step by step explanations of completed examples, and a wide range of practice questions with varying levels of difficulty. This allows our Maths tutor Castle Hill to customise lessons based on whether your child requires support in understanding the mathematical foundations, or if they’d like to advance ahead.