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Our HSC Economics tutoring Sydney has supported students master the HSC Economics syllabus for over 15 years – we know the syllabus and the HSC course back to front!

Proof of our track record in helping HSC Economics tutoring Sydney students transform their marks is the fact that our Year 12 cohorts on average improve their results by 20.7% and 7 out of 10 students score a Band 5 or 6 with the help of their Art of Smart HSC Economics Tutor!

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Experienced HSC Economics tutors Sydney, ready to help you! 👌

Our HSC Economics tutors in Sydney have in-depth and extensive knowledge of the HSC Economics course and include Band 6 graduates, 98+ ATAR achievers, tutors with an Economics degree or qualified HSC Economics teachers!

Our experienced team of tutors have supported students from hundreds of schools across Sydney and can tailor the support for your specific sequence at school.

Backed by Comprehensive Teacher Designed HSC Economics Resources 👍

Having taught the HSC Economics course for 15+ years, we know the ins and outs of the NSW curriculum and have designed the killer Economics resources students need to score a Band 6 result!

Our tutors and students have access to comprehensive summaries, a huge library of practice HSC questions, sample responses, statistics and more. This bank of resources ensure our HSC Economics tutoring Sydney students are provided the with highest level of holistic support!

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

HSC Economics Course Structure

Whether you’re in Year 11, or Year 12, we can tailor our comprehensive support to align with sequence your school is teaching Economics. 

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
  • Topic 4
  • Topic 1: The Global Economy
    • Week 1: Introduction to the Global Economy
    • Week 2: Free Trade & Protection
    • Week 3: Role of International Organisation Affecting Trade
    • Week 4: Globalisation & Economic Development Part 1
    • Week 5: Globalisation & Economic Development Part 2
    • Week 6: China Case Study
    • Week 7: Term One Topic Test
    • Week 8: The Global Economy Topic Crash Course
    • Week 9: Economics Essay Writing 
    • Week 10: Short Answer Workshop
  • Topic 2: Australia’s Place in the Global Economy
    • Week 1: Balance of Payments I
    • Week 2: Balance of Payments II
    • Week 3: Exchange Rates I
    • Week 4: Exchange Rates II
    • Week 5: Australia’s Policies Regarding Free Trade & Protection
    • Week 6: Trends in Australia’s Trade & Financial Flows
    • Week 7: Topic 2 Exam
    • Week 8: Australia's Place in the Global Economy Crash Course
  • Topic 3: Economic Issues
    • Week 1: Economic Growth I
    • Week 2: Economic Growth II
    • Week 3: Unemployment
    • Week 4: Inflation
    • Week 5: External Stability
    • Week 6: Distribution of Income & Wealth
    • Week 7: Environmental Sustainability
    • Week 8: Topic 3 Exam
    • Week 9: Topic 3 Crash Course
  • Topic 4: Economic Policies & Management
    • Week 1: Potential Conflict Between Objectives
    • Week 2: Fiscal Policy
    • Week 3: COVID-19 Emergency Fiscal Stimulus Package Analysis
    • Week 4: Federal 20-21 Budget Overview, Breakdown & Analysis
    • Week 5: Monetary Policy
    • Week 6: Microeconomic Policies
    • Week 7: Labour Market Policies
    • Week 8: Environmental Management Policies and the Limitations of Economic Policies
    • Week 9: Topic 4 Exam
    • Week 10: Topic 4 Crash Course

Comprehensive Resources Composed by Amazing Economics Teachers

Our HSC Economics Tutoring Resource books are jam packed with summarised Band 6 notes, targeted HSC practice questions, sample essays, key statistics and everything you need to ace HSC Economics!

Comprehensive syllabus coverage
Hundreds of HSC-style short answer, essay and multiple choice practice questions that exercise various skills
Developed by qualified economics teachers and tutors
Relevant and in-depth content revision to make sure you know your stuff!
Available online, 24/7.

Check out some of our HSC Economics tutoring resources!

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Our HSC Economics tutoring Sydney resources

At Art of Smart Education, we have an expert team of HSC economics content writers who have created and continue to update the extensive bank of resources that we have. Our resources include weekly activity booklets as well as practice exams. These resource booklets contain a variety of skill-building activities and HSC style short and long response questions which will ensure that your child is prepared for their economics exams. 

Each HSC Economics tutor Sydney has access to all the resources that they need to provide high quality tutoring services to your children. All our students also have copies of these resources both in online and print versions. The online versions of our resources are available 24/7 whilst the print resources can be delivered to your door upon request!

How do we help our Economics tutoring Sydney students?

Art of Smart Education can help your child with all their HSC Economics needs! We have 13 years of experience under our belt, in which we have been delivering tailored HSC Economics tutoring Sydney for Year 11 and 12 students.

We have supported thousands of HSC Economics students through some of the most stressful years of their lives, ensuring that they are able to enter their exams with a comprehensive knowledge of the HSC Economics content and full confidence!

Other than consistently supporting our students, the many years of experience we have has allowed us to build a fantastic team of HSC Economics tutors Sydney that will continue working with your children to help them achieve maximised results! 

Our customer reviews speak for themselves, showing how beneficial our HSC Economics tutoring Sydney really is! Out of our thousands of customers, 97% feel that their Art of Smart Economics tutor Sydney has built amazing rapport with their child, and are helping them improve in many aspects of their academic lives, offering holistic support. A further 94% of our customers believe that their Art of Smart HSC Economics tutor Sydney provides personalised lessons to meet the needs of their children and that these methods significantly allow for their children to improve understanding and confidence in economics!

Your Art of Smart HSC Economics tutor Sydney will seek to support your child holistically. Learning how to dissect and understand questions, how to sit HSC Economics exams with less stress, and strategies to stay organised during the years building up to and in their HSC year are just some of the many transferable skills our HSC Economics tutors support our students with, allowing them to graduate high school with many things other than a good academic foundation. 

A little bit about our HSC Economics tutors Sydney!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors. Our HSC Economics tutors  Sydney are all enthusiastic and passionate people who are excited to teach your children about economics and help them ace the course!

Each Art of Smart HSC Economics tutor Sydney are packed with the skills needed to efficiently communicate and explain complex topics to your children and are able to provide the constructive feedback needed to help your child develop in their HSC Economics studies. 

Such talented HSC economics tutors are chosen through a lengthy recruitment process which includes a written application and 60 minute interview where we assess applicants’ teaching and their ability to build fantastic relationships with students. In order to find tutors that can relate to your children, we also take note of our tutors’ interests and extracurricular activities. This careful recruitment process allows us to provide your children with a HSC Economic tutor Sydney that have not only excelled in academics, but has the relevant skills to explain concepts that may be difficult to initially understand and has the ability to be a role model for your child. 

After such a demanding recruitment process, our tutors also undergo a lengthy training program, teaching them the ins and outs of effective HSC Economics tutoring and other skills necessary to be a great tutor. 

As you can see, our tutors are top notch and have all the abilities to help your child gain confidence in their economics course! 

Personalised HSC Economics tutoring Sydney that works for you!

Art of Smart ensures that their students and families needs are catered to the greatest extent. We tailor to your timetable and preferences! With a large team of HSC Economics Tutors Sydney, we are able to match each of our customers with a tutor who has similar availability that you do! Each Art of Smart HSC Economics tutor Sydney offers their tutoring services in many different locations including at students’ homes, face to face, online or in one of our lovely campuses in Hornsby or Norwest. In this flexible arrangement, we ensure equal opportunity for quality tutoring services to students in all areas of Sydney. 

Face to face HSC Economics tutoring Sydney

If you prefer to have face to face tutoring, we have two fantastic options for you! You can choose to either receive HSC Economics tutoring Sydney in your home, or at one of our tutoring centres!

If you prefer to receive tutoring in your own home, we will work with you to find suitable times based on your family timetable and that of our  tutors. In this case, your HSC Economics tutor Sydney will arrive at your home during your allocated tutoring time slot to provide their expertise and support!

If you prefer to come into one of our tutoring centres, then you are more than welcome to do so! We have two spacious campuses including one in Hornsby and one in Norwest which offers both individual and group classes to suit whichever HSC Economics needs that you may have!

Online HSC Economics tutoring Sydney 

On the other hand, if you would prefer online tutoring sessions, you will be happy to hear that we offer zoom sessions that are of such high quality, they almost resemble face to face lessons! Our HSC Economics tutors Sydney conduct live tutoring sessions on zoom and will utilise various digital services such as screen sharing and whiteboards to make online lessons as interactive and engaging as possible, making sure your child is getting the most out of their tutoring experience.