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Founded in 2009, we have continuously delivered outstanding and comprehensive HSC Maths tutoring Sydney for students in Kindy, all the way to Year 12 and the HSC! 

Evidence of our track record in supporting students is that 93% of our customers have found that working with an Art of Smart tutor has helped their child to increase their understanding and confidence in the subject, with students seeing an average 20.7% mark increase. 

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North Sydney Boys High School

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South Sydney High School

Sydney Technical High School

Eastwood Public School

Wentworth Point Public School 

Wahroonga Public School 

Roseville Public School

Artarmon Public School

Willoughby Public School 

Killara High School

St Ives High School

Randwick Boys’ High School

Loreto Normanhurst

Shore School

Wenona School 

Sydney Grammar School

St Ignatius’ College Riverview 

St Catherine’s School Sydney

St Aloysius’ College 

Abbotsleigh School

Cranbrook School

Pymble Ladies’ College

Knox Grammar School

Shore School

Barker College

The Kings’ School

Work with an experienced HSC Maths tutor in Sydney that make learning fun!

Providing personalised 1 on 1 Maths tutoring, Art of Smart tutors are fantastic at simplifying complex ideas to make makes fun, and achievable! With expert Maths tutors who have scored Band 6 results in the HSC through to studying Maths in university, we’ll match you with the right person to help you achieve your Maths goals!

Have a browse through the various schools in Sydney we’ve helped students reach their goals for Maths in, no matter their level!

Work with a NSW curriculum expert at a location & time that suits you!

Our HSC Maths tutors understand your needs and the NSW Curriculum. We provide convenient tuition options: at home, online or at local libraries including the State Library of New South Wales — find your perfect fit

With knowledgeable tutors prepared with a range of print and online NSW curriculum resources, we are able to provide different types of support and for our Sydney Maths tutoring customers. 

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Support All Levels of HSC Maths

Discover how we can help you ace your chosen Maths subject!

  • Maths Standard
  • Maths Advanced
  • Maths Extension
  • Maths Standard: Year 11-12

    Our experienced tutors provide support for a variety of skills relevant to HSC Standard Maths, such as understanding mathematical concepts like algebra, measurement, financial maths and statistics. While analysing problem-solving techniques, developing logical reasoning, and creating effective mathematical solutions.

    We customise our lesson plans and strategies to cater to the individual needs of each student, assisting them in developing the skills and knowledge required to succeed in HSC Standard Maths and accomplish their academic objectives.

  • Maths Advanced: Year 11-12

    Our HSC Advanced Maths tutoring services offer comprehensive support to students aiming to excel in this demanding subject. Our experienced tutors provide assistance with a broad spectrum of skills, including advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, proof techniques, and advanced mathematical modeling. While teaching key mathematical concepts like functions, calculus, financial mathematics and statistics.

    We tailor our lesson plans and strategies to meet the individual needs of each student, assisting them in developing the necessary skills and knowledge for success in HSC Advanced Maths and accomplishing their academic goals.

  • Maths Extension: Year 11-12

    Our HSC Extension Maths tutoring provides personalised support for advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, and mathematical reasoning. While providing support for key mathematical concepts like functions, calculus, vectors and statistics.

    Our experienced tutors tailor lesson plans to assist students in achieving success in this demanding subject and attaining their academic goals.

Comprehensive Resources Designed by Skilled HSC Maths Teachers and Tutors

With skill-building activities, practice questions that cover the syllabus, our Maths Resource Books are indispensable to your Maths journey in school!

Comprehensively covering the NSW curriculum topic, by topic
Hundreds of HSC-style practice questions to get exam ready!
Crafted by experienced HSC Maths tutors and teachers!
In-depth content revision to help you master your exams!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Take a look at some of our HSC Maths tutoring resources!

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Find an Amazing Maths in Tutor Sydney

If you’re looking for a HSC Maths Tutor in Sydney, you have come to the right place! 

Established in 2009, Art of Smart has become known as a tuition centre that provides a holistic approach in our Maths Tutoring Sydney that responds to the needs of students. With over 500 passionate tutors within our team who are keen to help you excel, we will provide you with all the support you need in your learning journey. 

From Kindergarten to Year 12, our Maths Tutors help students achieve their full potential and equip them with a range of skills to help them do their best in Maths. Our Year 12 HSC Maths Tutoring Sydney program covers all aspects of the NSW Curriculum including Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2. 

We offer a range of different classes for students, from 1 on 1 tuition classes run at home or in a chosen location (such as your local library), to online classes or group classes at our learning centres, to help you be paired with a Maths Tutor Sydney who is able to cater to your schedule and needs. 

Art of Smart’s Sydney Maths Tutoring team are also mentors to their students. Helping the students that they work with build their study and exam skills when preparing for Maths assessments. Through our research-based methods, our tutors will not only help your child gain more confidence in Maths but also in areas beyond their school work. 

Comprehensive Maths Tutoring Sydney Resources Organised by Curriculum

We’ve created and assembled a resource collection that follows the New South Wales Maths curriculum. Our skilled HSC Maths Tutor team in Sydney collaborated with teachers to design these resources, ensuring that our students have access to a variety of materials to enhance their comprehension of Maths concepts and prepare for exams.

The resources are available in both print and online formats. Your HSC Maths Tutor Sydney will choose worksheets according to each student’s needs and hand-pick weekly homework sheets for them to help them achieve their goals. 

These resources summarise important content, provide step-by-step examples, working out for questions and a range of practice questions for students to test their understanding of various Maths concepts. 

Matching a HSC Maths Tutor Sydney with Your Child

Our tutoring philosophy is based on holistic development, not only do we help students in areas they are struggling in and get ahead in the classroom, we also help them to develop as individuals. Each student is individually matched with a HSC Maths tutor Sydney who is not only able to help them with Maths but also mentor them through their school journey, ensuring they are confident and develop skills they need beyond high school. 

Our Maths Tutors in Sydney engage in regular discussions with your child to assess their needs and objectives, and design customised lesson plans accordingly. Once you’ve chosen a tutor, we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to finalise the lesson plan and schedule the first session. With our personalised approach, your child will be on track to meet their goals and be held accountable for their progress.

Tailoring our Sydney HSC Maths Tutoring Method

By helping you identify areas of maths that you need support in and identifying patterns within the mistakes you make in math, our HSC Maths tutor Sydney helps you to gain confidence in tackling maths questions. Reviewing homework, past assessments, and checking on upcoming assessments and deadlines in school, your HSC Maths Tutor Sydney will help you set out a learning plan that addresses your needs. 

Through an initial diagnostic test run by the HSC Maths Tutoring Sydney team, we are able to ascertain what their level of understanding in Maths is and help to identify gaps for improvement. For students in Year 7 to 12, we also analyse previous school assessments, utilising them as a learning resource that helps us to identify areas that require more support. 

Why work with our HSC Maths Sydney tutoring team? 

Our Maths Tutors work with students no matter what year level they are in, helping them with their areas for improvement. 

Whether your child is just beginning primary school or completing their final year of high school, a friendly and qualified Maths Tutor will help them unlock their potential. By establishing rapport with students, identifying areas they can work on and providing mentoring – your child will be able to tackle their math lessons with confidence and skill. 

Having passed our interviews and tests, each Art of Smart Maths Tutor has a comprehensive understanding of NSW’s Maths curriculum and Mathematical concepts. Furthermore, they are passionate about the subject and able to explain complex questions in a straightforward manner to help students refine their skills and understand Math questions. 

Each HSC Maths Tutor Sydney must satisfy our minimum academic requirements and successfully undertake a 60-minute interview where they are assessed on their ability to communicate, teach and engage interactively. Furthermore, our tutors receive support and resources from our team so you can rest assured your child is in good hands. 

Moreover, Art of Smart matches tutors and students based on their individual needs and interests. By asking each Maths Tutor Sydney about their hobbies and interests, we are able to ensure that they can build rapport with your child and bond over shared interests. This not only helps to make the tuition lesson fun for your child but also ensures that they have someone they can turn to for mentoring throughout their school journey.

Sydney Maths Tutoring Catered to Your Unique Needs 

Your Maths lessons with us will be tailored to you, guaranteeing that you are able to make the most of your classes. Furthermore, all of our students are individually paired with a tutor who can best meet what they require from tutoring. With a range of lesson times and highly qualified individuals, our tutors are flexible and can work according to your schedule!

Work with a HSC Math Tutor in Your Sydney Home 

We can accommodate your schedule by providing private in-home tutoring services. An Art of Smart HSC Maths Tutor will come to you for the lessons, reducing travel time and increasing convenience for your family.

Prefer working with a HSC Maths Tutor Sydney Online?

Online classes and 1 on 1 sessions are also available at Art of Smart. Our Math Tutors offer live, interactive sessions via Zoom with the use of a digital whiteboard, screen sharing, chat, and file-sharing capabilities for a comprehensive Maths tuition experience. Students are able to attend class wherever they are, as long as they have a device and internet connection. 

The whiteboards ensure that the formulas and diagrams encountered in maths can still be communicated clearly to students. Online classes offer all the benefits of a lesson in the classroom with the unique flexibility that an online environment offers.