How Patrick Improved His Extension 1 Maths Marks by 20%

📈 Mark improvement of 20% in Extension 1 Maths

Patrick went from being an average student to scoring a Band 6 in the HSC after discovering effective study methods!

✍️ Developed effective study skills

Patrick learned how to effectively study by focussing on his weak areas and creating a study plan that was tailored to his needs

🏫 Fulfilled university prerequisites

Patrick fulfilled the maths prerequisites for many university courses which meant that he had plenty of options for university

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The Challenge

Patrick had very high expectations for himself coming into Year 12 and so when he found out he had received only 70% for his first Extension 1 Maths test, his motivation took a hit. This mark made Patrick consider dropping the subject, despite it being a prerequisite for his dream university degree. While Patrick felt bleak about his outlook, he decided that tutoring could help him turn his marks around.

My goals were pretty high for Year 12, so when 70% hit me it was very disappointing. I was like, “Oh, I should just give up and drop.”

Key Problems

📐 Patrick didn’t have the strong maths foundation needed to excel in Extension 1 Maths and as a result, continued to make the same mistakes

📚 Patrick’s study for Extension 1 Maths was inconsistent, which made it difficult to keep up in class

😓 Extension 1 Maths was a prerequisite for Patrick’s dream course so even though he was struggling, dropping the subject would be a last resort

Our Approach

Patrick needed help consolidating foundational concepts in Extension 1 Maths and practise applying content he already knew. To solidify Patrick’s understanding, he joined a tutoring class led by James, who would provide step-by-step explanations of challenging questions and provide him with extension questions they could go through together.

James made Patrick’s initial goal when completing past papers to develop accuracy before attempting them in exam conditions. This helped him to perform more consistently and therefore improved his marks in no time!


  • Building maths foundation
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Developing consistency
  • Meeting prerequisite


  • Weekly exercises and review
  • Redoing exams
  • Homework accountability
  • Reiteration of purpose

Weekly Exercises

Redoing Exams

Homework Accountability

Challenge Questions

The Result

After building a concrete foundation with James, Patrick’s consistent maths study and completion of past papers led him to receive a Band 6 in the HSC! Patrick’s marks went up by 20%, which meant he was able to meet his Extension 1 Maths university prerequisites and opened up a variety of university options.

With Patrick’s commitment to studying for Extension 1 Maths, he was also able to score an impressive 96% for Advanced Maths!


Increase in HSC Extension 1 Maths results

Band 6

HSC result in HSC Extension 1 Maths


Of customers believe our tutors build great rapport


Of customers increased their confidence

With Art of Smart, Patrick saw a 20% improvement in HSC Extension 1 Maths

My tutor at Art of Smart was a big help. When I got that 70% mark he encouraged me to not take it too hard and keep working. Consistency is key! As I got better and better, the marks started to naturally go up.

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