How Blaze Broke Through the Band 6 Wall for HSC Mathematics

📈 97% in HSC Advanced Maths

Blaze’s tutor helped him strengthen his foundational maths skills and grow confident with challenge questions to achieve a Band 6

✏️ Learned to correct easy mistakes

Blaze learned how to correct his easy mistakes and develop accuracy across different questions during exams

✍️ Developed effective study habits

Blaze was able to maximise his marks through a tailored approach to his study which focussed on targeting his weak areas

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The Challenge

In Year 11, Blaze had maintained a Band 6 average in HSC Advanced Maths but this started to slip when he got into Year 12. With more difficult content, Blaze realised he would struggle with the last few challenge questions at the end of exam papers and so needed to figure out a strategy as to how to approach these. In addition, Blaze kept making silly mistakes which ultimately cost him the difference between a Band 5 and Band 6!

I was giving my results to my mum and she’d seen this happen before — I’d start off well and then my marks would just drop if I didn’t get help soon I’d be failing my tests!

Key Problems

❌ Blaze was losing too many easy marks by continuing to make silly mistakes and not correcting them

😰 Blaze was unable to gain essential marks when faced with the last most difficult questions as they were too challenging

🤷‍♂️ Blaze didn’t know his problem areas and so didn’t know how to study to address them

Our Approach

To help Blaze achieve a Band 6, it was clear he needed to learn how to identify his easy mistakes and work towards correcting them. His tutor, Shagun, got Blaze to complete basic questions first and work towards developing accuracy before moving on to harder questions and completing past papers.

Blaze was then aware of what mistakes to look out for during his exams and improve his marks!


  • Building a strong foundation
  • Identifying weaker areas
  • Improving exam marks
  • Correcting mistakes


  • Easy questions first
  • Completing past papers
  • Practice questions with tutor
  • Identifying and redoing questions

Completing Easy Questions First

Completing and Marking Past Papers

Practice Questions With Tutor

Identifying Common Mistakes

The Result

After implementing study strategies suggested to him by Shagun, Blaze achieved an incredible result of 97% in HSC Advanced Maths.

By working with Shagun, Blaze was able to identify his costly mistakes and further grow confident in answering challenging questions to produce a solid Band 6 result.


Increase in HSC Advanced Maths marks

Band 6

Result in HSC Advanced Maths


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With Art of Smart, Blaze successfully broke through the Band 6 Wall

Shagun was really nice so I didn’t have a problem walking in and showing her my answers and saying “Oh this is what I did well and this is what I didn’t do well” which made for a good relationship.

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