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Join our award-winning tutoring program for English and transform your confidence and writing with the support of an experienced Melbourne tutor. No matter which level of English you need tutoring with, from P through to VCE we’ve got your back!

How does an average 20.7% mark increase sound? Additionally, how about scoring a 40, or 45 VCE Score in EnglishThis is what our students are averaging with our tutoring support! 

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Balwyn High School

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Nossal High School

McKinnon Secondary College

Glen Waverley Secondary College

Albert Park College

Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

Parade College

Patterson River Secondary College

Mount Erin College

Noble Park Secondary College

Epping Secondary College

Melbourne Girls’ College

Melbourne Grammar School

Trinity Grammar School

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Camberwell Grammar School

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Guaranteed results with English tutoring Melbourne

The remarkable difference between Art of Smart and other tutoring services is our personalisation: each lesson will be specifically tailored to you thanks to our amazing English tutors Melbourne. Regardless of whether you’re studying a VCE English subject, or are studying Year 8 English, we have tutors that specialise in all the different areas of the Victorian curriculum who are 45+ Study Scorers, 98+ ATAR scorers, English literature experts and more!

Across our 10+ years experience, we’ve helped students from many schools around the area. Check to see if yours is on our list!

Flexibility at your fingertips: learn at home, at the library or online

Art of Smart is all about giving you options. That’s why we know that with a busy schedule, things to do and friends to see, flexibility is everything. Our local English tutors ensure that you can learn with an experience tutor close to you, at your convenience. Choose to learn in your own home, online, or in any of the city libraries, such as the State Library of Victoria!

Given our tutors are local, we’ll find you a tutor who directly matches your needs and who is just two steps away!

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1 on 1 Sessions

We Support Various Levels of VIC English

From P-10 through to Year 11-12 we’ve got you covered! 

  • P-10
  • VCE English
  • VCE English Language
  • VCE Literature
  • P-10: VIC Curriculum English

    Our English tutoring in Melbourne offers a comprehensive approach to VIC Curriculum English in P-10, helping students develop a strong grasp of the key strands of content and building their confidence in reading, writing, speaking, listening, language and NAPLAN. 

    This approach prepares them for high school and lays the foundation for success in Year 11-12.

  • VCE English: Year 11-12

    Our Melbourne English tutoring assists Year 11-12 students in VCE English by delving into the key concepts of creative writing, textual analysis, and argument analysis. Our tutors work closely with students to enhance their comprehension and analytical skills, as well as develop their writing and communication abilities.

  • VCE English Language: Year 11-12

    Our Melbourne English tutoring assists Year 11-12 students in VCE English Language by delving into the key concepts of persuasion, language, textual analysis, and argument analysis. Our tutors work closely with students to enhance their comprehension and analytical skills, as well as develop their writing and communication abilities.

  • VCE Literature: Year 11-12

    Our Melbourne English tutoring assists Year 11-12 students in VCE Literature by delving into the key concepts of close reading, textual analysis, and critical interpretation. Our tutors work closely with students to enhance their comprehension and analytical skills, as well as develop their writing and communication abilities.

Expertly and carefully designed English resources by pros, to ace your exams once and for all!

English is a tricky subject, especially given its focus on your argumentative skills rather than the black and white answer. With our resources, you’ll be a master of it in no time!

Written by expert teachers and tutors
Activities and practice questions to test the progression of your English knowledge and confidence
Develop foundational skills such as analysis, critical thinking, and essay and creative writing
Expansive skills-building exercises that equip you with the skills to excel in English!
Available online, 24/7.

Check out our English tutor resources!

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English tutoring Melbourne, the best there is

Here at Art of Smart English tutoring Melbourne, we understand that quality is what matters most when it comes to tutoring. You can often be overwhelmed with options in terms of tutoring services offered, yet it can be difficult to know exactly who to choose or who to trust with your progress or your child’s. This is where Art of Smart english tutoring Melbourne comes in. 

We are 100% committed to delivering the best possible tutoring experience to our customers, in terms of experience, results, and most importantly time. Our recruitment process is a testimony to the exceptional quality standards we hold ourselves to. 

High recruitment standards for Melbourne English tutors

To create the most efficient, competent, diverse and talented tutoring family in Australia, we set the bar high in everything, especially our recruitment process. We firstly insist that our tutors score at least 90% as their final score on their end of school exams. These standards ensure that you get the best and brightest minds to help you in whatever you need, from content to exam preparation. 

This requirement also ensures that each tutor is a master at what they do, and thus have no trouble sharing their knowledge and skills accurately and efficiently. 

Stellar parameters, stellar results

Another parameter that is extremely important for any English tutor Melbourne to excel in is diversity, flexibility in what they teach. Given that students engage in multiple subjects, and often choose different levels of study for each subject, such as English Language, General English or Literature for the VCE, for example, it is important that Art of Smart English tutoring Melbourne team members are talented and experienced enough to adapt to the teaching methods required for each subject level. 

This means that whatever your level of understanding and study of a subject, our recruitment process ensures that we’ll find a tutor tailored for your needs and wants specific to your subject level. 

Specialised tutoring for English students in Victoria

Furthermore, another specialisation our English tutors Melbourne accommodate is year level. Of course, a Year 12 tutor, despite their competency, may not be the right fit for a Year 5 student. This is not due to lack of knowledge, but rather their specialisation. 

That’s why we ensure Art of Smart tutors train according to the years and level of subject they choose to specialise in. This guarantees we have, once again, the perfect match for what you require in terms of your goals and targets during school and after. 

English tutoring Melbourne’s holistic approach

What differentiates Art of Smart from other tutoring services is, most of all, our innovative, comprehensive and holistic approach to both content, exams and study methods, to help propel you towards your goals and targets. We make sure you reach the outcome that you desire most, whether to propel you to a specific mark or to get you the score you need to access your preferred university degree. 

English tutoring that sets you apart

We do this by focusing on three key components: exam preparation, study techniques, and content. Exam preparation is what we must undergo every time we prepare for exams or assignments, every time a result is the end goal of our preparation. This part is extremely crucial as it is the one that yields the numerical result that will affect your final scores. 

To make sure we bring our A game to any exam or assignment, whether this is an English essay, helping you prepare for a class speech or analysing texts, we’ve got you covered! Our English tutor Melbourne will go through the format of the particular assessment type, leading you through every step of the way to formulate the perfect structure and delivery. 

We will also run through all knowledge and content necessary, so you won’t miss a step in terms of ticking all the marking criteria, and we’ll help you achieve your academic goals. Finally, we’ll make sure all your work is put together well in the final delivery, and produce your best work always.