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For over 13 years, Art of Smart Education has been committed to providing expert Maths Tutoring Kellyville and our reputation holds consistently strong from our Kindergarten students to our Year 12 students across all levels of Maths, including HSC Standard Maths, Advanced Maths, Extension 1 and 2 Maths.  

Our Maths tutoring Kellyville students meet the highest expectations and experience an average of 20.7% increase in their marks since beginning Maths Tutoring Kellyville. Among our senior students, 70% of students score a Band 5 or 6 in their HSC.

High Schools
Primary Schools

Kellyville High School

Castle Hill High School

Glenwood High School

Crestwood High School

The Ponds High School

Quakers Hill High School

Oakhill College

Rouse Hill High School

Baulkham Hills High School

William Clarke College

Tallowood School

Cherrybrook Technology High School

Kellyville Public School

St. Angela’s Primary School

Samuel Gilbert Public School

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School

Beaumont Hills Public School

Sherwood Ridge Public School

Parklea Public School

Kellyville Ridge Public School

John XXIII Catholic Primary School

North Kellyville Public School

Annangrove Public School

Incredible Maths tutoring Kellyville resources at your fingertips

Our skilled tutors are supplied with the up-to-date NSW Maths Curriculum resources for each year level (K-12). We’ve done the work to make sure all our Maths tutoring Kellyville students are provided an with comprehensive resources that make understanding Maths and acing assessments easy to support them along their academic journey.

We’ve worked with students from local schools all across Kellyville and the Hills District so are familiar with the learning and assessment needs of students in Kellyville!

Maths Tutoring in Kellyville that works with your busy school schedule!

Our tutors are locals in Kellyville and are prepared to work to suit your schedule and location. Our Maths tutoring Kellyville offers convenient locations, including face-to-face in your home, at Castle Hill or Dennis Johnson Library, online and at our Hills campus right next to Norwest train station.

We know that our students have unique learning needs. That’s why we deliver personalised Maths tutoring Kellyville sessions to help our students get ahead of their studies! We’re also strong believers of leading by example and offer comprehensive mentoring in tandem with our Maths Tutoring sessions.

Trusted by countless families, earning a 4.9 ⭐️ rating!

Our Maths Tutoring Kellyville Locations

Your own home

1 on 1 Sessions

Norwest Campus

Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions


Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

We Support All Year Levels of Maths

Discover how we can help you ace your chosen Maths year level!

  • Primary and High School
  • Maths Standard
  • Maths Advanced
  • Maths Extension
  • Primary and High School: K-10 Maths

    Our Maths Tutoring program in Kellyville is designed to empower students with confidence and a strong foundation in mathematics, enabling them to thrive regardless of their year level. Tailored to the NSW curriculum, our program ensures students gain a deep understanding of essential mathematical concepts, addressing any knowledge gaps and equipping them for success in their later years of education.

  • Maths Standard: Year 11-12

    With Maths Tutoring Kellyville, our team of skilled tutors provides comprehensive assistance for HSC Standard Maths. Our personalised approach emphasises crucial skills such as understanding mathematical concepts, analysing problem-solving strategies, enhancing logical reasoning, and creating effective mathematical solutions.

    We recognise the distinct needs of each student and tailor our lesson plans and strategies accordingly. By addressing individual requirements, we guide students in developing the essential skills and knowledge necessary to excel in HSC Standard Maths, enabling them to accomplish their academic aspirations.

  • Maths Advanced: Year 11-12

    At Maths Tutor Kellyville, we specialise in HSC Advanced Maths tutoring services that are tailored to help students thrive in this demanding subject. Our team of highly skilled tutors provides comprehensive support across a diverse range of skills, including advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, proof techniques, and advanced mathematical modeling.

    We recognise the individual learning needs of each student and customise our lesson plans and strategies accordingly. Our objective is to guide students in developing the critical skills and knowledge essential for success in HSC Advanced Maths, empowering them to reach their academic goals with confidence.

  • Maths Extension: Year 11-12

    At Maths Tutor Kellyville, we provide individualised HSC Extension Maths tutoring to offer extensive assistance in advanced mathematical analysis, problem-solving strategies, and mathematical reasoning.

    Our team of experienced tutors personalises lesson plans to cater to the specific requirements of each student, enabling them to excel in this demanding subject and achieve their academic objectives. Through our tailored approach, we aim to empower students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in HSC Extension Maths.

Holistic Resources Designed by Experienced Tutors

Our Maths Tutoring Resource Books are designed for students to keep up and excel at every level of Maths through worked examples, differentiated questions, practice exams and problem-solving exercises!

Created by qualified teachers and tutors
Hundreds of exercises and questions to refine your skills
Thorough coverage of each Maths topic in the K-12 curriculum
Extensive revision content outlined with critical study techniques
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Check out some of our Maths tutoring Kellyville resources!

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The Top Provider of Maths Tutoring in Kellyville

Finding a Maths Tutor Kellyville can be a tough task, but you’ve popped into the right place and we’d love to help sort you out. Over our 13 years of bringing out students’ potential with the perfect tutors, we’ve been providing passionate maths tutoring and we’ve got an award-winning record to back us up!   

Art of Smart Educations offers Maths tutoring in Kellyville for all students, whether they are in Kindergarten, Year 12 or any grade in between. On top of that, we cater for all Maths subjects – so if you or your child is working on their Standard Maths, Advanced Maths or Maths Extension 1 or 2, we’ll have the right tutor to follow them on their academic journey. By going at a step-by-step pace through the curriculum content, our 1-on-1 tutoring support prepares Maths Tutoring Kellyville students to tackle any Maths subject head-on. 

We know that the Maths Tutoring curriculum can often be frustrating for students and that’s why we’ve done the research for you. We’ve developed our study techniques based on Australia’s top-performing students so that our teaching content will always bolster our students’ confidence during the tutoring sessions. 

With the research-driven methods at Art of Smart, our Maths Tutoring content is personalised to help students to ace their exams and maintaining their mental wellbeing. 

Why Work with an Art of Smart Maths Tutor Kellyville?

The Art of Smart tutoring team is inclusive of all grades and levels of Maths. This means if you or your child is in Primary School or High School, we’ll pair your child up with the most compatible tutor for them. For HSC students, we cater for all Maths units and, based on your specific needs, we can offer Maths Tutoring Kellyville for Maths Standard, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1 or 2, and any mix of the Maths units. 

To assure that our students meet their best potential, each Maths Tutor Kellyville in our team are skilled in three key areas: subject expertise, experience and communication and rapport-building skills. 

Our Maths Tutoring Kellyville tutors go through comprehensive recruitment stages to make sure that they are confident tutors in their Maths knowledge as well as handing down their knowledge to their students. Each of our Maths tutors meet the minimum Art of Smart academic requirements and  pass a Working with Children Check. In addition, we have our potential tutors teach our team a 60-minute mock lesson so we test whether they can break down complex maths concepts into simple and understandable parts. 

We also prioritise the mentoring side of our Maths Tutoring Kellyville services and the important role-modelling aspect of our tutors. During the recruitment stage, we look for any great extracurricular activities and hobbies that can spark their student’s trust and enjoyment of their Maths tutoring sessions. This ensures that your child will enjoy the working with their Maths Tutor Kellyville, even when working through tricky and difficult Maths concepts and equations. 

Although we have thousands of tutor applications every year, less than 1 in 8 of those applications pass and become part of our Art of Smart Maths Tutoring Kellyville team. We’ve cut out the hard work of interviewing and screening tutors on your end so that you can find the most compatible tutors in your area. 

Work with a Maths Tutor Kellyville That Suits Your Unique Needs

Over our 13 years of experience, we’ve developed personalised and flexible options to our Maths Tutoring Kellyville services. Whether you want online tutoring sessions or at-home tutoring sessions, our tutors can work around your busy schedule. We know that the commuting times to and from tutoring sessions can be a hassle, so we’ve worked out a way to set up tutoring in the comfort of your own home and deliver a stellar Maths tutoring session for the student. 

Work with a Maths Tutor Kellyville at your home

Before starting your Maths Tutoring face-to-face lessons, we’ll find the best day and times within your specific schedule and discuss your specific goals, learning approach and interests related to the Maths Tutoring Kellyville sessions. 

Within 24 hours, we’ll match you with the most compatible Maths Tutor Kellyville and they’ll get in touch with you set up an initial lesson and discuss any additional information for a fantastic first session.

Online Maths Tutoring Kellyville

If online tutoring sessions are more up your alley, we also offer interactive online sessions. 

Your Art of Smart Maths Tutor Kellyville will collaborate with you live via the Zoom online classroom. During the lesson, you’ll be able to screenshare, use a digital whiteboard, chat and file share together with your tutor. You’ll also get the chance to ask all the Maths topics and questions, and chat as if you were sitting in the same room. 

Each week, your Maths tutor Kellyville will give you a Zoom link and it’s easy as that!  During your Maths Tutoring session, we’ve made sure that you’ll be excited and engaged all the way through, especially through the online Whiteboard where you can view and tweak the formulas, diagrams, and explanations. Of course, you’ll have our Maths resources on hand too, so you’ll be constantly supported to develop your Mathematics skills. 

How We Match Your Child with a Maths Tutor Kellyville

When you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss with you your child’s learning needs to understand their goals, learning style, and interests. We’ll then review our tutoring team to identify a Maths tutor Kellyville that we believe will be a great match to work with your child. 

Our Maths tutor Kellyville will then get in touch with you within 24 hours to have a further conversation to confirm with you a final time for your initial lesson, and any other additional information that can support them in delivering a fantastic Maths tutoring session for your child.

Our Personalised Approach to Maths Tutoring Kellyville

Before starting the initial Maths Tutoring lesson, we check in your current and previous exam results and design a lesson plan specific to your individual needs. We’ll also align the lesson plan to your assessment schedule and work the lessons around your upcoming tests and assessments.

Whether your child is in Primary School, High School, or sitting the HSC exams, we work to understand your child’s learning gaps and important areas of support. We’ll go ahead and target these lessons by tailoring the Maths Tutoring Kellyville sessions to their exact needs. This can include bolstering their fundamental Maths skills, or accelerating their Maths knowledge to their best capacity. 

For example, if prior assessment results indicate that your child requires going through the fundamentals of Calculus, we’ll go over the concepts of functions, integration and differentiation so that they are confident when tackling these equations. 

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll also go over the most suitable tutoring location. We offer personalised tutoring options, which include online Zoom lesson, face-to-face at home lessons or sessions at our Hills or Hornsby campus. In 24 hours, one Maths tutor Kellyville team members will confirm the time of your initial lesson and discuss any other information so that we can support your child’s learning needs as best as possible.