How Patrick Transformed His Study Approach to Ace HSC Economics!

📈 Mark improvement of 16% in HSC Economics

Patrick started to integrate real life examples into his essays to strengthen his arguments & marks!

📚 Developed effective study skills

Patrick started completing practice questions and handing them in for feedback to keep improving.

✏️ Improved essay writing skills

Patrick learnt how to integrate evidence into his Economics essays to build a stronger argument.

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The Challenge

Patrick would regularly receive 85% in his Year 11 assessments, however, he dropped to receiving 70% in his first HSC assessment. While his approach to Economics benefited him in Year 11, it wasn’t working in Year 12 and instead of improving his approach, Patrick continued to use the same tricks he had used in Year 11. Even though he had a good understanding of Economics, he wasn’t showing his markers the evidence they were looking for or communicating his argument effectively enough in exams. When he received an even lower mark in his second assessment, he decided to join Art of Smart to learn how to improve his approach for Year 12.

Getting that mark was pretty devastating to be honest. I started thinking maybe I shouldn’t continue with this course and just drop it because it was my worst subject at that point.

Key Problems

⏮ Patrick’s Economics marks kept going backwards because he hadn’t changed his approach from Year 11

📝 Patrick could explain economic theory but kept losing marks for not including real-life examples

🤷‍♂️Patrick would use ineffective examples in his responses that didn’t clearly link to the question

Our Approach

Patrick joined our Economics tutoring classes led by CEO, Rowan Kunz, to better grasp the expectations of Year 12 Economics. Here, he learned that he needed to transform his approach, which started with a more effective Economics essay structure.

Patrick would receive lots of feedback from Rowan who would go through his essays line by line and help Patrick improve his writing until he got full marks. While tedious, this helped build Patrick’s foundation and his exam technique so that he could produce great results under the pressure of exam conditions.


  • Gaining full marks
  • Writing strong essays
  • Improving exam marks
  • Building a library of current examples


  • Feedback loop
  • Learning essay structures
  • Developing exam technique
  • Reading the news and making notes

Comprehensive Feedback

Essay Structures and Exemplars

Practice with Exam Conditions 

Frequently Updating Notes

The Result

After working with Art of Smart, Patrick had a better understanding of how to structure his responses, a bank of real-life economic examples and exam techniques that increased his marks.

Rowan helped Patrick identify his weak areas quickly and target them effectively so that he was able to receive an amazing 86% overall in Economics.


Increase in HSC Economics marks


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With Art of Smart, Patrick saw a 16% improvement in HSC Economics!

Rowan helped me a lot with structuring my essays and answering short answers. I got a lot of practice with questions and exam techniques which eventually pushed my economics marks up to 86!

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