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Since 2009, we have helped Gold Coast students throughout Prep to their final year of high school achieve their academic goals by providing quality Maths tutoring. Whether your child is in P-10, or studying a specific Maths level in Year 11 or 12 (General Maths, Maths Methods or Specialist Maths), we’re here to help!

On average, our Maths Gold Coast tutoring students see an average increase in their marks of 20.7% and a whopping 93% of customers agree that our tutors’ teaching methods are effective in promoting children’s understanding and confidence!

High Schools
Primary Schools

Miami State High School

Keebra Park State High School

Merrimac State High School

St Hilda’s School

Nerang State High School

Benowa State High School

Southport State High School

Silkwood High School

All Saints Anglican School

Coombabah State High School

Helensvale State High School

Saint Stephen’s College

Caningeraba State School

Marymount Catholic Primary School

Varsity College

Surfers Paradise State School

Broadbeach State School

Clover Hill State School

Merrimac State School

Mudgeeraba Creek State School

Benowa State School

Burleigh Heads State School

Pacific Pines State School

Pinpama State Primary College

Expert Maths Tutors who make Maths simple!

Our Gold Coast-based team of Maths Tutors includes highly skilled individuals such as 98+ ATAR scorers and Maths specialist tutors with expertise in various Maths levels taught in Queensland. Our tutors are well-prepared with customised lessons and resources, aimed at helping students master key numeracy skills and assessments based on the QLD curriculum.

Take a look at some of the schools in the Gold Coast where we’ve helped students reach their Maths goals with our award-winning tutoring!

Our Maths Tutoring Gold Coast is Backed by QCCA Curriculum Resources

Our Maths tutors Gold Coast understand what you’d like to achieve and where you need help. With our flexibility, we can offer tutoring from the comfort of your own home, online, or at Southport Library — we can guarantee there’s a location well-suited for your needs.

Prepared with up-to-date print and online resources for any P-12 subjects crafted in accordance with the QCAA curriculum, you can be assured that our experienced Maths tutors Gold Coast provide tailored support for our customers. 

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We Support All Levels of QLD Curriculum Maths

From P-10 through to Year 11-12 we’ve got you covered! 

  • P-10
  • General Maths
  • Maths Methods
  • Specialist Maths
  • P-10: QLD Curriculum Maths

    With our P-10 Maths tutoring Gold Coast, students can enhance their understanding of the fundamental strands of mathematical content while also boosting their confidence in problem-solving. This comprehensive approach prepares them for high school and sets the foundation for success in Year 11-12.

  • General Maths: Year 11-12

    Our program assists Year 11-12 students in General Maths by delving into the key concepts of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics, and Networks and Matrices, all of which build on the foundational knowledge acquired in the P-10 QLD Curriculum.

  • Maths Methods: Year 11-12

    Our Year 11-12 Maths tutoring Gold Coast provides comprehensive support to students studying Mathematical Methods. We cover essential topics such as algebra, functions, relations and graphs, calculus, and statistics to equip them with the necessary skills for success.

  • Specialist Maths: Year 11-12

    If you're studying Specialist Mathematics, our program in Gold Coast can help you develop a strong command of essential topics such as vectors and matrices, real and complex numbers, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. By mastering these concepts, you'll be well-prepared to excel in both Internal Assessments and External Assessments.

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All-Inclusive Resources Designed by Qualified Educators

Our Maths Tutoring Resource books in Gold Coast provide a wealth of materials to help you excel in Maths. Filled with detailed explanations, worked examples, and practice questions, these resources comprehensively cover the Queensland Curriculum for P-12 Maths, equipping you with the tools you need to succeed.

Topic by topic syllabus coverage
Hundreds of Mathematics practice questions
Written by qualified academics and tutors
Comprehensive content revision to build critical skills and excel!
Available online, 24/7.

Check out our QCAA Maths tutoring Gold Coast resources!

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A Leader in Maths Tutoring Gold Coast

If you’re searching for Maths Tutoring Gold Coast in your own home or online, we can help you! Our main priority is providing students with holistic tutoring by passionate tutors in order to motivate them and help them achieve their best results.

With over 13 years of tutoring experience since opening in 2009, we have supported students all over Australia in attaining their academic goals and building confidence, especially with Maths tutoring Gold Coast.

We offer comprehensive Maths tutoring Gold Coast (and have even won awards for the service we provide) that’s personalised for students from Preparatory all the way to Year 12. Regardless of whether your child requires help in primary school, high school or QCE exams, they are in safe hands with our updated resources and qualified Maths tutors Gold Coast.

Why is an Art of Smart Maths Tutor Gold Coast the right fit?

With our tutoring, your child won’t be restricted to lessons that follow a rigid and uniform structure. Our tutors work closely with students to become familiar with their needs and tailor their lessons to target identified problem areas. 

No matter where your child is in their learning journey — whether they are starting Prep or finishing off Year 12, we have a passionate bunch of tutors in the Gold Coast that have the skills and knowledge to help students develop their confidence with Maths.

How we hire each Maths Tutor Gold Coast

Each one of our Maths tutors gold coast have undertaken a stringent recruitment process which ensure that your child is provided with the highest quality tutoring experience to enhance their academic journey. This process looks into whether a tutor has the relevant subject knowledge, skills to build rapport and the ability to teach students following the QLD Maths curriculum.

Before being selected, all of our prospective Gold Coast Maths tutors are required to undergo a 1 hour interview that checks off if they satisfy our academic requirements, have a valid Working with Children Check, and have the soft skills to support students. We only aim for the best matches, so we record our Maths tutors Gold Coast interests and extracurricular activities to pair your child with someone who shares common interests and can connect with them.

Our process is so rigid that out of the thousands of people who apply to become a Maths tutor Gold Coast, we only recruit 1 in 8. Essentially, you can trust that your Maths tutor Gold Coast will be undoubtedly amazing! 

Be paired with a qualified Maths tutor Gold Coast

After getting in touch with us, we’ll chat in-depth about where your child needs the most support and also talk about their interests, how they learn best and the goals they’d like to achieve academically. This conversation will inform our Maths tutor selection and we will review who will be able to support your child’s learning goals well.

We value efficiency and reliability, so after contacting us, a Maths tutor Gold Coast will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a time that will work well for an initial lesson. They will also confirm any extra information you will beed to know so that they are able to provide optimal support for your child during the session.

Accessible Maths Tutoring Gold Coast tailored to students needs

Every student is different, so we offer a range of tutoring modes tailored to each student’s needs. We can help you face-to-face in your own home or online — whichever is most convenient for you! 

If you work well in your own space and prefer to be taught face-to-face, we can provide in-home tutoring. Our Gold Coast Maths tutors are accommodating and can work according to your schedule to ensure that you maintain a healthy school-life balance.

Online Maths Tutoring Gold Coast

It’s no surprise that with the pandemic, online learning has become in demand in order for students to receive high quality education. If face-to-face is not so much your thing, we can also provide interactive, live online tutoring sessions. We keep our lessons engaging and provide incredible academic support through using features such as a digital whiteboard, chat, screen sharing and file sharing through Zoom.

Each time you have a lesson scheduled, your Maths tutor Gold Coast will send you an exclusively allocated Zoom link and you will be able to access our comprehensive Maths resources during your lesson.

Outstanding Maths Tutoring Gold Coast Resources

Aligned with the Gold Coast Maths Curriculum, your Maths tutor Gold Coast will help your child understand content with a range of diverse and in-depth tutoring resources created by an expert team of teachers and Maths tutors. 

These resources are accessible in both print and online using our App. They are created and personalised to their goals and will be used throughout tutoring sessions, as well as set homework.

Looking through our Maths tutoring resources, you’ll be able to identify our summaries which contain the most important material to remember, step-by-step guides with worked examples, and a wide variety of problem questions with different levels of difficulty. If your child is in need of foundational Maths content or is looking to improve their marks, our Gold Coast Maths tutors are dedicated to helping your child ace the subject. 

Comprehensive Maths Tutoring Gold Coast for Students

Our Maths tutors Gold Coast work alongside students to recognise and pinpoint Maths areas where your child need extra support. By examining previous assessment results, your Maths tutor Gold Coast will be able to indicate key areas of improvement and mould a learning plan suited to your needs.

Students in P-6 will undergo a diagnostic test with their Maths tutor Gold Coast that will indicate which stage of the Gold Coast Maths curriculum your child is at to point out key focus areas. 

For students in Year 7-12, their Maths tutor Gold Coast will look into previously completed assessments to note areas of improvement and utilise our helpful AoS learning resources to advise students through harder topics and relevant practice questions.