How Clara Navigated Her University Degree Choices

😌 Gained university degree clarity

Clara was planning to do a generic degree until she underwent an evaluation of her interests to clarify suited university degrees.

💆‍♀️ Reduced stress and anxiety

Clara was relieved after talking with her mentor as it gave her an answer to a question everyone had been asking.

💡Dream Course B. of Communications at UTS

Clara decided to pursue a B. Communications at UTS combined with a B. Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

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The Challenge

Clara had no idea what she wanted to study at university. While other students in her cohort had picked their senior subjects strategically, Clara had selected a diverse range of subjects that she enjoyed which left her without a clear direction of where these subjects could lead her. This made Clara consider pursuing popular degrees at university that she didn’t actually have a passion for.

I felt like the careers staff room was not really helpful for me as my subjects were a bit random and I was also very confused about what I should pursue.

Key Problems

🎲 Clara’s subjects were a bit random, they weren’t prerequisites for any degrees or very similar, which made figuring out a career path difficult

🏫 Clara’s careers staff at school weren’t able to cater to her needs, especially without an idea of what Clara wanted, which only made Year 12 more stressful!

👨‍💼 Clara’s friends suggested she do typical degrees like Arts or Commerce simply because she could, which prevented her from seeking out more exciting options that aligned with her interests!

Our Approach

Through mentoring with Art of Smart’s Founder and CEO, Rowan Kunz, they were able to set up some sessions in which they could discuss her potential university degree avenues and clarify possible career paths.

This involved uncovering her interests, discovering degrees that combined her passions and researching what these degrees entailed!


  • Getting career clarity
  • Choosing university preferences
  • Understanding degree structures
  • Relieving stress


  • Identifying interests and strengths
  • Researching university degrees
  • Talking to current university students
  • Finding exciting degree opportunities

Identification of interests and strengths

Researching university degreees

Connecting with current university students

Discovering exciting career paths

The Result

Clara discovered her dream degree at UTS which combined her interests of vlogging, social media and literature after looking into Rowan’s recommendation of a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Digital & Social Media and Advertising at UTS.

By talking to students at open days and researching the units that made up each degree, Clara felt confident in her decision and excited about university! 


Increase in understanding of job landscape


Increase in clarity of career pathways


Increase in confidence in starting university


Increase in university options

Clara Case Study Graphic

With mentoring, Clara successfully increased her confidence in starting university

It was really fun and interesting to talk to Rowan whose experience has helped a lot of students before. I felt like I was talking to a friend and it was really nice to find a direction to go in!

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