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Over the last 13+ years, we’ve supported thousands of students with HSC English tutoring Sydney successfully navigate English Standard, English Advanced and English Extension 1 and 2. In fact, 7 out of 10 students we’ve supported in Year 12, score a Band 5 or 6 results for HSC English, a testament to the proven approach, and comprehensive resources we provide.

Focusing on both specific texts students study at their school, combined with key HSC English skills to prepare students for unseen questions in exam conditions, students on average experience a 20%+ mark improvement for HSC English, transforming it from that compulsory subject that is dragging their ATAR down, to one that boosts their ATAR and options for university!

Your very own HSC English Tutor Sydney who is familiar with your texts!

Our English tutoring Sydney team provides holistic 1 on 1 lessons that are tailored to your goals and the texts you are studying in class. With our personalised support and comprehensive text specific resources, you will be able to analyse your texts in greater depth and craft essays worthy of Band 6 results!

No matter where your school is located across Sydney, Art of Smart will have the right HSC English Tutor Sydney for you! We’ve supported students from over 300+ schools around NSW and are deeply familiar with the typical assessment structures for HSC English.

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Our HSC English Tutoring Sydney team can meet you at a location that best works for you! Whether it’s at the State Library of New South Wales, at one of our local campuses, in your own home or online, our English tutors can organise a lesson anywhere! 

We will match you with an incredible member of our HSC English tutoring Sydney team, who include Band 6 98+ ATAR graduates, English Literature university majors and qualified and pre-service English teachers! We’ll work to make sure you’ve got the right tutor for you, and with no booking fees, or contracts, it’s super easy to get started!

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Check out our HSC English tutoring Sydney resources!

All-Encompassing Resources developed by our Incredible HSC English Tutoring Sydney team

Covering all the most common HSC English prescribed texts, you’ll access quote banks, sample analysis, practice questions, Band 6 Essays, skill-based activities and more to help you master your Prelim and HSC English assessments and exams!

Developed by our English teachers and tutors
Brush up your critical thinking with our extensive range of practice questions
Learn foundational skills, including textual analysis, essay planning as well as creative writing
Access quote banks, Band 6 essays and more!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

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How We Find Your Compatible HSC English Tutor Sydney

To ensure we find your perfect match, we will first ask you about your English goals, strengths and areas of improvement along with your hobbies and interests during your first call with us. 

After this, we will find a HSC English Tutor Sydney that is most likely going to get along well with you by looking through the profiles of our incredible team members. Then, your nominated English tutor will contact you in the next 24 hours to confirm details about your first lesson. 

Amazing English Tutoring Sydney Resources 

Lucky for you, our highly experienced team of English experts have collated an extensive English resource bank which has been updated to the new NESA curriculum. These resources contain skill-building activities, discussion prompts, practice questions and sample essays to sharpen your critical thinking and argumentation skills. 

Your English Tutor Sydney will be well equipped to grant you access to all of our resources in print and online through our Art of Smart mobile app, from your very first lesson with them. You will be able to use these resources during class and also for homework outside of lessons, if required to optimise your learning. 

Our wide array of English resources may be overwhelming, but be assured that your English Tutor Sydney will pick and choose worksheets that are relevant to your goals to provide a tailored tutoring experience that targets your unique strengths and areas of improvements. So, if you’d like to work at your own pace, your English tutor will tweak lessons in a way that suits your progress. 

An HSC English Tutor Sydney who Accommodates You

Your English Tutor Sydney from Art of Smart will look through your previous assessment results, upcoming texts and tests to design a lesson plan that targets your goals, needs and specific areas of improvements. 

For HSC students, your HSC English Tutor Sydney will use prior assessment marks to evaluate topics that require the most support in. Some English tutors may also use diagnostic assessments such as sample exam papers or practice questions that focus on a certain topic to pin-point and prioritise your key learning gaps. 

Find your Ideal HSC English Tutor Sydney here!

On a look out for a HSC English Tutor Sydney? You’ve come to the best place! 

With over 13 years of teaching experience, we are well equipped to find you a HSC English Tutor Sydney who is highly qualified and skilled to help you excel in English! 

Art of Smart has been delivering holistic English tutoring to thousands of students, ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12 at all levels of the NSW English curriculum, including HSC level English Extension 1 and 2. 

With personalised 1 on 1 lessons, your HSC English Tutor Sydney will account  for your goals and needs by targeting your areas of improvement, helping you build your confidence and holistic mastery of English. 

Our English Tutoring Sydney team will also share advice on how to become a successful high achiever for HSC English by teaching you effective study techniques that were based on evidence we’ve found from Australia’s high, so that you can apply a strong study-life balance to help reduce stress during busy exam periods. 

Why should you choose an Art of Smart HSC English Tutor Sydney?

At Art of Smart, we have English tutors that provide services for all years leading up to HSC English. So, it doesn’t matter if your child has just set foot in primary school or if you’re thinking about starting English Tutoring at the end of Year 11- we will have at least one experienced English tutor Sydney for everyone! 

Say goodbye to tiresome weeks trialing through numerous tutors! Through our meticulous recruitment process, Art of Smart takes the extra step to ensure that every one of our HSC English Tutoring Sydney team are highly trained with extensive knowledge, teaching background as well as effective people-skills, so they can connect and relate to you!

In fact, all of our English tutors must pass our one hour long interview where they will need to deliver a trial lesson to our team members that assess them based on their ability to articulate well, educate effectively and make a personable first impression. Our English tutors are also verified with Working with Children checks, National Police checks and Band 6 HSC results to ensure they are certified to teach!

Only 1 out of 8 applicants pass each year to become part of our HSC English Tutoring Sydney team, so we can 100% guarantee that our tutors are nothing but exceptional in what they do!

Our recruitment team also ensures that your English Tutor Sydney has the potential to be an inspiring role model and a perfect match for you through collecting details about your English tutor’s favourite things such as their go-to movie, book or outdoor activities. 

We do this to link you with your very own Art of Smart HSC English Tutor Sydney who will understand your learning style and needs, so they can tailor their communication to help you comprehend complex English themes or ideas, and therefore help you achieve your English goals!

A Personalised English Tutoring Sydney Experience

Art of Smart’s English Tutoring Sydney service can be delivered online, at your own home or even at some of our amazing campuses in Hornsby and the Hills. This makes lessons extremely flexible for you, as you can choose a time and date that works best for you when you first call us, and then we’ll find an English Tutor Sydney who has the same availability. 

So, kick back your shoes and let us do the work! We’re dedicated to making lessons as convenient for you as possible. 

HSC English Tutor Sydney at Your Doorstep

Let’s say face to face lessons are the most effective way to learn for you. Worry no more about driving to and from lessons, as we can provide an English Tutor Sydney that travels to your address so you can study in your cozy home environment. All you have to do is to tell us the date and time and we will connect you with an available English Tutor Sydney. 

HSC English Tutor Sydney Online

If you prefer the flexibility of attending online lessons, we also have English tutors that can host live video call sessions through Zoom! 

We make online lessons easy and enjoyable for you! Your English tutor Sydney will use interactive tools in the Zoom call such as the Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, Chat, Reaction Emoticons to help you engage in analysing texts, brainstorming ideas for creative writing and breaking down essay samples. Our live sessions also mean that you can ask questions in real time, just like how you would in an in-person class setting!

On Zoom, your English tutor Sydney can also use Whiteboard to annotate texts, draw mind maps and write important notes to help you understand your English topics in a visual manner to help you get a better grasp of the complex concepts and skills. Our English tutors may also use other online file platforms such as Google Doc so you can upload your work to share with your tutor. 

So, how do you join the Zoom call? You will receive your very own Zoom link from your English tutor Sydney which you will use for your weekly English lessons. Your English tutor will also guide you on how to use our online resources for each English class, so you don’t miss out on any of our exclusive practice questions and sample essays!