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For over a decade, the team at Art of Smart has supported 8,000+ P-12 students build their confidence and improve their results for Maths. On average, the students we support in Year 12 improve their Maths results by over 20%, and 9 in 10 say that their Art of Smart tutor has helped them become more confident!

From primary school Maths, all the way through to VCE Maths (where students get assessed through Outcomes and SACs), your Art of Smart Maths tutor Melbourne will work with you to identify any learning gaps that might be holding you back, and any upcoming assessments to build a tailored tutoring support plan just for you!

Find the perfect Maths tutor Melbourne for you 

Once you have reached out to us for Maths tutoring Melbourne support, we will chat with you about how we can best help your child. We will learn as much as we can about how your child learns, what their interests are, and any goals they have. With all of this information, we will be able to hand-pick a tutor that will be the best fit. 

After this initial call you can expect a Maths tutor Melbourne to reach out to you within 24 hours to organise lesson times and locations. We want you experiences with us to be nothing less than convenient and so we provide our services both online and in-person.

Maths tutoring Melbourne from the comfort of your home

If you find comfort and convenience in getting support at home, then an Art of Smart math tutor Melbourne is perfect for you! Our sessions are conducted by experienced tutors with top-notch resources. Whether you want lessons straight after school or prefer to have them on the weekend, we will strive to accommodate you and your child’s busy schedules. 

Get support with our online Maths tutoring Melbourne

If prefer to convenience and ease of online tutoring, then we have you covered! Your Art of Smart Maths tutor Melbourne will work hard to provide interactive and engaging online lessons for your child. Our lessons can take place on platforms such as Zoom or Skype. The functionality of these platforms makes online lessons easy and effective. Features include screen and file sharing, as well as digital whiteboards. 

Game-changing resources to compliment award-winning Maths tutoring Melbourne

If you are looking for a qualified Maths tutor Melbourne — whether online or in-person — Art of Smart has you covered! One of our biggest priorities is providing students with impactful support to keep them motivated and to help them achieve their goals. 

Your Maths tutor Melbourne will come equiped with Art of Smart’s abundant library of P-12 Maths resources. These resources are detailed and break down each of the syllabus points so they are easy to comprehend and remember. They include practice questions and exams to test their knowledge and receive feedback.

We want all of our students to access to these incredible resources and so they are available in print and digital form. This ensures that all students find support in a way that best suits them.

Public Schools
Private Schools

Balwyn High School

Carrum Downs Secondary College

Camberwell Grammar School

Coburg High School

Toorak College

Emmanuel College

Highvale Secondary College

Viewbank College

Northcote High School

Doncaster Secondary College

Glen Waverley Secondary College

Box Hill High School

McKinnon Secondary College

Kew High School

Parade College

Patterson River Secondary College

Mount Erin College

Noble Park Secondary College

Epping Secondary College

Melbourne Girls’ College

Trinity Grammar School

St Leonard’s College

MacKillop College

Melbourne Grammar School

Xavier College

Wesley College

MLC School

Shelford Girls’ Grammar

St Kevin’s College

Find the best Maths tutoring Melbourne with Art of Smart! 🤩

We believe that a great Maths tutor can be a game changer in helping students transform their relationship with Maths, and their results in Outcomes and SACs! This in turn opens more opportunities both in Senior school, and at university!

That’s why we only hire the best to be part of the Art of Smart Maths tutoring Melbourne team! From 45+ Study Score Scorers in VCE Maths, 95+ ATAR graduates, and university Maths majors, our tutors bring the best of both strong VIC Curriculum experience, and a deep passion and expertise with Maths! This means they can make even the most difficult concepts engaging and simpler to understand!

How is your Maths tutor Melbourne recruited?

At Art of Smart, our tutor recruitment process is a big deal. We hold our team to high standards and it is our goal to provide phenomenal and game-changing support to each and every one of our students. All of our tutors are required to obtain an ATAR of 90.00 or greater. As high-achievers, we know that our tutors will be able to pass on all of their tips-and-tricks which allowed them to ace their studies. 

But even then, having an impressive ATAR does not guarantee a job working with us. Our interview process ups the difficulty even more as candidate tutors are required to conduct a mock lesson of their choosing. This process allows us to examine their ability to communicate and to connect with others — ensuring that we hire individuals who are excited to teach, good at communicating tough ideas, and knowledgeable about their subject. 

In the end, only 1 in 8 — of the thousands of applicants — will be successful in joining our Maths tutoring Melbourne team. 

Reduce the stress with your local expert Maths tutor Melbourne 🌱

Our tutors strive to reduce your stress by helping make your life just that little bit easier. As locals, our tutors understand the Melbourne way of life. Whether you have a preference for in-person or online, we have you covered. It is our guarantee to you that we can find a location and a time that is well-suited to your learning style. 

From your very first call, we will be able to find you a suitable tutor to support your needs. With the information you provide us, we will hand-pick you a tutor who will contact you within 24 hours. You will then be able to organise a time and place for your first lesson — and can even organise future lessons!

Game-changing Maths tutoring Melbourne

If you’re seeking a qualified and impactful Maths tutor Melbourne, then you are at the right place! Our number one priority is ensuring that students feel supported and confident with their subjects and in their personal lives. We are motivated to help students work towards achieving their very best results. 

Since 2009, we have been working to develop a reputation for delivering award-winning educational support. Over the past decade, our tutors have helped countless students achieve their academic and personal goals — as well as improve their confidence in Mathematics. Whether your child is tackling addition in primary school, or is in the home-stretch before external exams — your Maths tutor Melbourne is here to help.

With our print and online resources, your child is in safe hands. Your tutor will be able to work through an abundance of practice problems and practice exams and can break down even the trickiest of assignments.

State Library of Victoria

Supporting thousands of families & rated 4.9 ⭐️!

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We Support All Levels of VIC Curriculum Maths

From P-10 through to Year 11-12 we’ve got you covered! 

  • P-10
  • General Maths
  • Maths Methods
  • Specialist Maths
  • P-10: VIC Curriculum Maths

    Our P-10 Maths tutoring Melbourne supports students develop strong understanding across the key strands of content, as well as developing their confidence with mathematical problem solving so they can be ready for both high school, and Year 11-12.

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Measurement
    • Geometry
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • NAPLAN Support for Year 3, 5, 7 and 9
  • General Maths: Year 11-12

    We support Year 11-12 students with General Maths across Number and algebra, Measurement and geometry, Statistics, and Probability, building on the content of the P–10 VIC Curriculum.

    Unit 1 

    • Area of Study 1: Data analysis, probability and statistics
    • Area of Study 2: Algebra, number and structure
    • Area of Study 3: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 4: Discrete mathematics

    Unit 2

    • Area of Study 1: Data analysis, probability and statistics
    • Area of Study 2: Discrete mathematics
    • Area of Study 3: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 4: Space and measurement

    Units 3 and 4

    • Area of Study 1: Data analysis, probability and statistics
    • Area of Study 2: Discrete mathematics
  • Maths Methods: Year 11-12

    Our Year 11-12 Maths tutoring Melbourne supports students with Mathematical Methods across the core topics of algebra, functions, relations and their graphs, calculus and statistics.

    Unit 1 

    • Area of Study 1: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 2: Algebra, number and structure
    • Area of Study 3: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 4: Discrete mathematics

    Unit 2

    • Area of Study 1: Data analysis, probability and statistics
    • Area of Study 2: Discrete mathematics
    • Area of Study 3: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 4: Space and measurement

    Units 3 and 4

    • Area of Study 1: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 2: Algebra, number and structure
    • Area of Study 3: Calculus
    • Area of Study 4: Data analysis, probability and statistics
  • Specialist Maths: Year 11-12

    For students taking Specialist Mathematics, we help you build your mastery across complex mathematical theory so you can ace your SACs and External Assessment!

    Unit 1

    • Area of Study 1: Algebra, number and structure
    • Area of Study 2: Discrete mathematics

    Unit 2

    • Area of Study 1: Data analysis, probability and statistics
    • Area of Study 2: Space and measurement
    • Area of Study 3: Algebra, number and structure
    • Area of Study 4: Functions, relations and graphs

    Units 3 and 4

    • Area of Study 1: Discrete mathematics
    • Area of Study 2: Functions, relations and graphs
    • Area of Study 3: Algebra, number and structure
    • Area of Study 4: Calculus
    • Area of Study 5: Space and measurement
    • Area of Study 6: Data analysis, probability and statistics

Inspiring and motivating students with Maths tutoring Melbourne since 2009.


Students mentored


Average improvement in marks


Agree that tutors develop great rapport

7 in 10

Students score a Study Score equivalent of 40+

Art of Smart Maths tutoring Melbourne will...

Check off Maths fundamentals

Build up from the foundations to help you learn new content with ease

Strengthen your problem solving skills

Gain some practice with unseen questions and mock papers

Master difficult Maths concepts

Review any challenging questions and get feedback to improve your understanding

Boost your confidence

Develop your understanding and gain confidence in your abilities

Write top-notch assessments

Get feedback and support with your Maths assessments to lift your results

Ace your Maths exams

Develop time-management skills and study techniques to prepare for exams

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school!

Check out some of our VCE Maths tutoring resources!

One-of-a-Kind Resources Produced by Experts


Filled to the brim with skills-building practice problems that cover the fundamental skills and more challenging topics, along with all you need to excel in Mathematics.

Written by subject experts
Topic summaries to assess everything you have learnt in a term
Gain a better understanding of question styles and appropriate responses
Practice exams to help prepare for finals and to get useful feedback
Available online, 24/7.

Equipping Maths Tutoring Melbourne students for life after school since 2009

We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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Art of Smart’s Holistic Maths Tutoring Melbourne

Our individualised and personal lessons allow students to grow to their full potential and maximise the opportunities available to them. Art of Smart lessons will help them to achieve all of their goals — the big and the small. We believe that students can’t be placed in the same box and taught the same way – after all, every student is different and requires support in different areas. 

Not every student learns the same way and we are fully equipped to help every student learn content in a way that boosts their performance. Your Maths tutor Melbourne will assess your child’s progress and provide them with instructive feedback to help them improve.

What makes our Maths tutoring Melbourne so awesome?

Here at Art of Smart, we are fortunate to have an incredible team of passionate and inspiring tutors. Each and every one of our tutors are experts in their subjects and so are more than ready to support your child as they tackle challenging maths problems. Our tutors aim to make school less stressful where possible – whether it be subject related stressors or university applications. Our high quality student-tutor pairings ensure that your child gets the most out of their lessons. Meaning you can relax knowing that your child is in good hands. 

From the very first lesson, your child’s Maths tutor Melbourne will develop a learning plan to guide your child through mathematics. We are equipped to help students in all year levels and with every piece of assessment.