How Ally Overcame Her Procrastination During the HSC

💪 Increased Her Motivation During the HSC

Ally learned how to increase and maintain her motivation levels during the HSC through effective and realistic study plans.

📝 Successfully Reduced Procrastination

Ally reduced procrastination through accountability techniques and changes in her study environment.

🎓 Received 3 University Early Entry Offers

Ally received early entry offers from ANU, University of Wollongong and Macquarie University.

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The Challenge

Ally was a self-dubbed “master procrastinator.” Ally, like many other procrastinators, would leave things to the last minute and start and complete assessments in one night on adrenaline. However, this was impacting her wellbeing at a larger scale, as the level of stress and anxiety endured from completing tasks the night before wasn’t healthy or sustainable. 

You might do it as a one off, but when you procrastinate and cram tasks in one night every single assessment, it begins to impact your wellbeing which starts to impact your marks.

Key Problems

🕔 Ally didn’t know how to allocate time for study so would end up completing assessments the night before they were due

🥱 Ally wasn’t motivated to study so wouldn’t allocate any time for it

😰 Cramming was impacting Ally’s wellbeing as she was feeling stressed and anxious from cramming every assessment

Our Approach

Ally was in need of help with managing her procrastination, rather than coming up with ways to be completely rid of it. Ally was paired with Sarah, who was able to mentor Ally through how to increase and maintain motivation to study during the HSC. Sarah helped Ally create sustainable study routines which set realistic times for study this included factoring in procrastination time and also breaks between study. 

Sarah would check on Ally weekly to see how she went with the previous week’s study plan, becoming an “accountability buddy” who ensured Ally was on track with her studies. 


  • Creating a healthy and sustainable study routine 
  • Increasing motivation levels
  • Creating accountability
  • Creating a motivating study environment 


  • Implement realistic study plans 
  • Have an accountability buddy 
  • Weekly study plan review
  • Change up study environment

Accountability buddy

Sustainable study routine

Motivating study environment

Weekly study plan review

The Result

Ally was able to successfully reduce her procrastination and increase her motivation after working with Sarah. Her strategies in implementing realistic study plans, using Sarah as an accountability buddy and were so effective that Ally received three early entry offers! 

Ally received early entry to ANU for a Bachelor of International Security Studies, early entry to the University of Wollongong for Combined Law and Macquarie University to study Medical Science. 


University early entry offers


Decrease in amount of procrastination


Decrease in distractions in study environment


Increase in quality of study and study routine

With Pathfinder, Ally successfully increased her motivation levels by 50%!

My experience with my mentor Sarah was the best and most helpful experience in the whole program. The one-on-one attention and support made a real difference to my needs and progress.

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