How Ben Boosted His Maths Extension Marks By 42%

🎉 75% Result in HSC Maths Extension

Ben was able to achieve an E3 final HSC result after almost doubling his maths marks.

✍️ Learned How to Set Goals for Improvement

Ben started using short-term milestones to increase his motivation and stay consistent.

🎓 Entry Into Dream Course at UTS

After improving his marks, Ben was able to receive an offer to a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics at UTS.

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The Challenge

After Ben started Year 11, he was shocked by the number of assessments he was failing in Maths Extension. In his junior years, he had always achieved high maths marks and so  he felt stuck not  knowing what he was doing wrong. Ben tried to improve by spending more time on his homework and completing extra worksheets, but he wasn’t seeing any difference in his marks. His ADHD was an added challenge because he would be worn out after a full day at school.


Ben’s parents told him that it might be best to drop the subject, but he wanted solid maths foundations for university. Ben decided he needed help from someone and that’s when he reached out to Art of Smart.

I think the biggest killer for me when it came to exams was studying consistently and hard before the exams. Learning the knowledge is quite easy for some people, however, retaining it is a different matter.

Key Problems

🤔 Ben was used to getting good maths marks in his junior years but didn’t know how to study effectively for difficult Year 11 content

🧠 Ben struggled to retain knowledge for his exams 

🗓️ Ben had a lot of content that he needed to relearn in the months before the HSC

Our Approach

Ben started one-on-one tutoring with Tiana in the months leading up to the HSC exams with a large amount of syllabus content to relearn. Tiana’s first step was to identify Ben’s strengths and weaknesses so that she could structure her weekly lessons around the gaps in his knowledge. Ben had always found it frustrating to practise old material, but having a tutor made revision more engaging for him. 

By working through practice papers, Ben also improved his memory retention for exams. Tiana made sure to set SMART goals for each week leading up to his exams, which boosted Ben’s motivation and consistency. 


  • Consistent study habits
  • Filling gaps in knowledge
  • Memory retention 
  • Tackling more difficult questions


  • Weekly SMART goals 
  • Structured lessons 
  • Practice papers
  • Worked examples with Tutor 

Weekly SMART Goals 

Structured Lessons

Practice Papers

Worked Examples with Tutor

The Result

With Tiana, Ben was able to almost double his marks and achieve an overall 75% result for HSC Maths Extension! He saw a massive improvement in his study habits and felt confident in his maths ability for university. Ben received an offer into his dream course, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics at UTS. 


Increase in Maths results


Final HSC result 


Average improvement in understanding and skills


Of customers believe their tutor is well prepared 

With Art of Smart, Ben saw a 42% improvement in Maths Extension. 

Tiana really did help me and that’s probably where the biggest improvement in my grades came from, that two month period before the HSC started where I really knuckled down and studied.

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